Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year Ender Report! Happy 2012!

This is it!  Several hours left and we're all ready to bid 2011 goodbye!  2011 may be the best or worst year to some of you but I believe this is yet, another memorable year for all of us!  

Because I have been blogging for a good 3 years going to 4th, I am comfortable enough to share to you --- "AMW's Highlight for the year 2011!"

The year started when I was asked to join the Bobbi Brown's "I am Pretty Powerful" campaign .  It was one of the first few post I poured my heart out and shared to readers my background as a Business English Teacher in a University in Hangzhou, China.  It was also the first post that I shared the "chubby Nikki" photos which I am proud (even at present) to show to everyone how the "Chubby, Round-faced Nikki" survived the harsh weather in China plus being the youngest and only Asian Foreign Teacher at that time.  

 I am Pretty Powerful...
Yesterday and today!

Comes the month of February, it was a first for yours truly to be in front of a camera!  Being a makeup artist, I am used to prettifying people who will go in front of a camera or video but it was nerve wracking for me when Tek Tok TV invited me to be a guest for one of their segment!

I guess being a teacher for almost 4 years helped reduce the nervousness of being on a spotlight!

Read experience HERE

To end the first quarter of the year, things started to get very busy when I was invited by Pond's Philippines to take part in the Pond's Flawless White Challenge (read experiences HERE) with Shobe Sophie as my diary as I do the testing!  We were able to finish the challenge and Sophie and I got the special award called "Editors' Choice Award".  Mission Accomplished!  The nerd side of me would like to add, the added cherry on top of the ice cream would be having my face (together with other gorgeous bloggers) plastered in a wall!  I have to admit, I want to take the huge wall home! :P

If having my face plastered on a huge wall isn't enough, AMW went digital!  Nokia offered to have AskMeWhats available in OVI Store!  Who would've thought AMW can be an app now? :D

Before the first half of the year ended, the kiddie side of me was super happy when I got the invite to visit Yakult Plant!  To those who don't know, going to factories is one of my greatest love as I love seeing how each product was made!  I can still remember the first time I visited a factory and it was Carlsberg Brewery!  (Great!  I was only 12 years old then!  *laughs*)

The next experience, I have to thank my Nuffnang Family for the various movie invites from X-men to Transformers!  As if those special movie screening weren't enough, they even had a Nuffamily Day (report HERE) were I enjoyed an almost whole day with fellow Nuffies at the same time, re-create what the movie Tangled have done.....

Lantern Lifting!
(it wasn't as easy as it looks but it was FUN!!!!)

And just when I looked back on how much I missed teaching, the wonderful gals from GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics invited Sophie and myself to be Airbrush Makeup teachers for a day!  It was fun day for Achie and Shobe to share our knowledge of airbrush at the same time, meet wonderful girls who are as passionate as we are!

Aside from makeup, my nails have brought me places!  I mean, I've had random strangers coming up to me telling me how much they like my nails!  My nail art designs have always been a good conversation starter at random events!  Popularity isn't a reason why I've been doing various nail art designs from Plants vs. Zombies to Pacman, Frankenstein,  Angry Birds!  As you can see, my nail art designs are usually in line with an event or occasion and I feel like doing nail art is like putting on makeup!  I may not have creativity on paper but if I can show them on nails and faces, why not? 

Speaking of nail art, wonderful people from Style Speak, India contacted me again for their Nail Art Special Issue!  I was challenged to do Water Marbling Nail art and see the pride in my face when I saw a hard copy sent to me!  I will never get the hang of seeing my works printed on glossies!  This was my second time to contribute for the magazine and I appreciate their trust!

Read article HERE

And like I said, my nail art tutorial have brought me places!  Even at Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho!  It was challenging to do Angry Birds Nail Art Tutorial right in front of a camera but I survived!  Thanks to the friendly staffs and producer from the said show for making me feel at ease.

As I was jokingly telling Mr. AMW he needs to find me a manager because "A Star Was Born" *laughs* the same month, I was invited to share my makeup tricks for Rainy Season at Net 25's HOMEPAGE!  This was done LIVE on tv and I was as nervous as hell!  I think I got too nervous I used gay-lingo in front of a camera!  (Mr. AMW told me that after the show but I can't even remember the exact word I blurted out!)  *laughs*  Oh well, no one noticed I guess! :P

To complete the "Feeling Media Star", thanks to Nuffnang for choosing me as Blogger of the Month of August!  My dream to be on a radio show was answered as I talked about my blog together with fellow Nuffies from Australia!  
at the Wake Up Show with DJ Vince and Tracy

Now let's leave the Media Star for now and let's go back to reality!  *laughs*  Thanks to Sunsilk for choosing me together with 3 other bloggers to experience the ultimate Pampering Day with Sunsilk's Loyal Members!  Because of this experience, it was the makeup artist's day off and I get to experience having someone put makeup on my boring face!  *wooooppeeee*!  It was also a first for me to have my photograph taken in a studio by THE Niccolo Cosme at the same time, styled by Rain!  Because of that, I shall be forever grateful because I have a professional photo to share to my grandchildren!  (smile and read my experience HERE)

This photo screams Sex and the City
I look like a building in the city though!  *laughs*

As the real world is slowly creeping into my mind, I was brought back to reality with Clinique's Real Women Campaign Party!  It doesn't hurt to be dolled up or be on a radio show or tv show.  In reality, I do have a full time job, I'm a daughter, I'm a wife, I'm an employee, I'm a friend....there's so much things to do amidst our thirst for Fantasy!  Thanks to Clinique Philippines for inviting me and one of my reader to enjoy how it feels to be a REAL woman!  It was an evening of makeovers, getting to know our skin and the event ended with lovely dinner!  Who says beauty has to be "magazine" looking?  Each of us have a beauty in us that is so unique because God made us so....

AMW with Jenn

Speaking about real beauty, who would've thought Ms. AMW could pass up for a judge at Ms. Silka 2011?  I was surprised when I was invited to be part of the prestigious panel of judges! I have to be honest when I got "chills" and "goosebumps" when Mr. Luis Manzano introduced each of the judges and I was clearly introduced as "A BLOGGER" (bloggers...REPRESENT!) It may sound nothing to the audience but it was everything to be acknowledged as a Blogger!  As you all know by now, this started out as a hobby, a venue for me to share my thoughts and make new friends, who would've thought bloggers are starting to have a VOICE now? :)

The event was a huge success and I was able to share wonderful goodies from Silka to 3 lucky AMW readers!  :)  Contest ended yesterday and winners will be announced 2012!!! :)

AMW looking constipated 
because there were a group of cameramen flashing here and there!
Feeling "Media Star" ---- FAILED!

And just when I thought the year has ended as I am counting my blessings thanking the Lord, He never failed to surprise me with an invite at NAPBAS 2011!  Blogging really took me far!  As far as going out of the country!  

Thanks again to my Nuffnang Family!

Okay, wrapping up (duh!) I traveled 3 countries this year!
  • Shanghai, China
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
(promises myself I will travel more!)

Nothing beats spending a weekend with my co-Beauty Bloggers (a.k.a. Team E) in Tagaytay.  Oh my!  I can't even tell the topics we discussed and the stories we shared!  They will have to kill me before I can even kill myself!  hahaha *zips mouth* *adding double sided tape* :P

P.S. I did not forget my sunglasses, I just prefer not putting it on because I want to show the world how lovely my eyes are!
P.P.S. I really forgot to put on my sunglasses!  *lol*

Shots taken from Shen, Jheng and Phoebe
Aside from spending quality time with my local beauty blogger friends!  This year has been a "Blogger Friendship" year!!!  This was the same year I met most of my online blogging friends!

With Aileen of The Shades of U
Click HERE to read her article re: the meetup :)
With my #evurl girls...twice this year baby!!! :)

If I may, I'll do a separate entry for meeting Lisa and Alex!  3 Times this year!!!  First 2 times were in Manila and the third was shown on photo above!!!  It was a pleasure for both Mr. AMW and myself to have spent time with the couple and got to know them well....too darn well! :P

First time at Sentro

Second time at The Stock Market

There's quite a number more bloggers both local and international I would love to meet!  Who knows? By year 2012?

I know some of you may have fallen asleep from this super looooonnnnggg post!  But hey, it isn't easy summarizing the "highlights of the year" in one post!  Anyways, if you reached this bottom part without falling asleep..THANK YOU SO MUCH, if you have fallen asleep and just scrolled down to this paragraph...well..I guess we need to meet up for Coffee? :P

Let's not forget, this year has been the ultimate year were my mom got "miraculously" better!  After more than 2 years of treatment (and still under treatment for now).  She has gone a long way on the road to recovery!  I want to thank my family and God for this!  You can remove all the material stuff and I won't care, as long as my family is doing well! :)

Out of all the bad things that has happened in the year, I don't think its even worth mentioning considering how many good stuff has happened (take note: haven't written ALL of them).  At times when I'm feeling down, it pays to look back to all the "good times" and from there, thank the Lord for all the blessings.  It doesn't hurt to look at the half full glass than a half empty glass!

Of course, the year won't be great with the wonderful Mr. AMW beside me supporting me all the way with a cheerful heart!  Trust me, I won't be THIS ---> :D cheerful without a cheerful partner!  

We're the Wonder Twins!

We're the Petronas Towers

We're Itchy and Scratchy
(from the Itchy and Scratchy Show, Simpsons)

We're Pucca and Garu

And most of all, 
we're just plain Mr. AMW and Mrs. AMW

Who wishes everyone a wonderful 2012 Ahead!
Happy New Year!
P.S.  To the companies, readers who believed on my blog....thank you!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Happy New Yr nikki! That's a great round up :D congratulations to a very successful yr! hope you more successes in 2012 :)

  2. Happy New Year to you, Nikki! Have a blessed year ahead!

  3. advance happy new year to you and Mr. AMW! ^_^



  4. Thats a lot of great job!!!


  5. WOW...
    didn't know that you taught business in China..
    but i love your blog. and thank you always for your support. Happy new years and wish you a wonderful year to come..

    I really wish I can visit you some day.

  6. Have a happy new year Nikki!! You blog has enriched my life! Looking forward to visit AMW in 2012!!

  7. It was such a wonderful year for you. Hope it'll be a much better one for you next year. Happy New Year! :)

  8. Happy happy New Year Nikki! thank you for being a great and supportive blogger friend! I hope you will have a better year for 2012. god bless! ^_^

  9. You deserve everything Nikki, you worked hard for it. ;) Happy New Year! Please continue to inspire us. Thank you! :D

  10. I like your reviews, and I must say, I actually kind of secretly hope that you can somehow appear in your posts... ... =P So it was great to see you in front of the camera!

  11. Happy New Year Nikki! Congrats! MOOOOORE!!! ^_^

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR Nikki! This is a great year-end post! On your second pic, you should said, "I am Pretty Powerful...Yesterday, today and tomorrow!" Hahaha...!
    'Coz I know a woman's beauty is endless at sabi nga ng iba, di bale na mataba ka, basta maganda ka nman, dahil kung maganda ka dati, maganda ka lagi!

    Your blog is one of my favorites and I love how you share your fun-filled blogging experiences.

    Keep it up Nikki and I wish you more success on your future endevours as a blogger, a make-up artist and as a loving wife for the coming 2012!! May all your wishes come true on 2012!!

    Once again, HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  13. Happy New Year Nikki! You've had a wonderful 2011. Hope your 2012 will be even more awesome! :)

  14. @Kumiko Mae And I hope to see more of you comes 2012 :) Happy New Year to you and your family!

  15. @sesame Thank you, you have a wonderful 2012 :)

  16. @Anastacia Thank you! But nothing beats knowing each one of you, including YOU! I wish we could meet on my next Korea visit *wishes* LOL!!!

  17. @purple snowflake Thanks dear,you've been super nice to me eventhough we never really talked or met :)

  18. @lavender Thank you dear, you've been very sweet with all your comments for the past year!

  19. @Pammy Nothing beats how great it was to see my mom gets better, I am praying for better health for my family!!!

  20. @Crystal Gale Dear, I should THANK YOU for supporting me during those times I'm helping out my friend! I can't forget my first Seminar for a cause EVER!!! And you're part of it! Happy new Year!

  21. @Bea Labilles That is super sweet of you! Thank you and Happy new Year to you and your family!

  22. @Jyoan Hahhah thanks! I seriously think no one would like to see me appear on my blog! hahaha so thanks for letting me know at least there's someone who likes to see the li'l boring me in front of cam! :) Happy New Year to you and your family!

  23. @kate sinaon Tama! thanks for the reminder, I didn't include TOMORROW kasi feeling step at a time! hahahha pero you're right, we should feel PRETTY POWERFUL Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! :)

    Thank you for liking my blog and for sharing your thoughts which gave me the "push" to really share what I learned and you wouldn't believe how much I've learned from readers toO!!! :) Thanks for wishing me well! I wish everyone the best 2012 too! :) Love you na for all your kind words! :)

  24. @aimeediego Good health for my family members is number 1... thank you ! thank you for the well wishes and I'm sending all my love to you and your family too! Happy New Year!

  25. *rubs eye in disbelief*

    wow sis tht was you in the picture?????? u looked TOTALLY different then

  26. @xin Yup, that was me! :P TOTALLY (can you explain that?) why the all caps? LOL

  27. Inspiring post, Ms. Nikki. Sorry for commenting late, but I love your year end accomplishments. It's great to see how much you've done to make your craft better. I wish a great future for you and your blog. Kudos!


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