Monday, October 31, 2011

AMW Reviews: Revlon CustomEyes Shadow and Liner

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I hope you guys enjoyed the series of Giveaways happening at AMW!  I am wishing everyone good luck!  To the rest, you can still get the chance to win by scrolling down! :)

If you ask me, I had a great weekend as it was well spent with both families, a First Birthday party of our friend's daughter Chesca and another highlight?  I was able to have a nice dinner and desserts with Lisa Goh and her husband *waves Hi Alex!*, one of the girls from So Loverly.

Best of all, I was able to spend a full day with Mr. AMW as his work schedule has been a crazy and I haven't been seeing him much lately!  So yeah, if you ask...I had a WONDERFUL Weekend!

Today, I will be reviewing the eyeshadow palette which got better reviews amongst the eyeshadow palettes made by Revlon.  

Revlon CustomEyes Shadow and Liner says ---
Easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and 1 liner. For dramatic eye popping looks like never before! 
The dual ended applicator helps you to easily create the eye looks you want. Use the wider side to cover the eye area in shadow and the pointed end to apply the liner shade.
AMW says ---
  • Very nice, sleek packaging.  5 shadows in one palette.
  • Ingredients list are all listed on the "peel off" sticker at the back.
  • Helpful diagram at the back to help newbies.
  • 4 eye shadows coordinate each other no matter how you apply it.
  • The sponge applicator is made with quality.
  • The the product states 4 shadows and 1 liner, they are all in powder form so you can use all of them as eye shadows and all of them as eyeliner.  
  • Pigmentation is not consistent on all 5 shadows.
  • Need to use an eyeshadow base or primer for the shadows to show up better.
  • There is a small degree of fallout.
  • No mirror included on the palette.
I actually visited the Revlon counter recently to check out the other shades.  Metallic Chic I find is sheerer than the rest of the palettes.  I suggest to swatch on different palettes before you look for one.  I'll give Metallic Chic a skip and go for the other matte versions which are way pigmented than this!

from Revlon
  • Use the wider side to cover the eye area in shadow and the pointed end to apply the liner shade. 
  • Sweet Innocence: For a special effect, dust shade 1 or 4 under the bottom of the eyes to create a soft halo effect. 
  • Party Pops: When wearing bright shadows, keep face and lips understated. Opt for soft, sheer shades that let your eyes take center stage.
  • Naturally Glamorous: For a natural look in the evening just intensify your daytime look. Lips and cheeks can go darker and more shimmer can be added to the eyes.
  • Metallic Chic: Mixing metals is a chic trend giving eyes a fashion forward look. 
  • Rich Temptations: Mixing purples and green on eyes creates a contrast that makes eyes pop. 
  • Smoky Sexy: Create a smoky rim around eyes with the pointed end of applicator, concentrating at the lash line for a perfect smoky eye
from AMW
  • Use an eyeshadow primer to prevent fallout.
  • For the shades to come out really nice, use MAC Paint Pots or other cream based shadows underneath.
  • Wet your brush or sponge applicator a bit for the shadows to apply better.  
  • Keep in mind to wet only half of the eyeshadow so you can still use the other side for dry application.
  • It helps to ask for a tester for you to be able to swatch all the shades and see if its worth purchasing.
  • Go for the palette that would work for you, or purchase shades that you are comfortable wearing!
Will I repurchase?
Not this palette for sure but other palettes!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone into eyeshadow compacts! 

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon Counters for Php625.00 (approx 14.50).

A closer look on Metallic Chic

L-R Liner,Metallic Copper shade, Golden Yellow, 
Metallic Forest Green and Metallic Copper

 Applied on my eye with a base

Have you tried any from the Revlon CutomEyes Shadow and Liner?
Care to share your experience?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Asian Secrets Gives: Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soap and Lulur Body Scrub --- CLOSED!

What's peeking inside this gorgeous purple bag?  Can you guess? 

Of course you can!  It has Asian Secrets written all over it!  I will be raffling off the whole purple bag including the goodies inside!  Do you want to take a peek?

Tadah!  One winner will get the chance to win the following:

Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub 
(with Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract)
(with Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E)
A beauty treatment which originated from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia and inspired by a ritual called lulur.  Lulur was originally intended for the bride-to-be in order to beautify, smoothen and whiten her skin before the wedding day.
Lulur beads gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to smoothen and give it a radiant glow.  At the same time, frequent usage will reduce skin pigmentation and events out skin tone by getting rid of dark patches.

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soap
(with Moisturizing Olive Oil)
(with Natural Antiseptic Betel Extract)
Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening soap contains Bengkoang (Yam Bean Extract), a widely popular whitening ingredient in Indonesia that can be found in the islands of Sumatra and Java. 
Moisturizing Olive Oil variant contains Olive Oil to moisturize skin and protect it from dryness while Betel Extract gives extra protection from germs that can cause body odor.

How to win?
(Sorry but only Metro Manila readers can join this giveaway as I have to personally hand this item for the protection of products.  I will also throw in something from myself because...I just want to! hahaha)
  • Comment together with your name and email address.
  • Answer this question: "What do you think is your best feature?" (you can freely expound)
  • Only 1 comment per person.
  • Contest starts today until November 12, 2011.
  • 1 winner will be picked via Fruit Machine.
  • Winner will be notified in this blog and email and I'll coordinate with the winner directly for the meet up.  
I want to thank UNILAB Philippines for the support and for the gorgeous flowers we got on the day of our anniversary!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Weekend Food Tripping at: Marciano's

Happy Sunday!  Weekend food tripping is back I was at Greenbelt that time for a meetup and Mr. AMW was on leave that day so we went for an advance Anniversary celebration at Marciano's.  Marciano's is from the same makers of John and Yoko so I'm expecting to have the familiar taste I get from their line of restaurants.

The interior is very comfortable to look at, the ambiance is perfect for a date, family gatherings and bonding with friends!  I'll share to you what we had...

Spinach Artichokes and Mushroom Dip
Php249.00 (approx $5.80)
It was a good decision for me to choose this as our appetizer!  Love the super crunchy bread and the spinach and mushrooms blended with mozzarella cheese tastes wonderful!  MUST TRY!
Robert De Niro Bacon and Asparagus Creme
Php128.00 (approx $2.98)
I can't get over the wonderful Clam Chowder soup I had at Flapjacks a month ago so I'm hoping to try another soup that would make me go "gaga" over again!  The Bacon and Asparagus Creme soup from Marciano's did not fail!  I am amazed on how the tiny hint of bacon and asparagus blended well together with the right creaminess!  I will definitely come back for more!

Astoria Pork Medallions
Php308.00 (approx $7.16)
4 medallion-sized pork wrapped on a bacon drizzled on a sweet sauce. It looks a bit dry at one glance but it was unwrapping of Christmas present when I took a bite!  For a dish that isn't as "sauce-y" as I want it to be, the flavor gets trapped inside the pork and its very tender and flavorful!  We had the rest for take out and it still tastes consistently good at home!

Corleone Italian Sausage
Php288.00 (approx $6.70)
Mr. AMW likes sausage and this one is no exception.  He always talks about the wonderful sausage dish from a restaurant at Wilson Street which was closed down and we gave this a try to see if it passed his expectation!

It actually did, the serving is quite small though but the Italian sausage were drizzled with a good amount of Olive Oil which blended well with the "smokiness" of the sausage.  Green and red peppers with onions are companions with the dish.

Grilled Salmon in Caper Sauce
Php378.00 (approx $8.79)
Out of all the wonderful dishes I've tried.  This is my least favorite because of the strong "fishy" taste of salmon.  I actually enjoyed eating this after I dipped the salmon on my Bacon and Asparagus Creme soup.  Personally opinion!

Harlem BBQ Chicken Pizza
Php358.00 (approx $8.30)
I actually asked the waitress for their best selling pizzas and I was given the choice of Harlem BBQ Chicken Pizza and All-Meat Pizza.  We've decided to go for a "unique" pizza.

The Harlem BBQ Chicken Pizza is thin-crusted pizza obviously freshly made upon order!  I like the tiny hint of BBQ chicken underneath the cheese, I get surprised bites every now and then because judging by the way it looks, it looks bland and lacks ingredients but its actually very flavorful.

I would appreciate it if they can make this even crunchier!

Blueberry Cheesecake
Php158.00 (approx $3.67)
I am very picky with my cheesecakes, not all cheesecakes can give me the goosebumps and the last good cheesecake I had was from Bistro Miyake RestoBar.

Plating/Presentation = CHECK!  

Taste?  Uhm, unfortunately, it didn't impress me at all!  The blueberry cheesecake at Marciano's is a bit too "chewy" for my taste, I like my cheesecake a bit soft and creamy.

Overall, I had a lovely time dining at Marciano's and thank goodness the dishes doesn't taste similar to Sumo Sam, John and Yoko or other restaurants that was owned by the same group of people.

The service is really good!  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments and an additional service charge will be added to your total bill.

Marciano's Greenbelt 3
2nd Floor Greenbelt 3, 
Ayala Center, Makati
Tel no: (632) 729-0467

Have you tried dining in at Marciano's ?
How was your experience? What's the best meal to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Watsons Gives: Watsons Men --- CLOSED!

There's Mr. & Mrs. AMW so there should be a giveaway for the husband, the boyfriend or if you have none for now, fret not!  There are a lot of male loved ones like friends, brothers, dad, uncle or even neighbors!  There's just so much love around and there's just so much we can give!

Watsons has always been a vital store to most women and they obviously appreciate the men in our lives for accompanying us in!  That's where Watsons Men came along and I'm excited to share this giveaway to the special "man" in your life!


Here's a closer look of the products included in the giveaway....
 Watsons Men Energetic Range ---

Intensive Recovery Liquid

Moisturizing Facial Cream

Eye Roll On

Watsons Men Nose Pore Tapes

I will also throw in NanoMed Whitening Cream
for the girl who joined this contest for their loved ones! 

How to join?
  • Comment once with your name and email address.
  • Let me know what product(s) your husband/boyfriend/male family members purchase from Watsons.
  • Contest starts today ends November 12, 2011.
  • 1 Winner will win all the items mentioned above via Fruit Machine.
  • Winners will be announced in this blog and prizes will be shipped anywhere in the Philippines.
Thanks Gerick from ARC and Watsons Philippines for the never-ending support!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Skinlight Gives: A Pampering Package --- CLOSED!

I love colorful sachet packaging and today's giveaway is as colorful as ever!!!

Various products from Adwin Korea Corp., they are the makers of Purederm, SkinLight (SL) products and the distributor in the Philippines contacted me to share these wonderful products to YOU!  *yay!* 

ONE lucky winner gets the chance to win a pampering package!

What's included in the pampering package ---
  1. Press' n Mix Men's Hair Color in Dark Brown - Ammonia Free and short-haired women can also use this!  This is made by Purederm.
  2. Botanical Choice Exfoliating Foot Mask - I've tried the exfoliating foot masks in the pat and I want to give a chance for others to try this ultimate feet experience!  Your feet's old skin will peel off including all hard calluses within 2 weeks.  No need to have footscrub/footspa for 3 months!
  3. SkinLight Refining Herb Mask 
  4. SkinLight Mango Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask
  5. SkinLight Cucumber Deep Cleansing Peel-off Mask
  6. SkinLight Hydrating Cucumber Masque
  7. SkinLight Strawberry Yogurt Masque
  8. SkinLight Re-Energizing Green Tea Masque
I will also throw in the number 1 Lulur Whitening Scrub in Indonesia called Purbasrai (whoever is the winner MUST let me know if this works....please!)

  • Open to Philippine readers.
  • Items will be shipped to 1 lucky winner!
  • Comment in this post together with your name and email address.
  • Let me know why you deserve to win and who you will share this pampering package with.
  • One winner will be picked via Fruit Machine.
  • Contest starts TODAY ends November 12, 2011
  • One comment per person please!
Thanks Diane for the wonderful products for AMW readers to try!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

AMW Reports: Shu Uemura's Wong Kar Wai

Wong Kar Wai for Shu Uemura.  A collection a lot of us the makeup addicts are excited for! The makeup collection was launched last week October 21 at Opus Restaurant.

Your make-up lover blogger AMW was lucky enough to be invited to such prestigious event so I braved the traffic (as always) and came back with a report!

Wong Kar Wai is an internationally renowned film director.  He is an award-winning writer/director who is also known as a "master of colors" just like Mr. Shu Uemura.  I am not surprised 2011 Holiday Collection was inspired by him.

(Note to Philippine readers: This will be out in the market mid-November, limited stocks only.)

There are 2 programs happening at Opus Restaurant.  6:30pm event was the exclusive make-up show for Press while 8:30pm event starts Art infusion of poetic proportions.  I attended both event.

Ms. Nina Solano, Business Development Manager of Shu Uemura, welcomed the Press with a gorgeous makeup and long flowy dress!


Next, Ms. Lyra Importante, Retail Manager of Shu Uemura, led the rest of the program by introducing 2 of our favorite Shu Uemura's makeup artists.

John Pagaduan and Patrick Alcober were interviewed on the looks they will do on stage

On with the live makeup demo using 
Shu Uemura's Wong Kar Wai Makeup collection

On the latter part of the night, the part 2 of the event started with the super lovely and sexy Joey Mead!  She lively hosted the event and I get to feel the excitement all over again (even though I've been there at the first part of the show).

A lot more Shu Uemura Makeup artists were there to grace the event and do live makeup demonstration on gorgeous models!  Different interpretations of WKW Collection were done and most of them gives out an artistic feel!

On to the collection, as inspired by Wong Kar Wai's exclusive films.  Each package of the series is decorated with a scene from the short film and images will change before your eyes when you view it from different angles!  The said images can be seen on 2 of their eye palettes.

Burning in Water Palette

Drowning in Flame Palette

False Eyelash Jeweled Love

False Eyelash Dance in Glitter
Glorious Masquerade
 Glittery Mascara
 Lustrous Glow Powder 
in Pleasure Rose

Rouge Unlimited available in 3 shades
Red = rouge luster (tender red shade with gold shimmer)
Pink = pink flush (warm pink tone with a fresh, glossy finish)
Beige = Glitter Fuse (beige shade with splash of golden dust)

 Mini Nail Duo
in Bleu Splendor

 Mini Nail Duo
in Festive Rouge
 Flashing Gold Mini Brush Set

 White Recovery EX+
Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula
I currently own 2 products from the gorgeous WKW collection.  I'm a blush person so this is a perfect "glow" for me! I actually like patting this on top of a regular matte blush for that nice....oomph.  The shade is actually very light and it just gives a super light shimmer for a healthy glow.

I also got the Rouge Unlimited in Pink Flush.  The shade looks super bright, matte and pigmented on tube but it goes on a bit sheer and shimmery on my lips.  Very light and subtle.

Which product/s in this collection caught your complete attention?
I'd like to know!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Suesh Gives: A Vanity Starter Set --- CLOSED!

Our friends from Suesh contacted me to share this wonderful news to YOU!

They are giving away A Vanity Starter Set!!!
 Suesh Portable 3 Way LED lighted mirror

Suesh 7pcs brush set (Metro)

Color Palette

How to win either one of the product?
(Note: Winners will have to pick up the prizes at  Suesh shops in Wilson near Greenhills, Trinoma Mall, and soon, in Alabang Town Center)
  • LIKE Suesh Makeup Toolkit on Facebook
  • Comment in this post your name and email address.
  • Let me know what you would like to win "I would like to win the Suesh Portable 3 Way LED Lighted Mirror!"
  • Answer why you would want to win the product.  
  • To get the chance to win any of the 3 items above, you need to do a separate comment for each item you would like to win!  All you need to do is explain why.
  • Contest starts today ends November 12, 2011
  • 3 Winners will be picked via Fruit Machine. Joiners can only win ONE of the item.
Are you excited?  I am... for you guys!!!
Thank you Suesh for the wonderful giveaways!

Keep smilin

Stay happy!