Monday, April 30, 2012

Something New: Sanuk's Yoga Mat

My first ever Sanuk sandals was purchased year 2008! (As seen on my post HERE) Today, both black and brown are still doing okay (a bit too old looking though!  *laughs*).  I trekked near and far with both sandals!  I can't even start telling you how far we walked when we traveled around Hong Kong and China bringing both pairs with me!  

So when I got an inbox notice on what's new with Sanuk, I can't help but share this to my readers who prefer simplicity, back-to-basic type of sandals without the frills!

Introducing ---
Sanuk's Bestselling Range:  The Yoga Mat Sandals

Yoga Wedge
Php1,990.00 (approx $46.00)

Yoga Paradise
Php1,290.00 (approx $30.00)

Yoga Twist
Php1,290.00 (approx $30.00)

Yoga XYZ
Php1,990.00 (approx $46.00)

 "Boasting of a functional yoga mat foot bed, Sanuk's yoga mat sandals are truly a joy to wear no matter where you're headed especially this summer season.  Take it to the mall, the beach, even for a quick coffee run, Sanuk's Yoga Mat sandals seamlessly combine comfort with its "season-less" style.  Complemented by classic styles and colors, these yoga mat sandals can outlast fleeting fashion trends and make for a practical choice for no-nonsense individuals who want more bang for their buck."
So imagine how well they go with (Photos taken from Polyvore website)---






and a whole lot more! :) Very versatile for sure!
Sanuk is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies. Get the latest on Sanuk Philippines by “liking” their Facebook fan page at: Sanuk Philippines or visit

Which among the 4 caught your attention?
I think Yoga XYZ is cute!

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