Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tip for the Day: Big Hair Don't Care

Hi AMW friends!  Happy Humpy Wednesday!  Today, I will be sharing my first "Hairstyle Tutorial" blogpost because I received emails requesting on how I do my "Big hair" when I posted several photos of it on my Instagram account.  You guys know how Non-techie I am so instead of videos, I'm creating photoTorial instead (Photo Tutorial) :P

I'm always in a rush, so trust me when I say, once you get the hang of this, you wont' take more than 5 minutes to create Big Sexy Hair!  

You may need the following: (Not everything on photo as I only have 2 hands :P)

Step 1:
After applying good amount of heat protectant of choice, section hair and curl with the use of your trustee curling iron or in my case, I'm more accustomed to my flat iron.

Make sure the temperature setting of your flat iron is not too high so the curl is more soft.  Imagine creating only waves instead of tight curls.

Tip: You can direct the curling iron in any direction.

Step 2:
Once you get into the crown area, make sure you lift your hair up high (as shown on photo below) and movethe flat iron using C-shape motion.  This way, you create volume at the crown of your hair.

Step 3:
The most important part in creating Big hair!  Using a paddle brush (yes, specifically this type of brush), gently brush through each section of your hair.

Step 4:
By this time, the ends of your hair may look dry and frizzy, use a tiny amount of your favorite hair oil, in my case, I used Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil and apply a tiny amount ONLY at the tip.  Please do not apply anywhere else as it may weigh down your hair.

Step 5:
Instead of "teasing the hair" for volume, I dislike doing so, instead, I use dry shampoo to help "lift up" my hair and keep the oils at bay!  Made by David Dry Shampoo is really nice, smells great and does the trick!

Some of you may like to keep the "volume" by using hairspray!  In my case, I like to keep my hair looking soft and natural.  So I opt to just leave it this way!  

Just so you know, if you always apply heat on your hair, you will definitely damage your hair so it is very important to go through weekly hair treatment and if possible, use heat styling tools that are made to maintain healthier hair.  One brand that you can try is from Philips.  I recently chanced upon an article that I would like to share! 

Style basics

This first step is to create a nice base for your hairstyle by blow drying sections. With the Philips hair dryer, this can be quickly achieved using its multiple speed and temperature settings.

Long and classic
For long hair, a soft wavy look that’s easy to pull off. After drying the hair, section it again and use the Philips Airstyler to wrap portions of the hair you want to style.

To add more flair, pin one side of the hair behind one ear and sweep it to the other side.

Medium-length flair

hp8333_00-upl-global-001_highres_1.jpgMedium-length hair can sometimes be challenging to style—either it’s too short for typical hairstyles or too long for short and trendy hairdos.

BD51037C3C072BEE86ED19AC14441428Short and sweet

One can achieve this look by sectioning the hair and wrapping the portion you want to curl around its cone. This can also be formed into an updo by shaping the hair and teasing the crown a little before pinning it.

Philips, by the way, is offering a beauty promo entitling everyone to receive a copy of the Philips Haircare StyleGuide for a minimum purchase of Php1,999.00 worth of Philips haircare products. The guide also comes with budget-friendly discount coupons.

For more information about Philips, log on to You can also call our customer hotline at (632) 6679000 if you are within Metro Manila or 1-800-10-7445477 if you are outside Metro Manila.
How do you like my simple Big Hair tips?

Feel free to comment for more hairstyle requests and let me know if you want more Hairstyle tutorials from me! :)

Happy Hair-Day!

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  1. Yay! I better try this :) Thanks for sharing Ms. Nikki :)

    1. No problem, let me know how it went for your hair :D

  2. Love this review! My hair is so limp and just a few hours after a blow dry/curl my hair will straighten out right away so I'm definitely going to try this out!

    x Francesca of

    1. Francesca, when you do this hairstyle, try not to use conditioner or hair treatment :D

  3. Galing mo naman I'm useless with a curling iron. T_T

    1. naku favorite ko kasi ang gumalaw galaw ng mga hairstyling tools! major collect pa nga ako ! hahaha :D

  4. This tutorial is super helpful!! Love learning about new hair care knowledge and skills.. I can never get my curls to stay… Ok,I try to change the styling myself with a curling iron. HairGets' Hair

  5. This tutorial is super helpful!! Love learning about new hair care knowledge and skills.. I can never get my curls to stay… Ok,I try to change the styling myself with a curling iron.
    HairGets' Hair


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