Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Studio SnR Gives: 2 Slots for I Love Beauty Workshop with Maybelline, Garnier and AMW! --- Closed!!!

Dear AMW Readers:
March 31, 2012 --- marks the first I Love Beauty Series and Studio SnR is kind enough to give 2 slots for lucky AMW Readers!!!

What to expect?
  • Learn the fun way of putting makeup best for your skin color led by Maybelline Philippines Makeup Team Archie Tolentino, Jim Ros and Harold Santos.
  • Beauty Trade Secrets with Garnier Team and AMW PLUS! If you're interested, I will talk about beauty blogging too!
The workshop costs Php2,000/pax but the best part is, each attendee get to take home Php1,500 worth of Maybelline, Garnier and Studio SnR products!   There will also be snacks and Serenitea!  The workshop itself is ALMOST free!!!

But of course, our kind friends from Studio SnR loves AMW and her readers so she's giving away 2 slots!  Here are the mechanics:
  • Like Studio SnR on FB:
  • Follow Studio SnR on Twitter: @StudioSnRph
  • Comment ONCE with your name and email address ONLY if you can make it on March 31, 2012 (1:30-5:00pm)
  • Answer this question: "Why do you deserve to win the "first ever" I Love Beauty Workshop?" 
  • 2 Winners will be picked by Studio SnR.
  • Contest starts NOW ends March 22 (11:59pm).  Yes, this is a "short-lived" contest so HURRY!
  • 2 winners will be emailed for notification so kindly check your mail within the week! 
  • The 2 winners will be given 48 hours to respond, after 48 hours, a new winner will be picked!
Good luck!  I can't wait to see who gets to win this!
To those who want to book a "sure" slot, feel free to register online:

Thanks Studio SnR!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ooooh, I want!

    First of all, I haven't attended any makeup seminars yet and I learned how to apply makeup via watching youtube tutorials from various youtube gurus and now, I've been learning via my own experience. This will be a totally new experience for me which I'd be glad to try. I want to learn more so I can share more techniques and tips to my readers.

    You see, I wasn't much of a girly-girl back then. I play video games, hang out with guys and was always one of the boys. But watching youtube tutorials made me want to try it on myself until I eventually got hooked. I really do hope I get picked. I wanna learn more and share my new-found knowledge to my friends and readers!

    NAME: Gellie Abogado

  2. Jennever Pelaez

    It's my birthday on March 30! What better gift to a turning 24-yr old girl than a free I Love Beauty Workshop? Make a girl super happy, pick me!

  3. Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata

    Q: Why do you deserve to win the "first ever" I Love Beauty Workshop?

    A: I deserve to win the first ever I Love Beauty Workshop because aside from the fact that I really love beauty, I always want to find ways on how to improve my makeup skills, as well as learning more about taking care of my skin especially now that my hormones are on war against me. Of course, I am dying to meet my Eonni, which I always talk about with my hubby! Chances of meeting her is always slim as our schedules won't meet. Aigoo~ Please make me win!!! Oh! Another reason! I want to make new friends, too. I have been stuck inside the house since 2010 (working as homebased online teacher) so I rarely get to socialize. I think this is the best time for me to meet new people. This would be a great opportunity for me to learn new things and meet new faces!!! ^__^

    I hope you could pick me as one of the winners!!! ^__^

    Thank you so much in advance! ^__^

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  5. Milk tea and make-up come together like cookies and cream for me. I love the health benefits of tea and how it can help one's skin to be good canvas for make-up. A designer myself, I love playing with colors, highlights and shadows. My beauty and design philosophy is minimalist: to use blank space to draw the eyes to what's important — be it eyes, lips or headlines.

    Aileen (

  6. Why do you deserve to win the "first ever" I Love Beauty Workshop?

    hi. im an aspiring make up artist and would love to enhance my knowledge and skills in the hands of the experts. ive heard good things about studio snr, same with maybelline so i want to be a part of this life changing event.

    geraldine manalo

  7. Name: Roxanne Perez

    Hi ms. Nikki, thanks for this giveaway! I deserve to win the "first ever" I Love Beauty Workshop because i have been wanting to enrol in a makeup workshop for the longest time. i really wanted to learn the makeup basics, because i am a makeup fan and a newbie. And the date and time is perfect! thanks ms. Nikki! :)

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  9. Sayang! Waaaaaaah! Bakit lahat nalang ng workshops Saturday? ; (


    1. Don't Worry! We'll come up with some for those who are more available on weekdays :)

  10. Catherine Kapunan

    Q: Why do you deserve to win the "first ever" I Love Beauty Workshop?

    A: I'm a newbie in applying make up. I have monolids and even the prominent salons I go to are stating that I have eyes that are hard to work with or put on eyeshadows, one even suggested that I should have a surgery to have a crease =( I love what God gave me and I wouldn't even dream of going under the knife to change the way I look. I learned a few basics by watching youtube tutorials but I would love to learn more about skincare and applying makeup and who would be a better teacher? none other than the experts in the field Ms. Nikki Tiu, Maybelline and Garnier Philippines.

  11. Well, ever since my dad got sick, I had to work from home doing freelance stuff. I'm not complaining. But as I'm gearing more towards my 30's I feel like I'm stuck not being able to pursue other passions I've always wanted to pursue. Makeup is one of those things and possibly a career in it. I'd have to admit that with our current situation, budget is really tight which leaves us nothing for major extras and this is a wonderful opportunity. I'm about to leave my sweet 20s soon and I still don't have a clue on how to properly apply eyeshadow. Hope you guys could help me make the first step. :D

    Mary Angeli Cruz

  12. I think this workshop will benefit me the most. I am starting to love makeup but I just can't do it amazingly yet. Uneven eyebrows, muddy eyeshadow, uneven (again!) eyeliner. No I am not twelve years old, I am freakin' 22 and it's embarrassing. haha

    Here's my checklist found on my blog:
    [ ] Learn how to apply makeup.
    [ ] And do it amazingly.
    [ ] Do tutorials.
    [ ] Then have my own line.

    Kristin Mendoza

  13. Hi, I'm new mom and honestly I'm already "LOSANG" after giving birth :( ... Hope you can pick me to give make over or workshop to get back my confidence after giving birth.

    Thanks. :)

  14. 3 Reasons Why I Deserve to Win

    1. My birthday's shortly coming up! This could be the surprise I'm waiting for :)
    2. I am available on the 31st!
    3. I love makeup! I just don't know how to do it right :( So I need to learn it from the experts :)

    Clarice Cabanlit

  15. Gidjette ArguellesMarch 22, 2012 at 4:13 PM

    Gidjette Arguelles

    I deserve to win a free slot in your make-up workshop because I've been wanting to attend one for the longest time but I just can't afford it since I'm still a student. In relation to that, I am just 20 and graduating soon and will be facing the corporate world that's why I would want to be able to learn how to present myself better. I've been watching youtube gurus and reading make-up blogs for a long time already but I can't seem to really learn from just those. I know that I need a hands on learning experience and this is a great opportunity for me.

  16. Arra Cabaneros

    I would love to win the free slot because it would be a big help to me. I'm trying to reinvent myself. I'm turning 40 in May and I'm going back to school. Learning how to prettify myself will definitely boost my self confidence!

  17. Bea Labilles,
    I deserve to win the "first ever" I Love Beauty Workshop" because I have been interested in make-up for years now and i've been really hoping to be able to take up classes. However, time and money constraints have hindered me from doing so. SnR's I Love Beauty Workshop's timing is really perfect since my Finals Week just ended. After all the stress I've gone through, I want to just relax and fuel my creativity. The event would be the perfect way to start my summer and set it in a good start. I would also love to have the chance to meet Ms. Nikki because I've been an avid follower of her blog. :D

  18. naiinggit ako! i cannot join because I am not free on that day :(


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