Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend Food Trip: Panda Cupcakes from Bakes By Marika & Luigi

Remember my Panda-inspired nail art 2.5 years ago?  Click "I'm In China, I See Pandas" post for tutorial.  And you think Pandas are cute on nails?  Wait 'til you see them as cupcakes!

Yes, it is possible!

It was very boring Tuesday afternoon when a delivery guy called for my name!  When I saw a box of goodies, I knew I didn't order anything food related but I welcomed the lovely surprise!  6 Pandas were looking back at me!  Okay, whether it is mine or not, I'm definitely kidnapping them!  Aren't they adorable?

These cupcakes were given to me by Bakes By Marika & Luigi  , as cute as they look, cupcakes will never be good cupcakes if they don't taste good!  Without putting them inside the fridge, I immediately took a huge bite on one Panda head without any guilt-feeling!  I was THAT hungry!  And guess what?  This is one cupcake truly worth trying!  The face is moist and semi-sweet yet the cupcake itself isn't too sweet yet very soft and fluffy!  I tried one on regular temperature and the other one fresh from the fridge and both tastes really good!  The quality doesn't change even after 3 days of refrigeration!  So thumbs up to Bakes By Marika & Luigi for these!

The cupcakes are definitely pick-me-upper on days you don't feel like smiling! 
Orders are to be made AT LEAST 2 DAYS in advance, as for bulk orders, AT LEAST 3 DAYS in advance.  The half dozen Panda cupcakes costs Php270.00, not bad for its cuteness and yumminess!

For orders: 
Mobile number: 0917 892 6522

Do you like your cupcakes to be simple or shaped in characters?

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