Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why I'm Starting To Religiously Wear Primers

.....and they are from Make Up For Ever STEP 1 line.

You guys know how I can get away without any face primers because of my skin condition (Combination - Normal/Dry).  I only test face primers for the blog and of course, to make sure it is good and safe enough to use for my clients. 

But recently, I am enjoying the extra step because I've found a face primer that is meant for my skin type.  The primers are called Skin Equalizer Step 1 and they are from Make Up For Ever.
I've written about the MUFE Skin Equalizer Event last year, if you got as confused as I was with the wide range of "Skin Equalizers" available, well, it will help to know your current skin condition ---
  • Is it oily, dry or normal?
  • What are your skin issues? (Oily skin?  Zit? Large Pores? Sallow skin, etc..)
  • As much as we would like to say ALL, I'm sure there's always the BIGGEST skin issues you have, as for me, it is dryness and sallowness.
Then that's the time you can pick the best Skin Equalizer for you.  I went for Hydrating Primer and Radiant Primer.  I need both!  If I can only go for one, it will be Hydrating! 

Why can't I just depend on my usual moisturizers or day creams to use as base prior to make up application?  Well, I tried, and they seem to be absorbed so quickly by my skin that none of the "hydration" was left on the exterior thus make up application could still be a bit difficult especially on those dry areas/patches.  

As for the Radiant Primer, one of my favorite is still the Benefit That Gal Primer, but, it doesn't hurt to give other brands a try and I will share to you my thoughts if they deliver!

Radiant Primer Pink adds radiance to light to medium skin.

Hydrating Primer is used for normal skin as it restores balance. 


Packaging is on point!  Squeeze-type tube with a sharp tip making it easy to clean the packaging after every use.

When it comes to primers, I actually like to use 2 different primers for my 2 different skin condition.  I have to deal with first --- dryness and for the normal parts of my face, I have to make it appear bright and radiant.

But for the sake of demonstration, I will be applying each primer on each side of my face for you to see the effect.

The Radiant Primer Side

The Hydrating Primer Side

Please do not expect ANY coverage as primers are just meant to "balance" your skin condition NOT "cover" skin imperfections.  If you check on my "Radiant Primer Photo", my skin still looks like my skin with the added subtle glow.  I call it the "Glow from within" glow and I like how it isn't too much yet it can make any foundation application look more alive and bright! 

As for the "Hydrating Primer Side", my skin may not have the "extra Glow" I want but it soothes my skin immediately upon application thus the redness were lessened so less concealer is needed.  What I love about the Hydrating Primer is how it makes my skin feels so "Baby bum" soft I can't help but touch it every now and then!  

Half Face Demo
Sorry for the extra "bags", they are overweight! :P

I personally can't pick a favorite as I believe both primers are vital for my skin type.  I like to start by applying Hydrating Primer at the center of my face and dry areas like the sides of my nose, after letting it sit for a couple of minutes, I will proceed by applying Radiant Primer on key areas around my face were the sun naturally hits!  That's the apples of my cheeks, the bridge of my nose, my chin and a bit at the center of my forehead!  This is a perfect combination that can even help lessen the use of make up base (ex. BB Creams, Foundations, concealers.). 
Because as I always say, if you have good skin condition, you use lesser make up!  --- so true!

Overall, these 2 are turning out to be my make up partners on a daily basis, they are extremely lightweight and I don't get any of the sticky-feel!  

Have you found your primer best friend?
Will you give MUFE Skin Equalizers a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I've first watched how to use them on Wayne Goss' channel on Youtube.. because of his catchy headline that says.. "Finally! A primer that really works!" Curious of course, and I've absolutely loved the finish on his skin since I was watching them in HD. And this became the reason why I regularly attend MUFE's free workshops..not to mention their free samples everytime.. HAHAHA... hope they would also give a sample of the Skin Equalizers. I always get the HD micro perfecting.. (^.....^)

    1. really? wayne Goss mentioned this? Well, they are really nice kasi!


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