Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ask Me Anything with #AskMeWhats

Dear AMW Friends who are a super long time reader *group hug*  Thank you so much for being with me all through the years, it's almost a decade now can you believe that?  I can clearly remember those days ----

  • Mineral make up craze.
  • Online shopping at various international sites.  
  • Waiting for my products to arrive takes PATIENCE (with all capital letters)
  • Building up my make up KIT.  Can you guys still remember my super small train case to a luggage size ZUCA train case today?
  • Product swapping!  Thanks to international Blogger Friends who send me products that aren't available here!  (You girls know who you are!)
  • My journey studying make up at Basement Academy.
  • My journey as a make up artist (most of my works are posted HERE)
  • Gigs that I got because of Blogging.  (Do you still remember my first big project as a Vaseline Road tripper?)
  • Seriously, SO MUCH MORE!
And it is a perfect timing for me to share to AMW friends, especially new readers out there, how AMW originally started!

It was one boring day inside the office when I was done with my task (I work really fast guys!)  and I was there, sitting, doing nothing, thinking of ways to give back to the world in my own mini ways.

Guys, I didn't know I would be a make up artist back then.  I knew I can do random stuff like sing, dance, write, teach but never really excelled in any of those!  So I looked back to my younger years (naks, ume-emo!) and thought, I wasn't hailed "Dial-A-Friend" for nothing!  

You know, I was only 10 years old when older friends would come up to me to seek for advice.  Real-life advice!  I may not have the knowledge of an adult but I knew I have this gift of "empathy".  I understand how a certain person feel when they tell me their problems, I put myself into their shoes and really acknowledge their weakness!  Don't ask me how it happens but I call that a special GIFT from God.  I may not have the right words to say but a reassuring hug, adding some of my crazy antics can actually help ease up the trouble away! 

Yes, I was a "mommy" even before turning into a real mom!  And I wholeheartedly accept that.  That's when I thought of creating an "Advice" blog (AKA AskMeWhats), for random strangers who needed someone to talk to, just to lessen their burden without being judged!  

And who would've thought it evolved into Beauty-centered?  It was a wonderful surprise but each day, I get random emails from readers asking me advice not only about beauty but life issues in general!  That's when I realized AskMeWhats really is more than just a Beauty and Lifestyle Blog...and I wanted to let you guys know that I am NOT just a person to talk to when it comes to Beauty, I am your ONLINE friend, you can talk to me about anything that bothers you and there won't be any judgement at all --- guys, too busy for that!  hahaha

But seriously speaking, I am so happy to say, AskMeWhats version 2.0 is definitely better, and to celebrate that, I have a series of Workshops (aka BONDING time) with my readers and the first one will be this coming Saturday, September 24, 2016 at Benefit, SM Megamall Branch.

How to join?
Please Follow @BenefitPH on Instagram and LIKE this post.  Follow instructions and there will be 2 batches that day!
Aside from the questions you posted online, feel free to LEARN from me on topics from --- Family, Love, Career and Beauty!  And I get to also learn from YOU!  Winners get unlimited LAUGHTER, HUGS and KISSES :D

I can't wait to see you guys!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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