Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Freelance Blend Podcast Guesting - My First Podcast Guesting EVER!

Shameless Plug!
Someone called me: Professional, Consistent and Bubbly!
And guess what?  I only met this guy twice and we haven't even gotten the chance to talk for more than 10 minutes and the longest was during the Podcast and he described me PERFECTLY ...well, he missed the word GORGEOUS but I'm okay with those top 3 adjectives!  hahaha (Don't shoot me!)
I met Marv De Leon when I guested 2 of his Personal Branding Workshops (Thanks Ginger!), it was because of him I get to be more vocal about how I build my personal brand --- AskMeWhats.

To be honest, I've been blogging for 8 years now but I never find myself talking about AMW as a brand.  I guess, I just can't believe there will be a following, I mean, WHO AM I to even brand myself right?  I'm not an actress, a model or a BIG personality, I am just ME --- your friendly "kalog" neighborhood who likes to share my thoughts and ideas at the same time jokes around like a silly kid. 

So all thanks to Marv De Leon and the Freelance Blend workshop, I was able to come out of my shell and really talk about how I build my blog and myself as a Make-Up Artist, A teacher (for various workshops) and a Brand Consultant.  I realized, I have been slowly building my personal brand all these years, it just takes a PUSH to really talk about it!  It was all a sweet accident but I love how it all came together perfectly!  

To be honest, I have never been this OPEN about Blogging and Marv was able to squeeze out all information for you guys!  I honestly felt at ease (feeling PRO-Podcaster eh!)  and was actually just replying like I was talking to a dear friend without even realizing at times that there will be listeners out there!  So please guys, don't hate me for being honest :P

So please, if you have AN HOUR to spare, yes guys....AN HOUR!  Please listen my first Podcast guesting EVER!  And don't forget to comment away on this blog and Marv's Blog.  And please tell me too if you want more of these!

To listen to the podcast: FBP 082: Nikki Tiu - Freelance Make-up Artist and Award-winning Beauty Blogger at

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Congrat's po ms. Nikki Gorgeous ka nmn po eh nakalimutan lang po cguro sabihin!!!Your beautyful inside and out!! Gooluck poh and Godbless!!


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