Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vionic Footwear Launch

I have tons of clothes that I can mix and match on a daily basis but when it comes to my footwear, I may have a lot of pairs but there are only 2-3 pairs that I really use on a daily basis.  They don't look as fashionable but they are comfortable enough.

Raise your hands if you are like me, you go for comfort before style.

But, in this generation, isn't it high time for us to ask for both?  AskMeWhats has always been on a lookout for comfortable footwear yet fashionable enough to be worn in public especially on events where I usually attend!  Thankfully, a fashion-forward footwear brand is finally in our country!

VIONIC Footwear

"Vionic benefits from the expertise of some of the finest minds in health and lower limb biomechanics. This collaboration, the Vionic Innovation Lab, brings together world-renowned health and fitness experts who share a common vision of enhancing foot health and promoting a more vibrant, active lifestyle."
Vionic recently opened retail stores at Uptown Bonifacio and Ayala Malls The 30th.  I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch at Uptown Bonifacio and I get to see and try the footwear in person and give it a feel.  

The guests were lucky to have met Mr. Michael O'Donnel.  There, I get to understand how Vionic Footwear can help reduce the damage to our feet.  

According to Mr. O'Donnel, Vionic developed built-in orthotics in its footwear that help maintain the natural alignment of our feet while standing and walking.  As we all know, our feet were naturally designed to walk on the soft and natural surfaces of the earth (soil, grass and sand).  But because of our modern world is now covered in pavements and streets, we tread on these flat, hard and unnatural surfaces on a daily basis which cause our feet to lose natural alignment, that causes other problems in our bodies such as heel, knee and back pains.  

And thankfully, I am proud to share that many of Vionic's styles have been accepted by the American Podiatric Association, which certifies products that are beneficial for foot health.  In the Philippines, Vionic is also growing in popularity among foot healthcare professionals.

A live "demo" was done to show us how Vionic can help body alignment.

And if your body is aligned, you can eliminate most aches and pains in our feet and back.

Now here are just some of the footwear styles that caught my attention.  Thankfully, fashion doesn't have to be suffered for comfort!

Check out the ankle boots!

Ballet Flats

Open-toed sandals

Loving this dainty ribbon design I had to try it on with a fellow shopper!

These ones with metallic designs is so modern I'm loving it!

The animal-prints are so nice too! 

These T-straps are so sexy to look at and they can elongate your legs!

Flats that are perfect for a lot of walking as they come with thicker soles!

And of course, for those who prefers footwear with heels, they have elevated support too!

And men are not Out-Of-Place at Vionic, they also cater men's footwear!

And flats that my fashionable brother would totally wear!

For more information on Vionic, visit their website at . Feel free to Like them on Facebook (@Vionic Philippines) and follow them on Instagram @Vionicshoesph.

What's your favorite style?

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