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Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash Review

Gosh, I haven't reviewed a single mascara this year!  I knew I had to, I've been using them but I get really "lukewarm" with all the mascaras I've reviewed not because they don't work, it's just because I am not blessed with "lushes" (aka lashes)

Castor you work?

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So I used the Kate Black Leather Lash until it dried out!  Yup, I used it so consistently I am sure I can give an in-depth review!  Though photos do not show how much my lashes appreciate the mascara, I actually do!  Please scroll further down to read more.

a photo of Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash_AskMeWhats

Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash comes in 1 shade only BK-1 or Mysterious Black.
It is housed in a simple black packaging and the mascara wand comes with 2 sides!  
a photo of Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash

Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash Says ---

The unique two-sided wand brush transforms your eyelashes into jet black with alluring luster. 
Experience the black bird feather-like, soft and gorgeous lashes.

AMW says --- 


  • The mascara wand is just the right shape for any eye shapes.  Not too big nor too small.
  • I like the fact that the wand comes in 2 sides!  One is for volume while other is for length.
  • No clumping.
  • Dries pretty quickly.
  • Can be applied several times and won't weigh down lash hairs.
  • Curl stays the whole day.
  • Does build volume and gives me an illusion of thicker lashes (in person).
  • No smudging.  In fairness to this mascara, I've stayed in humid areas and under the sun, and so far, no smudging or Panda eyes.
  • Lashes aren't dry or "crunchy" hours after application.
  • Easy to remove.


  • If you have extremely "puffy eyes" , the wand may still touch your skin.  Feel free to use the "mascara application protector" or "credit card method".
  • May not be super lengthening if you are aiming for that.
  • If you are looking for super wet formulation, this one is on the drier side.

A wonderful daily mascara because of it's quick dry formulation.  It finishes off with a hint of glossy finish.  Lasts all day yet easy-to-remove with regular eye makeup remover.


  • Curl your lashes well before mascara application.
  • Experiment using which side first (shorter bristled side or longer bristled side) to see which has better results.
  • For me, I prefer to "lengthen" first and finish with coats after coats of mascara for volume.
  • For better application, remove excess mascara on the tube before applying on lashes.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Kate Tokyo counters priced at Php900.00 (approx $20.00)

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The secret to "better-looking" lashes is to curl your lashes really well prior to mascara application.
I like to start application at the center of the lashes and gently apply the inner and outer corners.
a photo of Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash

Before and After Front View
before and after photo of Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash

Before and After Side View
For the sake of review, I actually did not curl my lashes on the photos below, as you can see, the mascara gives an instant "lift".  Imagine if I curled it really well!

before and after photo of Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash

Length improved around 35-40% while volume definitely doubled!
Before and After photo of Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash

Have you tried Kate Tokyo Black Feather Lash Mascara?

Do you have other mascara brands in mind you think would work well on my non-existent lashes?

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