Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to: Mrs. Santa Claus Look

To make my usual "How Tos" unique, I've decided to do a tutorial on how I would do my "overall look".  And since this is the Holiday season, I thought it would be fun and unique to do a Mrs. Santa Claus look.  With Santa Claus on the limelight every Christmas Season, how could we forget the woman who supports him all the way?  How do you think Mrs. Claus looks like?

I think she would look like this...

Oh, she looks just like me!   I personally think Mrs. Claus has a laid-back, low-key yet classy fashion sense!  An ever supportive wife who supports Mr. Santa Claus in preparing gifts for the kids and she is also the one who gives him massages and a hot cup of coffee to her husband after a long day of delivery and Ho-Ho-Ho!  

Instead of the usual red and white dress like Santa Claus, I used the other Christmas color instead --- GREEN!  Aside from the fact that “green” is an “unsung Christmas Color”, it doesn’t hurt that the shade green works very well on my skin tone.  And let’s not forget, a comfortable shoes that would work well in any occasion and a simple hair and makeup. 

Mrs. Santa obviously lacks sleep from all the gift-wrapping and checking the list twice session, so concealer is definitely part of her "Most-important makeup product in her kikay kit".

Set everything with a powder foundation. 

Draw brows using brow pencil.  Keeping it very clean and simple.

As for the eye makeup, I mix sparkly and matte shades together.  
A sparkly pink shade on the center of the lid.

A purplish pink matte shadow on the outer-v and lower lashline.

And since my outfit is low-key, I wanted to add some "punch" or sparkle with my makeup?  I added the same sparkly pink shadow used as base and apply more on the center of the lid with patting motion.  You can also spritz a bit of water on your flat-shader brush so the shadow will appear more vibrant.

Line your eyes and create a winged look.

Highlighting is the key to be Mrs. Claus!  I applied cream highlighter on key areas on my face.

A peachy pink blush that would go well with my warm skin tone.

And hey?  Who says green and red will make you look like a Christmas Tree?  Not with this look!  You can create bright, bold, red lips.  Any red lipstick will do as long as you feel good wearing it!

On to the hair!  I definitely have no time to worry about my hair when I play with my kids and everyone's kids!  So instead of the usual "loose waves" I sport, for this particular season I'll go for a thick bun!

How?  By picking my favorite "easy-bun-maker" and created a thicker-looking bun with this tool!  You can opt to skip the "bun maker" if you don't have this hair product and just twist your hair and tie it with a hair tie.


Nude heels are always a hit!  It's classy and works well with any outfit!  It doesn't hurt that this favorite nude heels of mind are comfortable I can even run wearing these.

Last but not the least, with all the tasks I need to do as Mrs. Claus, I don't think I have enough room for "chipped nail polish", so for this particular look....

No nail polish but clean-looking shorter nails!

I actually discovered a gel that would prevent my nails from turning yellow and it kept my nails shiny and healthy since the day I used this!  Will share more about this product soon but the brand is called Locycare Nail Gel!  It really works!

For more nail care tips and info about Locycare, visit www.HealthyNails.ph and follow them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/LocycarePhilippines).

Now who says a busy mom, ahem, Mrs. Santa can't look good while while busy?  She sure can!  So can you!  With just a bit of effort and the right products, we can look  better thus feel better too!

Told you, I can squat in these heels! :)  

Happy Holidays!
Mrs. Claus will resume to her "Superwoman" tasks! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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