Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How I Instantly Change the Way I Feel and Look!

I am one of those girls you would call "boring", "conventional", "very simple".  That's why if you follow me on IG stories, you'll see that most makeup looks I do are on the low-key version, easy-to-do, wearable for everyday and most importantly, apt for my age.

But there are days really that changing a regular MLBB shade of lipstick to something dark and vampy won't do the cut, there are days I just want to feel and look different, on days I want my photo to stand out even if I have minimal makeup on, just like the photo below.

Can you spot anything different?
(Timer starts now)

a photo of Nikki Tiu AskMeWhats, AMW, AskMeMom

Did it take long for you to see the difference?  I'm sure a lot of you already spotted it, I'm wearing colored contacts and it made a HUGE difference right?  For the particular photo, I wore AIR OPTIX® Colors in Green.

All thanks to my Beauty Blogger friend Marj Sia for pushing me to try out other shades!  I've always been the "boring" girl even with contacts!  I've used FreshLook® Illuminate Dailies in Rich Brown for several of my close-up shots because it enhances my eye shape yet it doesn't give a drastic change for you to notice!

a photo of  FreshLook Illuminate Dailies in Rich Brown

And just when I was getting more and more comfortable putting on contact lens, that's when I got hooked on in FreshLook® ColorBlends®  Dailies in Pure Hazel.  I love this particular variant so much because it is extremely comfortable to wear yet it gives a subtle difference!  I can actually go around malls sans makeup with just the contacts and still receive compliments from friends.

Nikki sans makeup

 It doesn't hurt that it's extremely photogenic on professional camera too!

Shot by: Charlie Rodulfo for Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

And on days I want some "oomph" or "major oomph", I'd pick AIR OPTIX® COLORS Contact Lens  in Sterling Grey because the result is amazing!

Now for someone who is a newbie on the contact lens world and is getting hooked by it, I would like to share what I learned that could interest you if you may want to change the way you look and feel in an instant just the way I did!

1. What’s the difference between AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®?
AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®, both designed to create beautiful, natural-looking eyes, while providing healthy vision and consistent comfort throughout one’s wearing period have their own special wearing modalities. Knowing how long you want to use your contact lens in a day matters. 

AIR OPTIX® Colors is made up of proprietary “silicone hydrogel material which allows plenty of oxygen to pass through the contact lenses; therefore they are perfect for LONG-HOUR WEAR.  FreshLook® on the other hand, used the classic hydrogel material and is best for EVERYDAY WEAR.

2. There are so many colors, how can I choose the best color for me?
First, find out which suits you best by virtually trying on a pair of AIR OPTIX® COLORS or FreshLook®  at their online Color Studio. It can simulate the effect of eye color change electronically, without spending time on lens insertion, settling and removal during the initial selection process. Second, visit your favorite optical clinic and they will be the best people to help you select colors that will complement your skin tone and hair color. 

3. How many colors are available for AIR OPTIX® COLORS? How does this availability compare to FreshLook® ColorBlends®?
AIR OPTIX® COLORS Contact Lenses has an extensive color selection; from subtle enhancements (pure hazel, blue, green, grey and brown), or for bold and striking eyes (brilliant blue, gemstone green, honey and sterling grey). 
FreshLook®  color selection includes amethyst, green, pure hazel, brown, gray and blue for a subtle look, and honey, sterling gray, gemstone green, brilliant blue for  those who want to have striking eyes.  

4. What’s the price of FreshLook® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS?
FreshLook® is priced at Php1,195.00 while AIR OPTIX® COLORS is priced per pair at Php1,495.00 available in all leading optical clinics.

5. What is the recommended replacement schedule for  AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®
Alcon recommends monthly replacement for  AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®whether they are worn every day or part-time. 

Gorgeous Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are the newest endorsers.

a photo of Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes

For more information, follow @FreshLookPH and @AirOptixPH on IG and Facebook.

Which particular shade worn by AMW caught your interest?
Have you worn Contact Lenses for beauty enhancement purpose?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Gray contacts really suit you!

    1. Nice mga siya feeling GGSS ako each timeI wear it hahahahahh

  2. Ever since I wore contact lens I only settle for two colors and that is brown or gray.

    1. Green is warming up on me nut same as you! Browns and greys !!!!

  3. We couldn't agree more with what you said! It is good to switch up your regular routine every now and then. Speaking of, have you switched up your skin routine too? Here are signs that signal that it is time to reevaluate your skin routine. Read on here http://www.skinmatters.com.ph/skin-care/article/id-481/pnd-id-P2/5-signs-it-rsquo-s-time-to-change-your-skincare-routine/ :)


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