Saturday, July 23, 2016

What To Expect When You Purchase Project Vanity's Girl Boss Glam Kit?

A "bag-full" of Beauty Products for Women on-the-go!
This KIT is curated by Project Vanity team headed by Ms. Liz Lanuzo for busy girls.  These are daily essentials that can help you create a full-face makeup to face the world!

The pouch itself is a winner in my dictionary.  The Dove Grey color is so unique I don't have a similar pouch color even though I own quite a number!  

Now, I'm sure you're excited as I am to know the contents of Girl Boss Glam KIT.

  • Happy Skin Eye Candy Gel Pencil Set (Php1,299.00) A dual-purpose product that can double up as Eyeliner or Eyeshadow!  My favorite shade is the Green one which works perfectly for most Filipinas.
  • Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks Blush (Php499.00) The shade I got is Tokyo Rush.  This is a hot pink shade that can easily be applied lightly or heavily depending on your liking.  All Pink Sugar Blushes are highly pigmented so definitely a must-try.  (You may read swatches or previous review HERE)
  • Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara (Php650.00) I have never tried this mascara so I'm glad this was included in the set!  This mascara is said to offer volume, length and dimension which is perfect for me since I need all!  And the small brush is a perfect one for users with short and sparse lashes.
  • Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder (Php425.00) The shade is perfect for most Filipinas and I have heard nothing but positive reviews on Inglot Brow Products!  Will definitely try it out and post a review in the future.
  • Sleek True Color Lipstick in Barely There (Php425.00) A peachy-pink lipstick called Barely There than can double up as a cheek color! Nakakaganda!
  • Origins Smarty Plants CC Cream and Free Facial 

Everything included in the KIT costs approximately Php3,600+ but you can get all these for Php1,250.00 available at

Congrats Liz and PV Team!

Which particular product/brand included that makes you want to shop ONLINE NOW?

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