Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How To Create Bigger-Looking Eyes

Happy day!  Let me share you some of the mails I received recently! Okay, just the gist!  A lot of you have been requesting me to do video tutorials or start my own YouTube channel (why, thank you!).  Unfortunately, with my super hectic schedule (Mr. AMW calls me kiti-kiti as I have a lot on my tiny plate!) so creating a video is far from my thoughts for now!  Maybe..when I turned 60?  Come on!  Promise you'll still be here to watch "Wrinkly-AMW"!  *knocks on wood*  *shakes off thought*  It's not gonna happen!  *grabs eye cream*

For now, the best I can do is to create helpful tips and tutorials through photos!  I know videos are way more easier to follow but I'll try to make these photo tutorials as simple and as clear as possible!  This special post, I call... "This is How I Do It" (everybody move it..to the left to the right...)  Whoever can sing along this song...ahm...you're cool!  :P  (The song is actually called This is How WE Do It.) 

Makeup is a very powerful tool!  A lot of you knew that by now and that's probably the reason why you read my blog!  I've seen transformations (big and small) done by using certain makeup and the AMW-style will always be the easier and simpler version!  I know there are hundreds and thousands of tutorials out there on how to change the shape of your eyes!  But on regular days, who would want to spend an hour in front of the mirror?  *looks around*  I don't know about you but definitely NOT ME!  

Today, to jump start this exciting segment, I'm sharing the simplest steps I've learned through the years on how to create rounder-looking eyes!  This is best for Asian eyes or people who would like to create bigger-looking eyes.

Let's begin...
Your choice between gel liners, liquid liners, cream liners or pencil liners.  In this tutorial, I used Kate Gel Eye Liner in Black.

Some more products you may need ---
  • Pencil eyeliner that doesn't smudge even when applied on waterline.  That would be Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil for me!
  • A white, cream or pinkish colored matte pencil liner for the waterline.  I do not own a natural looking eyeliner pencil that's closest to the color of my waterline but the nicest at the moment is my Benefit High Brow.
  • Lengthening mascara.  The mascara that gives my lashes the length is Palgantong Sky High Mascara.
  • Last but not the least, eyelash curler!
Are you ready?

Step 1:
Since I'm using a gel liner, I picked a brush that I'm comfortable in and that's the Ecotools Bamboo Eyeliner Brush  and draw a thin line on top of my upper lash line.  From the outer corner going inward creating a curved shape leaving a thicker space at the center as shown on diagram below.

Step 2:
Fill in as much space as possible making sure the center portion is thicker.  The next step is optional but you can extend eyeliner past the outer corners of your eyes.

Step 3:
With the remaining gel liner on brush, apply the rest on the lower lash line very near the waterline.  Create a shape as shown on blue diagram below. 

Step 4:
Do not dip your brush again on the gel liner, continue filling in your lower lash line the remaining gel liner.  As you go inward, the line should be thinner.

Step 5:
If you used gel liner or liquid liner on above steps, it's time to pull out the best pencil liner you have that doesn't smudge or give you panda-looking eyes.  I tightline using Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil in dark brown.

Step 6:
Apply a white eyeliner or in my case, a pinkish white liner on the waterline.  This step brings more light into your eyes giving an effect of larger-looking eyes!  Try not to use a glittery liner as the effect would be unnatural.

Step 7:
Curl your lashes.

Step 8:
Apply your favorite lengthening mascara.  Longer lashes will give you an illusion of bigger, rounder-looking eyes.

A before and after shot of the same eye 
(Photoshop used only for lighting and cropping.)

A comparison of my left and right eye after doing above steps!


There's no sure-fire way in changing your eye shape as we all have different eyes to start with, at the end of the day, practice is the key to finding the best method specifically for you.  Some may prefer to apply false lashes but I like to do this step on a regular basis minus the falsies!  It takes me less than 5 minutes to do both eyes and so far, it's working and I still look like ME!

Do you like the first article of "This is how I do it"?
Do you have requests in mind?
What's your current eye shape?  Would you try the steps I shared above?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Of course, I will definitely try this! I have small eyes too! This is a very detailed tutorial! Thanks! Hope you do more of "This is how I do it" :)

    1. What/ I think your eyes are big na! hehehe Can't wait to see your version, tag me ha?

  2. wow, thank you for the great tutorial! i have to try this :D and yes I want more of "This is how I do it" posts.

    1. Glad to know my tutorial helps! Thanks for the comment Adel and I'll try to do more "This is how I do it" posts! Do let me know if you have any requests. Thanks :)

  3. This is so helpful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. ayyy, big na ba ang eyes ko? feeling ko kasi maliit pa rin siya e or baka naman smaller lang yung eyes mo? hehehe :)

    1. hahahahah asssooosss..hahahhaa oo na, ako na, ako na ang maliit ang eyes :P

  5. love this tip! :D those taiwanese programs always emphasize on thicker liner in the center of eyelid to create the illusion of big round eyes. i have tried it before and it worked but only to a certain extent...still nowhere near ROUND eyes :S

    1. Sister, yup! but I can't do what those Taiwanese programs do, they apply super thick liners and I think I'm not allowed to blink in public if I did that..plus the false lashes! I may fall because I won't see a thing! :))

  6. love this segment! hope you'll do more tutorials like this Nikki ^_~

    By the way, that's how I do it too hehe ^_^

  7. I love it, Ms. Nikki! I agree that eyeliner really does make a difference! =D

    Ever since I learned the "importance" of lining the upper lash line, I always try to make it a point not to skip that step. It does make a difference! I always stare at myself when I'm done lining the upper lash of my right eye... =D

    Super love the detailed tutorial, Ms. Nikki! Mana nga ako sa yo! Andami ko rin naiisip kaso d ko mahandle lahat! hahaha! =D

    1. I agree too, I never go out without lining kahit a thin line on top! I tend to look sick kasi without eyeliner! parang maliit yung eyes and bulging hahaahha

    2. True! Ibang iba pag may line on top... ^__^

      Parang kinulayan lang pero walang "outline"! hahaha! =D

    3. hahahhaah the look feels and looks incomplete without liner :) especially for small eyes like mine!


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