Saturday, February 27, 2016

BrowHaus Make-Up Range Launch

BrowHaus, the company, will always be special to me as a Beauty Blogger.  If you are a long-time reader (let's head back to year 2009).  BrowHaus was the first company I reached out for an interview (yup!  I felt like a real reporter back then) because I have readers asking about brow services available in the Metro.  (Read the article BrowHaus Greenbelt Branch Visit)

Fast-forward to today, who would've thought the company expanded to creating their own make-up range?  Well, I wasn't that surprised!  If they perfected the art of Brow Services, it's time we consumers perfect our own brows and eye makeup AFTER the service!

Just some of the products featured during the event.
 (Will show you the complete range after the jump!)

The event was held at Cafe Naya, The Palace Pool Club and it was such a fun day for me as I was suddenly called out together with dear friend Jackie and a new friend Bianca for a make-up challenge!  We were each asked to recreate a look by famous celebrities like Gwen Steffani and Angelina Jolie using just the products from the range!  Look at our faces!  We obviously aren't competing but having fun!

Photo taken from LDL Marketing Inc Instagram account

A makeup demo was also done by fellow Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Bambi.

And of course, after the event proper, I played with the BrowHaus Weapons of Mass Seduction with Angela. 

Swatched the Precision Eyeliner in Black and I reviewed the Deep Brown here.

I also played with the BrowHaus Classic Brow Lead.

And because of the makeup challenge, I was able to use their Erase Make-Up Remover so many times in between makeup looks!

Introducing, the whole BrowHaus Make-Up Range.

Available in Black and Brown

Classic Brow Leady by BrowHaus
Available in shades: Blonde, Soft Brown and Asphalt

Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners Eyeliner and Eyeshadow 
Available in Shades: Noir Shimmer, Midnight Blue, Burgundy, Amber and Blush
Php1,998.00 for a set 

Or purchase each at Php498.00

BrowHaus Make-Up Range are available at all Browhaus outlets in the Philippines.  Visit for store listings.

Other treatments you can try at Browhaus ---

  • Brow Resurrection
  • Browgraphy
  • Lash in Bloom
  • Lash Curl Up (Lash Perming)
  • Express Lash in Bloom (Cluster Strand Lash Extension)
  • Lashgraphy (Lash Tinting)
  • Eye Define (permanent upper/lower eyeliner)
  • Lip Define (semi-permament lip define)
  • Facial Hair Treatment
  • Upper Lip Treading

I personally think all the products are promising and I can't wait to see Browhaus add more makeup products to their collection.  An eyeshadow maybe?  A lip color? 

How about you?  Which particular product from the range do you want to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Shameful confession. At 31 I still have virgin eyebrows but they are well defined anyway so I never bother with them.the products seem promising though.

    1. aww thanks for sharing! If they are well defined, then that's okay, mine is bushy and crazy! hahaha


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