Monday, June 4, 2012

Tech Review: Adonit Jot Classic

I used to be a "Draw Something" addict and I believe a lot of you can relate!  I actually stopped playing the game as aside from the fact that I'm bad at drawings, I dislike how difficult it is to draw with your fingers!  When a JOT Classic sample was sent to my home for review, I road tested it straight away via Draw Something game and of course, with the expertise of Mr. AMW, I'm finally able to come up with a proper review!

Jot says ---
Touch screens have simplified technology, but there has yet to be a way to capture the precision of a calligrapher or the stroke of an artist.  Not only should it meet your needs, but a stylus should have a style.

Mr. & Mrs. AMW says ---

  • Comes with a protective cap.
  • Available in various shades: Turquoise, Green, Purple and Red.
  • Weight is perfect.  It's not too light nor too heavy.
  • It is easy to sketch, doodle and write.
  • Compatible with a lot of device: iPads, iPhones, MacBook Trackpads, Samsong, Nokia, Blackberry, etc...
  • This stylus performs really well in terms of its quick response.


  • Does not work in ALL screen protectors (ex. Zagg Glossy Invisible Shield, Ghost Armor, Bodyguardz, Skinomi, Wrapsol).
  • Would be great if the JOT Classic will come with a "clip" so I can easily clip it to prevent it from getting lost inside the bag.
  • I know some are ok with it but I actually like the "ball" as the tip, not the clear disc that can be easily destroyed if not used carefully.  I nearly removed the clear disk thinking it was the protection for the stylus.

Fast response, perfect weight, price is reasonable.


  • Hold the pen like you would do with a real ballpen.  Draw or write as usual.
  • Be careful  not to tap the screen with heavy hand.
  • Close the cap after every use to prevent from destroying the clear "disk"

Will I purchase?
 I would love to own one just for "Draw Something" but that's where I could use it for now so it's not practical.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who likes to use a "pen" on their devices.

Where to purchase and how much?
For Php950.00 (approx $22.00) available at the ff. stores:

  • Beyond the Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Hub – Limketkai Center
  • E-Central – Cebu
  • iBook – SM Clark
  • iCenter – Cebu
  • iCenter – Iloilo
  • Podworx
  • Podwrox – SM Calamba
  • Power Mac Center
  • Power Mac Center – Abreeza Mall
  • Technoholics
  • The Inbox Store – SM Clark
Product photos

The clear disk with the ball point.
The metal ball point tip makes it easy to control the angle

This is NOT my handwriting!  *lol*
But still cute right?  
*whispers* It's Mr. AMW's

Do you need Jot Classic in your techie life?
Would you purchase one only for gaming or do you have other usage for this?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Test unit provided for review. Opinions 100% ours.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I want one... Because I love drawing... However, wala pa naman ako tablet that could work with it... I have Galaxy Y lang for now...

    Just like what you said,
    impractical bilhin kung d naman gaano gagamitin... (naks, rhyme pa, ah! hahaha!!! XD)

    1. hahahahh tama! We are smart buyers! :) I'm sure in the future, you'll get your own tablet! :) Walang masamang mag wish and hope! :D

  2. weee, finally a stylus pen where the tip is not too big...easier to draw! i think im going back to "draw something" once i get my hands on this. tenchu for the review sis!

    1. OO nga, pero I would love it kung yung tip is the metal thing lang wala yung clear disk! Feeling ko kasi masisira ko siya :))


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