Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Colgate Promo Winner

I usually like to post about contests on my blog that I think is super worth to join.  Just like the most recent Colgate Win a Scholarship worth Php100,000 promo.  What's even more exciting is when I get updates on the winners and I recently saw a video of Christelle Magpayo, the Php100,000 Colgate Scholarship Promo Winner from Pasig City.

The contest is REAL and it's even more real when you get to see the winners and heartheir stories!  The story of Christelle touched my heartbecause her desire to graduate is not centered on herself but on a loved one. She wants to become a Chemist when she graduates so she can hopefully create a medicine to cure diabetes so she can help her grandmother who is suffering from the illness.

I believe that it is very important that every dream should have a strong educational foundation. As a mom, I feel strongly on exposing my son to appreciate learning at a young age.  I am lucky I have work and have means to help my son achieve his dream by starting him as early as today!

From buying him books that interests him...

sending him to a good school....

and having the luxury to spend time with him and teach him what I learn!

But of course, not everyone has the luxury to send their kids to school, that is why I am actively sharing this promo because I want everyone to get the chance of Of winning a scholarship so they can start building the foundation of their dreams.

Why don’t you try joining yourself? Your child might be the next Colgate Scholarship winner.

For full mechanics on the Colgate Scholarship Promo, visit or

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Stay happy!

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