Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AMW Version: Daytime makeup for the PowerPuff Girl

The title probably made you go "EH?" but I have a reason for such title! 

A reader once emailed me and asked me for help on makeup for puffy eyes!  Okay, am I being asked because I have puffy eyes?  *raises one eyebrow*  

Fine!  It's true! I do have puffy eyes on random days and I do have clients with puffy eyes too!  (Ttrying to include everyone here, I'm not alone on this okay?) *laughs*

*Grumpy Mode over*

I finally had the chance to create AMW way!  Please bear in mind there are a lot more ways to do this!  At the end of the day, practice makes perfect!  Try as many color combinations and techniques

AMW Diagram

I used the Clinique Lid Smoothie Anti-oxidant 8-hour eye colour in Pinko Biloba all  over the lids.

Step 1:
Apply a shimmery pinkish eyeshadow all over lids.  I am using Pink Chiffon Shimmer Wash eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown's Pretty Palette.  

I usually steer away from shimmery shades as it can enhance eye puffiness, try to be careful by applying only a tiny amount to create a subtle shimmer underneath.

Step 2:
Taking out my Human Nature Mineral Eyeshadow Enchanted Evening palette, I applied the silvery-gray eyeshadow on the crease area going a bit beyond.  Add the shadow as needed and blend the harsh edges with a fluffy blending brush.  I am using a Vegan Blending Brush from Charm.

Step 3:
With a pencil brush, I grabbed a good amount of matte black eyeshadow from Sleek applying carefully only on the crease area.

With the same fluffy blending brush on Step2, blend to blur out edges blending the silver gray eyeshadow and the matte black eyeshadow.

Step 4:
Time for eye lining, I whipped out my ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black and lined my eyes carefully.

Step 5:
Since everything is turning out a bit too dark for a daytime look, I used a nice Teal Colored Fluidliner pencil from Inuovi.  (thanks a dear angel for gifting me this, I love this so much!)

Curl your lashes and apply a good amount of mascara.

My Finish Look
Dark dark colored eyeshadow on the crease area decreases the look of puffiness  The bright colored liner is an added plus to focus on the bright liner instead of the puffy eyes!

What's on the rest of my face?

For the Face:

For the Cheeks
Shu Uemura x Wong Kar Wai 
in Pleasure Rose

For the Lips:
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Pink Flush
Revlon Colorburst in Pink Ice

The makeup focuses on the eyes and left 
with an ice-y pink cheeks and lips

Okay, you may expect something more like drawing myself into a Powerpuff girl character!  *laughs*
Of course not!  Halloween is over :)
Hope you enjoyed this simple AMW Version!

Have a great day!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Haha, I'm guilty of thinking you will do a "powerpuff girl" look! I love how clean you do your makeup each time, sis! MUAH! :)

  2. Hay kala ko pa naman power puff girl look talaga


  3. i love the effect Nikki! The bright eyeliner really made ur eyes pop =)

  4. lol loka ka sis kala ko bakit powerpuff girl lol :p

    i love this look sis! di lang fabulous makeup, sexy curls pa!

  5. really nice! I love the effect of the teal eyeliner, it gives balance to the dark eye shadows. really nice and clean!

  6. @Dang Villanueva LOL! I love how you call it POWERPUFF too! So starting TODAY ..POWERPUFF na ha? hahahha miss you!

  7. @MrsMartinez hahah coming from you! Hindi ako nasurprised! Literal ka talagang tao! LOve you Aunty Ach!

  8. @MereMakeupManiac SIS! PowerPUFF kasi PUFFY EYES! alam mo yon? dapat gets mo na ang thinking ko nag meet na tayo eh! hahahahha :P

    Thanks for liking the curls! :P Kala ko di obvious :P

  9. @Make Art by Karla Hey! Great to know you Karla! :) Saw your profile, you're from Batangas, do you work here sa Metro Manila? :D

    Sis, thanks for liking the TEAL liner, I love using teal liners as it gives a nice pop of color :D


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