Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nikki for NN : My Nuffnang Story

Back before the blogging days, I used to like learning about other culture via Yahoo Chat (Lame, I know!) but I do randomly chat with people and get to know how their lives are on other parts of the world!  

Fast forward....

Blogging started!  I was blogging for a good 2+ years when someone from Nuffnang contacted me and asked me to join their community!  To be honest, I wasn't into that idea (that time) in joining a community as I thought someone's going to "manage" or "sabotage" my blog!  (Okay, that's an overly negative term but you get the drift! hahaha)

Fast Fast Forward....

I'm with Nuffnang for a year and a half and I've got no complaints and it's the best decision of my life!

Let me tell you why!

Attending Beyond Blogging, Philippine Blog Awards 2010 was fun with fellow Nuffnangers!

Really getting to know Nuffnang Philippines' Country manager Carlos Palma wasn't a difficult thing!  Imagine, this photo was taken on our second meeting (after the Pizza Hut Lechon Pizza lunch) and look how easily acquainted we are of each other!  *laughs*

Because of Nuffnang, my love for food multiplied to gazillion times when they invited me to be part of Manila's Signature Dishes 2010 campaign.   There, I was able to hop on different restaurants around the metro and dip my fingers on wonderful dishes created by the wonderful minds of our local chefs!

Aside from that, the bonus of them all, is the fact that I was able to meet to Food Bloggers and that broadened up my horizon and I got to meet not only people from the Beauty world but also fellow bloggers who are passionate about food as much as I'm passionate about makeup!

Yes dearies, I tried them all + MORE!

Aside from that, I also get to be invited to events.

I attended the Neutrogena's Start the year Light Event wherein I was able to support fellow Nuffnangers who are Brand Ambassadors!  *waving hi to Phoebe, Hannah, Earth, Jane and Patty*

Let's not forget the special screening of various movies and I don't need to line up because I get special passes for being a Nuffnang member!


Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

 Then our first out-of-town trip as a Family! 

A well-planned event that shows how much Nuffnang love their members!  We were all given the chance to take with us our friends or family or loved ones to eat, play and chat on a nice weekend at Tagaytay!

If not because of the Nuffamily Day, I haven't tried Lantern Lifting until this very moment! 

The highlight of the year!  I was given the Blogger of the Month spot last August!  (article HEREAnd if that's not already the best thing that happened to me this year?

My dream to be a part (yes, even a tiny part) of a radio show came true!  I used to stalk visit Radio Stations and get amazed with how DJ's talk with all the energy in front of an inanimate object --- THE MIC!

So, this is how it felt like to be on radio together with Nuffnang Australia Team at The Wake Up Show with DJ Vince and Tracy

*shouts* WICKED!!!!

Nuffnang knows my love for coffee so I was invited to Blenz Coffee at The Fort last weekend to enjoy different cups of coffee plus pastries as we learned Latte Art!

I don't see Nuffnang as "just a venue to get invites or freebies" but I look at Nuffnang as a family, my extended family, who gives me the sense of belongingness.  Though I'm just an ant in this entire blogging industry, I was given a fair share of load to carry and make a huge difference in my own talent and special ways!

Yes, Nuffnang can see your talent and they'll help you enhance that!  Much more that I can't even imagine!

It is this very moment that I am thanking the Lord for continuously giving me the support system and channel  I need to be able to voice out my thoughts in cyber world!

Photo taken during a quick visit at the Nuffnang Office 

To sum up all the wonderful experiences here at Nuffnang Philippines and MORE....

Nuffnang  is holding a Regional Blog Awards and it's in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

"Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott."
I can't even imagine the things Nuffnang can do to top their own fun-filled moments!  This proves that people working behind the Nuffnang team are always seeking fresh ideas just to make the members feel welcome!  

Oh, before I forget, YOU can win exclusive invites by smiling and clicking HERE.

Thank you Nuffnang Philippines and I can't wait to meet fellow Nuffnang members!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Congratulations Nikki! You deserve all these blessings :) Stay happy and positive!

  2. You DO go to all the best events, lol!

  3. You are my inspiration for turning a personal blog into a beauty blog, hehe. You've inspired so many girls Nikki... I'm happy that blogging has blessed you with so much learning and new relationships!

  4. Congrats again for being NN's blogger of the month! You deserve it! Not only do you blog with so much passion and charisma but you infect your readers with it! Good to know you love belonging to NN! :)

  5. @Kumiko Mae Thank you sis! and I'm glad to have known you through blogging :D Pepper Lunch ulit? HEHEHE

  6. @Jamilla Camel I'm sure you'll attend them with me if you live here! :D

  7. @herroyalbleakness OH MY! Sis, super thanks for saying I"m an inspiration, you just don't know how much that statement means to me! I'm glad through blogging I get to meet friends and YOU!!!! It's so funny how you were shy pa and we hit it off immediatelY :) God bless you girl and your family!!!! :)

  8. @MereMakeupManiac Aawww sis! You do send me good vibes too and I have to thank you for that! I won't forget the effort you made to meet up with me in Singapore! Love you sis!


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