Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Beginning!

So many things I've done before the year end, and one of them was...SHOPPING!
As some of you may have read it over my twitter page, I had only half a day of shopping prior to Christmas and would you believe?  I was able to finish my shopping list and MORE?  (More = Shopped for myself)  *laughs*  

Right when my wallet went from size 12 to size 0, I passed by a FLY Shades booth and I remembered my first FLY shades was bought when I was just graduated from College.  It brought back memories and I went to check out their collection for old times' sake!

Little have I known I'll be coming home with these 2.....

Brea Black

when worn...
Love the belt-like detail on the side

Loreta Clear Blue

When worn..
The ribbon is so ME!
Would you believe the total amount I paid was only Php520.00 (approx $12.40)?  This is best to be used on lazy days you don't want to worry about your super pricey shades!  How about the quality?  Well, let me tell you, the first FLY shades I bought almost a decade ago is still alive and kicking! So..quality control? --- CHECK!

From something fashionably cute to something .... CUTE!  Who could resist such cutie?  

It's not just a keychain!  It's a DOMA Mini Speakers!  Would you believe this tiny thing can create loud sounds?  Hahahah  Even if it doesn't, I may probably throw away my cash on this because I can't resist the 101% cuteness!  Thank goodness the quality of sound was good!  I bought this at a bazaar for Php590.00 (approx $14.00) and I believe you can still buy them online! 

P.S. Different colors available!!! SOoooooo cute!  (Okay, how many times did I mentioned the word CUTE in one paragraph?)

Remember my  review on Charm Essentials' first ever Vegan Brushes?  (click HERE for review)  Sophie handed me the gorgeous pink brush holder and she excitedly told me she will be selling these Vegan Brushes in a set!  Great deal for Php2,500 (approx$60.00).  Would you believe her gift was a great timing as I brought the set with me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I can do makeup on myself and other people with the 14 pcs Vegan Brushes!

This Christmas, I've received a lot of wonderful gifts like one of my favorite Lipcare brand Nivea!  I have the whole year to finish these up and it won't be difficult as I was able to finish THIS, THIS and THIS in no time and I'm glad these are finally available locally especially since the "Liposan" that I got is from my blogger swap from Germany! :)

Goodies that can make me smile are not an exception for this year!  I was gifted my very own Kimmidoll from one of the #evurls girls!

 Aside from that, I was gifted the cutest pens and highlighters available on earth!  *lol*


Oh my, this goes straight inside my bag and this will always be the partner of my 2012 Planner!  Thanks Rinnah for these goodies and more! :D

Cute Planner + Cute Pens and highlighters = Cute OWNER *lol*

Thanks to Etude House Philippines for sending me gorgeous gifts to jumpstart my year!  The MiniME World Traveler Ms. Cutie Perfumed Body and Hair Mist is perfect because it has "Japan" all over it!  Mr. AMW and myself is dreaming to go to Japan!  I'm telling to the universe that we will!!! And you'll definitely hear all about our adventures once it happens!  

And a Party Queen Gradation Nails from Etude House set, I was just lemming for this big gold sparkles which I saw online!  Then I have one!  Like I said, it pays to wish! :)  

 I won't be doing a Nail Art Tutorial on this but you'll see how this will be easily done, even for nail art newbies, when I do a review on this set!  Watch out for it!

Thanks to my friends from Ponds for sending me Ponds goodies and a limited edition "Mother of Pearl" necklace designed by Tweetie De Leon.

So radiantly beautiful like Tweetie...

And as if my gold isn't enough to bring luck for Year of the Dragon....look at the last haul I made before 2011 ended.  I nearly didn't bought this but Mr. AMW insisted I buy this as he saw the sparkle of my eyes when I tried this on.....

Gold Sparkly Shoes from ShoeBox
 Priced less than Php800.00

I have to share this story!  When I was a judge at Crissa's Dance Synergy, as one of the judges, I was called up on stage by Tony Tony of Magic 89.9 and they asked me what's "Fashoinable" for 2011...I blurted out "Sparkly GOLD!"  I must be a seer, as 2012 seems to be the year of Sparkly Gold!

Oh...before I end this post, let me share to you my New Year Makeup!  Bright lips for bright future!  *laughs*  I'll share to you the products I used in upcoming posts!

Happy 2012 from Mr. AMW and myself!
Keep that smile coming and staying positive helps!  *Promise*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What a nice way to start your 2012! Happy NY, Nikki! :)

  2. happy new year to you and your family Nikki!

  3. I bought FLY shades too recently because I need cheap yet with superb quality for my Boracay vacation.

    Happy New Year Nikki and hubby! x

    Bec of

  4. @Pammy Thanks, Happy New Year to you and your family Pammy dear! I hope to meet you this year :D

  5. @Crystal Gale Sis Happy new Year! Funny how we've known each other for 4 years na din!

  6. Happy new year!! Gorgeous as always :)

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