Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AMW Bulletin: Caronia's Nail Swirl Madness Promo

Dear Nail Art Enthusiasts! 
Finally!  A local brand who supports our love for nail art!  Remember my first ever water marble nail art design which I've done specifically for India's Leading Spa and Salon Magazine called StyleSpeak

You just do not know how many nail polish I've tried to create this!  Not all polishes are created for water marbling and most of the ones that works are the pricier ones!

Article HERE

So, Caronia Philippines, you've done it again!  Aside from creating gorgeous pigmented nail polish shades, Caronia is also water marbling nail art friendly!!!  Not only that, to celebrate the beauty of Nail Swirl, on online promotion called "Nail Swirl Madness" is happening from March 15 to May 31,2012!

Nail Art Addicts, it's your time to shine!!! :)

If I get the chance, I'll give the Caronia Nail Swirls a try and will report how easy/difficult it will be :) Wish me luck!

For more details on the contest, feel free to LIKE Caronia Philippines on Facebook.
Watch the instructional video at: www.caronia.com.ph/viewingroom

Let me know if you're joining!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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