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AMW Reviews: Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup

The first ever airbrush (in a can) product that I came across with is called the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray.  I even wished they came up with something for the face!   

And Sally Hansen did, unfortunately, it was never available in the local market.

Finally, a drugstore brand Revlon came up with one and it's readily available locally! 

After weeks and weeks of usage, I'm ready to share my thoughts on this!

Revlon says ---
PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup, an air-light makeup provides a flawless finish,w hether it's on camera or in person.  The whipped texture allows you to blend evenly for undetectable coverage, leaving you with smooth, poreless complexion.  The formula's photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to minimize flaws, leaving you with perfectly airbrushed skin in any light --- indoors, outdoors, or under the flash of a camera.  Oil-free, fragrance free.  Use alone or over PhotoReady Primers.

Ingredients (shown on packaging)

AMW says ---
  • Sealed upon purchase.  You know you get the product fresh from manufacturer.
  • Unique packaging and come on!  You have to admit that the innovative "mousse" packaging makes this product interesting!
  • Since this is air-filled, it feels very light on skin upon application.
  • Light-medium-heavy coverage.
  • As compared to the regular Revlon PhotoReady Foundation, this one has less shimmers.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Does not create white cast on ANY lighting.
  • Fragrance free and no allergic reactions.
  • Since you cannot see the product inside, it is difficult to know how much product you have left.
  • Pump gives you difficulty in controlling the amount of product to be dispensed.
  • A bit messy, need to wipe the mouth of the pump after every use!  There are a bit of product wastage no matter how "controlled" you try to press.
  • Does not control oiliness so super oily skinned individuals may need to retouch every now and then.
  • Does have sparkles if you look closely and some people dislike that especially if you have oily skin.
  • Can be rubbed off easily so I strongly suggest to set this foundation.

This is a very interesting product, I have to admit I set aside most of my foundation and road tested this IMMEDIATELY!  Though it states "Airbrush", the mousse is light and airy upon dispense but as it settles down, you are left with a medium to heavy cream foundation that gives a build-able coverage!

from Revlon
  • Shake can well.
  • Hold can upright, and press button gentlyl to dispense a dime-size dollop of foamy air-infused mousse.
  • Apply over face and blend for a smooth poreless complexion.
  • Use fingertips to apply.

from AMW
  • If you own and use the regular Revlon PhotoReady foundation, do not automatically pick the same shade as Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation's shades come off a bit darker (even with the same shade name.)  Always try on testers before you buy.
  • Always wipe the tip of the applicator after every use.
  • Though Revlon advised using fingers to apply, I found that using the Beauty Blender or a Flat Kabuki Brush is the best way to apply for an 'airbrush" finish.
  • Try to control the way you press the pump to prevent product wastage.
  • If you have oily skin: Use an oil-control primer prior to foundation application.
  • If you have dry skin: do not forget to moisturize dry areas around your face really well prior to foundation application.
  • It helps to "dab" the product instead of swiping it for a "poreless" finish.
  • Always include application on your neck area.
  • If you prefer the dewy finish, you can leave this product on its own.
  • If you prefer matte finish, set with your favorite setting powder.

Will I repurchase?
No. I prefer the non-messy Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and I don't mind the extra "shimmer" it gives since I have dry skin.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Works well for normal, dry and combination skin!  If you love the original Revlon PhotoReady Foundation but you dislike the "shimmers" it gives, then go for the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse makeup as the coverage and texture feels almost the same but this one has less shimmers!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Revlon counters for Php925.00 (approx $21.50).

One pump can dispense this much of product
It looks weird for me (like a brain) lol!
*playing Plants vs Zombies song in my head*
"I'm gonna eat your brain!" LOL

Swatch on arm the shade 050 Medium beige
Medium Beige is best for medium to fair skin with yellow undertone.
If you're familiar with MAC shades, this will be around NC25-35.


I am NC20 but I don't mind using a shade darker as it's not that obvious once applied sparingly!  I can also easily match the shade to my skin by u sing the right "setting powder" or lighten it up a bit with a lighter powder foundation.

Which tool to use for application?

I prefer applying the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation with a damp Beauty Blender with stippling motion.  If you do not own a beauty blender, you can use any damp foundation sponge.

To create a seamless and pore-less finish, I continued dabbing with the use of my Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush until it dries.

This technique adheres the product into the skin creating natural and flawless look!  Product won't rub off easily especially after setting this with your preferred setting powder.

Note: If you do not have setting powder, a regular powder foundation  may do!  It adds even more coverage!


It helps to do your eye makeup prior to setting the foundation so you can clean up whatever fall outs during eye makeup application.


Have I gotten you intrigued to try on the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup?
Do you think this is worth to try or it's another one of those "gadget-y" product you may want to miss?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The shade looks perfect on you :)

    I've watched some reviews on youtube and they say this product oxides on them.

    1. Hi there! Hmm, so far, it didn't oxidize on me but the shades are a tad darker as compared to the same shade but different line (still from Revlon) :D

  2. i swatched this at watson's last week, i shook the can well, but by golly, it has a gazillion sparlies! LMAO but i'm a sucker for revlon. maybe i'll have my sister in law or boss get it at cvs hehehe

    1. Hmm have you tried it on face? So far, applied all over face, the shimmer isn't as obvious, not unless you go under the sun and check your reflection :) I'm quite surprised that it doesn't look to glittery at all :D

  3. Oh! I always envy (in good way) ur skin condition! Very nice and clean!

    1. aww that is very sweet of you to say! Thank you!!!!

  4. I actually swatched this last Friday and got turned off by the sparkles. My hand was so sparkly! Even if it was on sale, I did not purchase.
    I love revlon but I'll skip this. :)

    1. Hi Ria, on hand, it is indeed very sparkly tot he max but have you tried on face? It blends so well and the sparkles are less visible, I think they are even less visible as compared to the original Revlon PhotoReady :)

  5. Oops, shimmers on foundies don't do well with my oily skin hehe but I love it on your face! So flawless ^_^

    1. It gives a radiant glow so far minus the "obvious Shimmer" I know what you mean about oily-skinned going the opposite side when we talk about sparkles! hehehe :)

  6. Replies
    1. I believe it is cream based due to its "thick" consistency once the "mousse" settled down.

  7. I first saw this product on the back of the Meg Magazine april 2012 issue with Emma Stone as the Revlon model. I'm not very interested in american makeups since they are formulated based on a 'not-humid' country, as i believed. I am more on asian makeup. I got curious of this and when i read your review, I was turned off. The amount it dispenses in the packaging is already a negative (and yes it looks like a brain!), even more it's so oily as you say! Anyway, I should probably count on the side of the old Revlon Photoready Foundation. I must try that. Hmmm thank you for this very helpful review!

    Check out my latest review: tony moly expert triple bb cream SPF45PA+++ at

    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts, I know the brain looks weird but I guess that's the way how it's dispensed! :)

  8. looks good on you! this is interesting! i don't mind a little bit of sparkles even if I have combination skin :)

    1. same here, I think a li'l bit of sparkles won't make you turn into a "white goo" on photos, you just need to pick the right shade for you :)

  9. hi :D after reading your review i really wanted to try this soooo bad! I was choosing between this and colorstay when i bought my foundie, but i ended up buying colorstay.. Ill buy this next time! Do you know what color would match my skin tone with the colorstay line? I have a yellow undertone meduim-fair skin, the sa gave me the nude one but i think its too light for me. :s (or is it my eyes?)

    1. sis I have a feeling Nude could be light on you but don't mark my words for it as I can't see you. Better try out at least 3 colors/shades before you purchase, give 050 Medium beige a try too :)

    2. awwe thanks for the reply sis :D ill try your advice next time,nude is too light for me:/ mpf.. I trusted what the s.a told me cause i was just starting to try new things from the revlon line (and also im shy in asking things when im alone :P).. I guess i will have to buy a new one maybe next next week cause i am only a student and i depend on my 'baon' haha :D hooray for school! Thanks again!!

  10. I tried this the other week but I won't be purchasing it because I have an oily t-zone, and the last thing I need is shimmers/sparkles making me look even oilier. And even with primers and finishing powder, I still do need to blot up by the middle of the day.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Hope you found a good foundation for your skin type :D

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