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Hair Philosophie Color and Hair Treatment

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Even with my super busy schedule, I'm glad I was able to squeeze in an hour or 2 to color and treat my hair!  I was contacted by Ria, PR Consultant for Hair Philosophie, weeks ago and it was funny how our schedules won't match!  When the day has finally arrived, It was great to finally meet the lovely girl who was kind enough to fix my salon appointment! 

Hair Philosophie salon is located near Salcedo Park and location was easy to find!

As soon as I got in, the "candy area" caught my attention after the FREE WIFI sign!  All you need to do is ask for candies and ask for the WIFI password, I went for the latter and forgot about the candies and honestly speaking?  I'm having regrets!  *laughs*  Those are peppermint candies!!!

What's the number 1 service on my list?  Well, it's definitely an obvious choice!  After seeing the photo posted on my wall by Row during our Shu Uemura's YUME Advanced Makeup Class, I flinched!  How in the world did I let this happen!  The regrowth is more than 2 inches!


I was offered water, iced tea or coffee!  Of course, I went for the obvious choice!  (Find my choice of drink in the photo please!  LOL)

I was enjoying the free WIFI so much and you can see how busy I was!  *laughs*  I didn't even bother to read their magazines!  The salon has a good collection international and local magazines.

Ramon, my hairstylist for the day, checked the length of hair that needed the touch-ups and the super nice Raffy applied the color section per section.

With a clock timer on Raffy's neck, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you know your hair won't be "fried"  hair color solution!  Ramon decided to offer me HAIR SPA by L'Oreal as I have dry scalp and hair spa is the best solution for problems like mine!

Raffy, by the way, have the hands of a "massage angel" too! 

After color and hair spa, my hair was blow dried and Raffy created "curls" for body and bounce!

And you'd think my hair pampering experience was over!  Of course not!  I want to share that I've actually thought of having my side bangs trimmed but I did ask Ramon if I can still go back to the Nikki's Trademark Hair.  To those who  knew me since I was a kid, well, I'm a "Bangs Girl!"

Photo from upper left going clockwise ---
  • Grade school years:  My bangs were a bit puffy as it was a "hit" during the 80's!  *laughs*  
  • High School Graduation Day:  Short hair with layered bangs that covers my forehead!  
  • College Graduation Day:  Bangs are a bit fuller, I was very uncomfortable showing my forehead!  I've always thought I have a huge forehead!  
  • First few years at work: This photo was taken during a modeling stint for the airline company I worked for.  Of course, I do not pass up as a model but they were in dire need for a Japanese model and..there you go! *hahaha* At least, I can say,  I walked the runway once in my life!  *Raise arms with pride*  My working years was probably the time my bangs started to go sideways and I was introduced to side fringe!  I'm more omfortable showing HALF of my forehead!  *laughs*

Aren't you glad you get to know the history of AMW's Bangs?  *hahaha*  I know it's totally unnecessary but doesn't it make your day to see how you look like years and years ago? :D

Back to the present, the reason for the insertion of "Nikki's Bangs History", I actually had my bangs cut by Ramon!  I trust him when he said I can still sport the cut even in my 30s! 

Before I show you how I look like at present, I want to share to you the beauty of Hair Philosophie, they actually have a VIP room for clients who wants the pleasure of having their hair and other services done in private!  Both Mr. AMW and I took a peek!

My new hair with Raffy
Raffy did my hair color and he's also the master of blow drying

With Ramon
He chose Copper Brown color from L'Oreal
and he cut my bangs!

A closer look on my hair color and hairstyle!  I love how my layers stood up after a nice blowout! By the way, this is my "old layers" as I didn't have my hair cut! 

Of course, after a salon visit, I did not wake up with the gorgeous blow-dried hair that was done by Raffy, here's me days after! (still quite manageable)

Overall, I had a comfortable time inside Hair Philosophie, though they knew I was invited as a blogger (with Eagle eyes), I actually took notice on how they treat their customers!  Here are some of my observations:
  • As soon as you walk in, they greet customers right away.
  • They offer drinks to clients with the choice of water, iced tea or coffee.
  • They offer you magazines to read.
  • Hair wash and hair treatment includes a short massage.
  • Waiting guests can sit comfortably on a couch near the entrance.
  • They give you advice on hair services your hair may need but they do not hard sell.  
  • They use mostly (or all?) L'Oreal and Kerastase products.
I personally would like to thank the staffs of Hair Philosophie, I also get the meet the owner Mr. Lopez(super nice and down-to-earth) and of course, to Ria, thank you so much for the enjoyable salon day!  Mr. AMW can't stop complimenting my "dating days" look!  *giggles* :P

Total charge from hair color to hair treatment costs approx Php2,500+ depending on hair length.  Feel free to add them up on FB to know ongoing promotions!

Hair Philosophie Salon
117 Tordesillas st. corner Bautista St, 
Ground floor Finman building, Salcedo Village Makati

Service Menu at Hair Philosophie
(click to enlarge)

Do you like my full bangs?
Have you done full bangs?  Do you like it?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi ms. Nikki! i love your hair.. and of course the bangs, it's really cute. i've been wanting to have bangs, but parang di kasi ako bagay, eh..hehehe.. you look lovely ms. Nikki. and the salon was nice, too. :) cheers!

    1. RoxyFoxy dear, give it a try! I told the hairstylist not to cut it too short so if it came off weird, I can always pin it! Right now I'm pinning it! hehehe Give it a try! While you're young! hahahha ako nga matanda na full bangs pa! :)

  2. Sana lahat ng mga salon, even 'yung hindi naman ganun kasosyal, marunong magbigay ng magandang advice para sa buhok mo. Syempre kase diba, not all of us is aware about the do's and don'ts or what's the right thing to do to treat your damaged hair. I like your new loooook! You look younger :)

    1. I think even the hindi kasosyal na salon do give advise you just have to ask and it really depends on the individual if they are willing to help! I've had inexpensive cuts (the most inexpensive at REYES SALON) hehehe it was just a trim and I asked about my bangs and I got answers naman! :) MR. AMW by the way is a REYES CUTTERS LOYALIST! For Php50.00 ang gwapo na niya! hahah hiyangan lang sis :D

  3. I love your bangs! You look younger and I love your layers too! Nakakatuwa naman yung AMW Bangs history, hihihi....

    1. I love my layers talaga kaso I can't do it on my own with the way Raffy blowdried it so professionally! :)

      Thanks for liking my bangs! So younger looking ulit? Talagang binabawas ko age ko through my hair no? LOL!

  4. I love ur hair style so much!!! The full bangs looks very nice too!

  5. love the bangs n u r looking gorgeous...copper brown is your colour totally..

  6. You look young nikki, love how they blow dry your hair.

    1. Thanks !I'm glad you like the way they blow dried my hair! Such talent no?

  7. Hi nikki you look younger with the bangs. I love how they styled your hair,. Bagay tlga sayo!!

  8. Hi nikki you look younger with the bangs. I love how they styled your hair,. Bagay tlga sayo!!

    1. Yay! Thanks for liking it! I'm a bit worried that people will call me "feeling bata" but....I don't care anymore! this made me and Mr. AMW happy! hahaha It reminded us of "US" during highschool "ligawan" stage hehehehhe :D


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