Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kyle Nash Wears: Eazy Fashion Starry Starry Kid Slip On Shoes

Well, we overused it because for the fact that it is a "slip on" shoes making it easy for me or hubby to whenever we're out!  We usually go out as a family without yaya so as much as possible, simple tasks like helping him wear shoes should be easy and quick!  

Fellow mommies out there would understand how toddlers are --- impatient and always in a hurry!  

So yes, the queen of Online Shopping (That's ME!) went ahead and got another pair!  This time it is the Starry Starry Kid Slip On Shoes.  It was size 27 and the shoes came in a bit loose but it's okay!  I like the extra "space" because you know how kids are --- they grow up too fast!

And we tested this pair immediately over weekend... Kyle seems extremely comfortable and there's no need to "break in" his shoes!  It was like his old pairs!

Starry Starry Kid Slip On Shoes 
Available shade: BLUE

I have readers asking me about the quality of products Eazy Fashion sells!  I can't vouch on all their products but so far, if you click on my "Eazy Fashion" link on the right hand side of my blog, I've shopped a couple of times on their site!  Most of the time, I paid using my own money while some are sponsored for Kyle!  (Like this particular pair)

Overall, I am happy with the quality of the shoes!  The Batman and Spiderman pair I got have been used  so many times and no complaints yet as of the moment.

And Kyle seems extremely comfortable wearing the shoes from Eazy Fashion!  Seriously, a mom won't force her kid even if it's a Php10,000 pair of shoes if he/she isn't comfortable!  Kyle definitely speaks his mind, if his footwear aren't comfortable, you'll see him sitting on the floor screaming his heart out trying to remove his shoes!  <--- br="" done="" he="" many="" s="" so="" that="" times="">

As for now, I'll overuse the Spiderman and Batman and keep this until his feet grow a size bigger!  But if he chose to wear this (which he does by the way!  He has his own sense of fashion), I'll probably let him wear thicker socks and be a "guardian mom" who chases after him wherever he goes!  Protective mommy here! Raise your hand if you can relate!

Now just in case you have a toddler who can be easily photographed (Definitely not ours!)  Kyle's photo looked all calm and relaxed but in real life, the mommy and daddy was perspiring like crazy chasing after this rabbit for a clear shot!  

So if you have the guts to chase after your son/daughter for OOTD or maybe, if they are natural-born model and you have a lot of photos of them modelling your Eazy Fashion items, feel free to join their online contest!  More details HERE.

As for me, I'm just too happy seeing these photos of my son!  Great job Mr. and Mrs. AMW!  Photos taken using Canon SLR Camera and my trustee Samsung NX Mini!  *laughs*  Yeah, 2 cameras just for one tiny human being :P

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Mommies who take pictures of your kids, how easy was it for you?

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