Saturday, August 10, 2013

AMW Reports: Philips Celebrates Breastfeeding Month!

Last week, Philips Avent celebrates World Breastfeeding Week with an art exhibit entitled "Breastfeeding Week Philippines".  I was invited to the said event but because I am busy at work, I wasn't able to attend but I'm happy to share this information as I'm a proud momma who breastfeeds baby AMW!

When I learned I'm pregnant, I promised myself to do everything to make sure baby gets all the nutrients through breastmilk!  I asked around my friends who have kids on how to make sure I get enough milk to feed baby!  Trust me, there's so much information out there even "Google-A-Friend"!

One of the many preparation I've done is taking Malunggay Capsules, massaging my breasts once in awhile and of course, I made sure to have a positive outlook and setting my mind to breastfeed baby... PERIOD.

Because of my very busy schedule (I worked all the way until the day I gave birth), I wasn't able to attend any breastfeeding seminars.  Though I highly recommend soon-to-be-mommies to do so, I understand not everyone has the luxury of time so I'm writing down this guide to breastfeeding, thanks to Philips Avent for sharing these tips!

Philips Avent says --- (with additional tips from AMW)
  • Your body needs a "trigger" to start producing breast milk, and the best trigger of them all is priceless --- Your Little One!  Newborns should be immediately placed on the breast as soon as the baby is delivered.
  • It helps to massage your breasts before placing baby to suck.
  • Do not be discouraged if nothing comes out, your breasts will start producing milk usually in 3 days after giving birth.  As for me, I am very determined to feed my tiny baby so with prayers, positivity, and a lot of massage, Colostrum was produced the next day after giving birth!  *yay*
  • Since breastfeeding newborns may take FOREVER!  (30minutes to an hour or more), make sure to position yourself in a way you are comfortable. Pillows are very helpful at this stage.
  • Position your baby in a way that your baby looks and feel comfortable!  Place his head on your forearm, not on the crook of your arm and support his/her neck and head from behind with your other hand.
  • Keep in mind to bring your baby to the breast not the breast to your baby!  (I made the mistake or forcing my breast to baby's mouth and it is Frustrating!)
  • Latching --- this is the most tedious process!  It takes a whole lot of practice and time.  How do you know your baby is "latched" properly?  The baby's mouth covers as much of the areola with the nipple inside.  There is no "sucking" sound to be heard and once the baby is latched, his mouth won't slip out of your breast.
  • Always offer one breast first until he finishes the richest part of the milk.  
  • Never be in a hurry to feed your baby.
  • The more you breastfeed, the more milk you will produce.  
  • It takes a whole lot of energy, patience and LOVE to let your baby latch to your breast that seems like FOREVER!  But this will change once baby grows, and to be honest, all the hard work is worth it as you get to see your baby grow strong and healthy!
As soon as I start to express milk, I made sure to do it as often as every 2 hours just to make sure the milk supply will stay good, at times, I also try to direct feed once in awhile. 

I have readers asking me if I prefer Manual or Automatic pump, to be honest, I wanted an automatic pump IMMEDIATELY after I start to express milk, but now that I use my Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Pump (thanks Jals for helping me purchase this!)

I still like to alternate it with my Philips Manual Pump (thanks to my dear friend Ber for lending this to me!).  At the end of the day, it is your choice, if you're a very busy working girl, invest on automatic pump, if you're a stay-at-home mom, a manual pump may be a good idea plus it is more inexpensive.!

So far, as for all the positive effects breastfeeding can give to babies, there's one advantage I won't change in this world...perfect BONDING moments between me and Baby Kyle!

(pardon the no makeup face!)
Happy Breastfeeding Month Fellow Breastfeeding Mommies!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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