Thursday, January 15, 2015

AMW x Nivea Gives: Nivea Cleansing Wipes Gift Packs

If you chanced upon my previous post on Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes, you probably ---

a. Bought a pack yourself because of my raves.
b. Thinking of buying one when you finish your current pack.

Yes, I am a seer!  But no really, I kinda know because you guys messaged me regarding this!  I am so happy to be able to help out fellow consumers out there to buy products that are worth it!

Aside from the fact that I'm happy I'm able to help out by reviewing products, what makes me the happiest is when AskMeWhats is a venue for giveaways!  I love giving gifts and like I said in the past, I wish I could give each reader of mine something just to tell you how much I appreciate you!  (I obviously can't!  Kaya pa contest contest na lang every once in awhile!) 

All thanks to our friends from Nivea Philippines for sponsoring me 2 gift packs for 2 lucky AMW readers!

2 winners will get to try Nivea Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes and Daily Essentials Gentle Facial Cleasing Wipes (my favorite!)

The best part?  Both are housed in a cute pouch that you can reuse to store your makeup, travel essentials or even your mobile phone, chargers and powerbanks!  


  • Open to Philippine residents.
  • Contest starts today ends January 31, 2015.
  • Must join via Rafflecopter below.
  • 2 winners will be picked via Random generator.
  • 2 winners will be announced in this blog post and all my social media account.
  • 2 winners must respond via email within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked!  
  • Stay positive!
 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Rhania Chang

    I deserve them because i am a nivea fan! and this will complete my wishlist!

  2. Glaiza Binayas

    I'm out of the house most of the day because of school and internship and I'd only commute. With those Nivea products they'll helpme get rid of dirt on my face.

  3. Matromao

    I am the constantly on-the-go beauty junkie who highly benefits from the convenience and effectiveness of Nivea Cleansing Wipes.

  4. Micah Aguiman

    I deserve to win this Nivea Cleansing Gift Pack because I am an avid fan and user of nivea products. I believe that their products are great and awesome.

  5. Hello Ms. Nikki, Just want to try my luck, I think everyone are deserve to win this Wondeful product from Nivea the brand itself has a proven track record of all effective products..i hope i can win because i want to experience the power of this 3in1 deep cleansing and daily essential gentle facial cleansing wipes..More power & God bless!

    Maria Luz Soriano

    i love how this wipes works its gentle and skin mom and i love this! i deserve to win this and if ever im gonna share this to my mom :)

  7. Jasmine Raymundo

    I deserve to win the gift pack because I do really want to try the product but I still find it quite pricey for a student like me :)

  8. Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

    I deserve to win the gift pack because I love outdoors. Having this will give me the protection I need going outdoors,

  9. Aviva Domasian

    I joined this giveaway because almost all the trusted beauty bloggers I follow are raving about these wipes! I wear makeup regularly so I would like to see if these Nivea wipes can remove it thoroughly.

  10. Allan Reyes
    I deserve to win this because I have an active 3 yr old todler who gets her hands dirty all the time.

  11. Anna Liza Razon

    I think i deserve to win because ive been wanting to try this product and this is my chance to win and be able to try it for the first time. ;)

  12. Tasha Bernardo - Din /

    Hi Ms. Nikki, thanks again for a chance to try one of your highly recommended products. I want to win the Nivea Cleansing Wipes gift pack because I want to try it's gentle, cleansing formula on my face and I also heard raves that it is really a good make-up remover, I really want to try it so I will not have any excuse on not being able to remove my make-up before I sleep. It is also alcohol free so it's not harsh on my skin. And Nivea is a good and trusted skincare brand.

  13. Would love to win the cleansing wipes! As a first time mom, i'm finding it hard to make time for me (and my beauty rituals). With these wipes, it not only works great, but it's really fast and convenient!

    Karina Alvaera

  14. caryn morales

    i tend to produce oil a lot on my face specially the T-zone area. this is a big help to reduce the oiliness while i'm out.

  15. Belle B.

    I'd love to try this as Nivea works for my sensitive skin. This would be a nice addition to my routine. I currently use an oil and regular wipes to remove my makeup. This would be so good and lesser process too. One wipe and I'll be good.

  16. Tess Maranga

    I deserve to win the Nivea Cleansing Wipes gift pack because I want to try it's gentle, cleansing formula on my face and I believe that Nivea produces only effective and great products.

  17. Anya Mendoza

    I'm a working single mom who's always on the go. Need I say more? ;)

  18. Allyzon Mae S. Sabio

    I want to win this to be have less hassle in removing my make up after a long tiring day. I am convinced that by using Nivea Cleansing Wipes I will not have to worry with facial skin anymore because not only it removes dirt but also nourishes and exfoliates the skin.

  19. Maricel Fajardo
    I would like to win Nivea Cleasing Wipes because aside being a trusted and effective brand its its great in removing makeup and dirt because I always commute everytime I go to work and ride MRT and I would wipe off my hands before I got home to touch and hugs my kids

  20. Regina Baloy

    Everyone deserves to win including me. :)

  21. Regina Baloy

    Everyone deserves to win including me. :)

  22. Cj Surita

    I deserve to win because, I've always been using wipes for general face cleaning and makeup removal. I wouldn't say it's very effective for makeup by itself, so I always use a cream cleanser or oil then use the wipe. I'd like to simplify my regimen and I honestly think this is the answer. I'd love to try it out for myself :)

  23. I deserve to win this gift pack because I can use this not only for myself but to my toddler as well.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    maydoll0513 at gmail dot com

  24. I deserve to win this gift pack because ever since I was a child, I always use Nivea and now I'm passing it to my niece and nephews.

    Aida Villanueva

  25. Claire Sereno

    I want to win this wipes because I have hard time removing make up with my regular cleanser. I want to try this one if indeed it can remove hard to remove make up.

    I have read a lot of good reviews (including yours) I want to try it for myself.

  26. Kimberly Camille Tiu

    I can use these cleansing wipes whenever I'm at the office or whenever I'm travelling with my family and friends.

  27. Diana Beatima
    I'd love to win & try this as Nivea Cleansing Wipes.This would be a great coz i just a regular wipes to remove my makeup.

  28. helen gatbonton
    I deserve to win this gift pack because i love nivea products

  29. Name: Liberty Floro
    Email address:

    tell me why you deserve to win this gift pack!
    I deserve to win this gift pack because my family and I using Nivea products.

  30. Feng Manlapaz

    I love Nivea products and I love the idea of cleansing wipes specially made to remove make up and exfoliate and not just use random cleansing wipes.

  31. Comment only once together with your name and email address, tell me why you deserve to win this gift pack!

    Shandie Valdez

    I deserve to win the gift pack because i never tried their products, now i want to win this because I want to try & prove to myself that their products are worth to try & to buy


    I hope I win this Nivea Cleansing wipes since I haven't tried using one. It's kinda tiring using oil based products and there are times you just want to hit the sack and give your face one clean sweep.

  33. I deserve to win this pack because all the wet wipes I have in my bag are for my kids, so I think I need some wet wipes for myself, too. :D

    Name: Mona Liza Verdida

  34. Name: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines

    I deserve to win because as a student i can use the Nivea Cleansing wipes

  35. Riyalyn Gatdula

    I deserve to win because I;ve been a nivea user since HS nivea is one of a good brand and products.. Plus haven't try it yet. :)

  36. Princess Buenviaje

    i deserve to win the nivea wipes for our travel adventures ♡♡♡

  37. Maria May Ochea

    I deserve to win the nivea wipes because nextmonth i will visit my Family in the province of Bohol. I want to explore more tourist spots & try different adventures that's why i want to have nivea wipes for me as my travel buddy so i don't need to worry.

  38. Jackielyn Catalla
    I deserve to win Nivea wipes because it has mild cleansing materials that suited to my bottom. I need this for everyday cleaning even my face.

  39. Ruth Calsada /

    I want to win this so I don't need to wet my face every night to cleanse my face.

  40. oftentimes i come home late at night and too tired of a tedious process of cleaning my face... this would be a great way to try this product before buying and see its effectivity

    Abigail Barcarse

  41. Like you, I am also a working mom who needs something as convenient as this to wipe away makeup after a long day's work.

    Leira Maria L. San Buenaventura

  42. Lorena Capote

    I deserve to win Nivea wipes because I've never tried this products before and I'm very curious about it.

  43. Name Arminda Puno De Leon
    Email address
    I deserve to win this gift pack because like you I want the best for my skin and that's Nivea!

  44. I deserve to win Nivea gift pack because I have tried Nivea and is one of the very effective in removing make-up. I badly need this because I am running out of Nivea wipes na!

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  45. Sheryl An Mungcal
    I deserve to win Nivea gift pack because i really love Nivea products,.

  46. Henley Tabal

    I deserve to win this Nivea gift coz I got oily skin and I want to try this new Nivea product.

  47. Emilie Udasco

    I deserve to win this giveaway, because I always go out and wearing make ups. All the dusts and dirt are in my face and it makes me look tired and makes my skin irritated. And when I go home, washing isn't enough.. I wanna try these special wet wipes of Nivea. ^_^

  48. I think I have less than 5 sheets left for my Nivea wipes. I need to restock soon since I'm
    using it everyday as a Makeup Remover :D

    Glenda Candedeir

  49. Joel Cunanan
    I deserve to win this giveaway because my face is always oily.

  50. Paula Romana Alagao

    Nivea Cleansing wipes is the perfect wet removal after a very long and tiring day. I love to win this wipes because I want to look fresh and young even after a very stressful day. :)


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