Friday, January 13, 2017

How to Effectively Use Tony Moly Cheektone Contour Duo

I've seen the Tony Moly Cheektone Contour Duo so many times each time I visit the store and I try to hold back in purchasing "yet another contour product".  Because seriously, I don't want to admit that I'm kinda shifting from "Brow products addict" to "Contour addict".

On my most recent visit which was December of last year, I caved in because I saw the lightest shade to be finally in stock!  You know AMW friends, I have this special requirement for ALL my contouring products...I can't explain it here but I just knew in my heart if I see them on pan --- no need for swatching...I just knew they will work...some kinda a "calling"  #AngCheesy 

Tony Moly Cheektone Contour Duo in shade CT02 
(their lightest shade in Contour Duo,
 they also have Highlighting Duo available btw)

Housed in a simple white square container, this is actually meant to be de-potted into their bigger palettes!  Same as the purple blush I recently featured, I opt not to depot these because I love how I can stack them in an "OC-manner".

The duo (as the name states) comes in 2 contour shades!  There are a total of 2 shades to choose from CT01 and CT02.  I opt to choose the latter because this comes in a cooler tone which would work better with my extremely warm skintone.

L-Lighter contour shade

R- Medium contour shade
Both powders have the same silky formulation and pigmentation is perfect for that subtle-contouring.

Since I call myself an expert in contouring (because I contour everyday!  Shameless plug: You can watch my IG stories at times to see how I contour whenever I go out!)  Here's my way of using the Tony Moly Cheektone Contour Duo in the most effective manner.  I know, the tips are just extremely simple but at times, the very simple tips are those that works the best!

For users with fair to light medium skin, mix but colors together with a small face brush or angled brush to create a more subtle shade!  Contour depending on your face shape!  If you prefer big-ass contouring tips, read "How to Contour for Photography".

I like to start from my hairline and gently brush down with extremely light-hand strokes!  The pigmentation of this Contour Duo is not heavily pigmented and yet, it does give off that very natural-looking shadow I am looking for in a contour product.

Brush from POISE Makeup

Before and After
It has this right shade without "redness" which makes contouring more natural.

You may feel free to use the same technique of blending both shades or use ONLY the DARKER Contour Powder if you have Medium to darker complexion.

For my nose, I pick a small eye blending brush and use ONLY the light shade and contour.  This shade is the most perfect contour shade for the nose because the effect is drastic yet you don't see much remnants of makeup.

For more tips on nose contouring, read Tip for the Day: Nose Contouring.

Brush from POISE Makeup
 Now this is my way of contouring for daytime and for regular days!  And yes, it takes me only a minute or 2 to do both face and nose contour because I really like how it gives my face warmth and better dimension!

Do you contour your face daily?
Which product do you use for that?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm doing your finger tips nose contour technique EVERYDAY lol, all of my officemate adopted it too :)

  2. Definitely more of a bronzer but I like the Cheektone line overall :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

    1. I know what you mean, it does warm up my face a lot no?

  3. Hiii, is this one really the lightest one?


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