Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What I'm Thankful For - Year 2014

Blogging has helped me grow into a social butterfly that I am!
Don't get me wrong, I was a butterfly :P  but not a "social" one!  I may be very talkative (okay, SUPER talkative) now but believe it or not, I used to be REALLY shy!  (walang aangal please)  I am so scared to ask for price when I go to stores I always ask Mr. AMW to help me do so.  I tend to smile a lot in social gatherings but deep in my heart, it goes "thump thump thump" because I am seriously in an awkward situation.

Through Blogging, I still have those moments but I improved so much my events-mate may want to stuff my mouth with a sock!  :P  Super daldal ko na kasi talaga as in BONGGA!  :P  

Yes, I am in a "muni muni" stage again because another year has ended, looking back, 2014 was such a bitter sweet year for me!  It was a challenging year yet I received so much blessings at the same time.  I made a really big decision to give up "half" of my day job and went part time because I wanted to really look after my growing kid.  So obviously, HALF of my salary is deducted and since we moved out, more expenses for us right?  

So good bye trips, good bye gadgets, goodbye to all my "luho" :)
But God really is good.  He provides what we need and even MORE!

I was able to travel to San Francisco early this year to represent the Philippines as a Makeup Artist for Benefit's Grand Launch for They're Real Liner (story HERE and HERE).

Best of all, Benefit understands the fact that I'm a mom so they permitted me to take with me my then super baby pa na Baby AMW and of course, my partner-in-travel Mr. AMW.

Yay for bonding time abroad!

Since we were already there, with all the crazy packing and long-haul flight, sulit-sulitin na di ba?  We went ahead and visited our high school friend who willingly adopted us for a week in San Francisco!  I also met fellow blogger friend JC during that short stay!  Thanks for meeting up with me JC!

At In-and-Out burger
 We also took a flight to Los Angeles to meet up with Mr. AMW's family!  It was a reunion that will forever be in our memory box! 

This year, bongga din ang mga makeup workshops!  All thanks to the companies who trusted me, Benefit, Cover Girl and private companies who also invited me for workshops! And let's not forget, those Brides who trusted me on their very special day!  You girls know who you are :D

And just when I thought that's the "bongga gift" for the year 2014..well, it ended with another bang!  I am still very much happy with my Smart Iphone5c and who would've thought my Smart family gifted me with a new Smart Iphone6?

Yes they did!

My Smart Iphone6 together with fellow Smart Ambassadors Liz and Shen

And to cap off the wonderful year, I attended #SmartSunHolidaze party.  It was fun seeing old and new friends.
L-R Angela, Christine, Alyssa, Me and Hannah

I originally can't pry myself away from my Iphone5c as the size is perfect for users with small hands like I do!  I thought the Iphone6 would be extremely difficult to hold but I'm so happy to announce that I'm wrong!  It is actually the perfect size for users like me who enjoys reading updates, watching videos, taking photos, and a whole lot more!  I actually can survive visiting my favorite sites using my iPhone6 as compared to before when I had to grab my iPad.

And what I love most is the quality of the photos on both the front and back camera!  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see how I get to take precious moments with my little one because the camera focuses quickly.
That's us enjoying our new phones!

And I love the fact that the Iphone6 is lightweight, has bigger screen so I can watch videos with Kyle on days he's a good boy!   Mother Goose Club?  Peppa Pig?  Pocoyo?  No worries!

Bonding time with Kyle while we wait for our food to arrive.

Thanks to Smart Digital Team for the trust and love for my blog!  :)

Year 2014 has been so good to me!  I wish 2015 will be the same!
Of course, I want to thank YOU, my readers, for always visiting my blog and for the wonderful support.  I won't be here without readers and friends like YOU!

*Group Hug*
Happy New Year!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. always and forever, one of my favorite bloggers. I'm really glad I was finally able to meet you in person! thanks to sampleroom :) you are one of the kindest bloggers I know and I'll forever be a fan :) God bless you and your family! happy new year :D

    1. aww Raych, that is so sweet! I am so happy to have met fellow beauty bloggers too! :) See you around Sampleroom and other events :D Happy new Year :D


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