Saturday, February 3, 2018

Some Changes I've Done for Year 2018

2018 started out pretty well.
2 days after 2018, I was hired to do the job I love most - teach makeup to a small group of eager learners!  

Aside from that, I was able to work with a brand for a very important project which I can finally tick off from my bucket list! 

In life, it is easier to just "go with the flow" and stick to what works!  "Why change?  When everything's working out well?"

That statement gets to be blurted out so easily by me, I used to be that way, "Matigas ang ulo."  (hard-headed).  I disliked change so much it felt like "change" is trying to ruin the world that I'm trying the create - my tiny rigid universe.  

Thankfully, my job entails me to meet, socialize and work with inspiring people.  Because of that, I got inspired, and inspiration welcomes CHANGE.  I can actually see myself changing, and it was the for the better because I can sense that!

Let's start with the simplest change in life that I managed to do.  Some sounded so childish and small, but it is because of these tiny changes I get the courage to aim for bigger goals!

Lessen my coffee intake
I lessen my coffee intake because a minimum of 4 cups a day is definitely too much!  Coffee will always be my lifeline, but, it was a realization for me during the latter part of 2017 when I get tired and sick easily.  I realized I have been pushing my body to the limit just because I have caffeine running down my veins.  This year is the year I'm claiming for better health!   I am taking action!  Cutting down from 4 cups to 2 a day is a huge achievement unlocked!  It maybe small for you but it takes a whole self-control and I deserve a big pat on the back! 

True enough, I feel my real energy coming back, not the fake ones I get from Caffeine but real Nikki energy!  It doesn't hurt that I got the added benefits of losing a bit of weight as the added milk, sugar and cream can really add up to my waistline!

Walk more, Do More
If you follow me on Social Media, YES, I am extremely busy and I can't even imagine how adding physical activities is possible as I'm already drained from my son's energy! But again, because I focus on taking action and not just "dream about it", I added more walking and some stretching in the morning or in between tasks.  I may not be reaching my weight goal but at least, I feel better and stronger each day!

I now believe my mom's doctor when he said: "Exercise gives you more cheerful energy due to endorphins."  I won't laugh at him anymore when he shows his exercise moves to us!  :P

I added more physical activities as bonding time with my son!
Favorite activity?  Bubble playing, running around with him at a park.

Wear Less (Makeup not Clothes! lol)
Okay, the clothes part is a joke but it has always been my mantra to let your skin breathe as much as possible!  Yes, I have been a Beauty Blogger for more than a decade, and yes, I test different products every so often!  Thankfully, I still get compliments both on and off line on how healthy my skin looks *knocks on wood*  My secret?  If it's not needed, I don't wear makeup at all!  Most of you see me outside events would know that my makeup usually consists of sunblock, concealer and powder as base!  On good skin days, I even skip concealer and just use powder!  That, I believe is one tiny secret I can share in keeping your skin at  its' best state!

Did I say sunscreen?  YES!  I'm repeating it once again, I use up MORE sunscreen than usual especially the start of 2018 --- best anti-aging product in my opinion!

Change my smartphone to a bigger one
My dear friends, I don't know how this simple change can make a HUGE difference in my life!  This may be shallow and funny to you but I cling on to a smaller model iPhone for years (from iPhone3gs to iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and lastly iPhone 7) because I always use my small hands and short fingers as an excuse!  But I WORK, LIVE and BREATHE with my phone!  I read and answer emails, I check my son's situation when I'm out using the CCTV app.  I also do a lot of Video Calls for work and personal use (my brother works abroad so it's fun catching up!).  I realized I do so much with my phone and there's no point insisting on looking through smaller screen!

It was a huge decision for me to finally say YES to a bigger phone model, when iPhone 8 Plus finally launched early this year in the Philippines through my mobile service provider Smart, I asked my hubby for advise and he said: "YES!  Finally!  You needed a bigger phone screen! 2018 na, magbago ka na!”  But his push didn't really sold me, I went online and searched for reviews and cave in after reading that  the basics on my previous iPhone 7 didn't change but better camera plus more perks!

And look that happy face?  Photo below is not a "pose", this was taken by my yaya using her own phone when she saw me enjoying my K-Drama while waiting for my son in school.  And because it has been more comfortable for me to watch, I realized I watch more K-drama than last year!  I was able to finish Dr. Stranger, While You Were Sleeping, Love in the Moonlight in no time and is currently watching Korean Odyssey!

Shucks ang laki ng difference to read subtitles in bigger screen.

Aside from the K-Drama love, I also realized how useful it is to use WAZE with a bigger smartphone.

I go to different places for events, meetings and work so I HEAVILY rely on WAZE and guess what?  I appreciate bigger screen because I can see street names clearly!  (Goodbye squinting, hello traffic pa din!)

And you all know how Bloggers pride themselves in taking great photos!  As much as I can take great photos indoors, I tend to shy away from bringing out my SLR camera in public so I always choose to use my phone in taking photos outside!  (I can see a lot of disapproving looks now! hahaha)  

Thankfully, the new iPhone 8 Plus photo function comes with "Portrait" mode which can take PROFESSIONAL-looking photos so easily!  This photo was taken at a mall parking lot, with the help of the wind and some "bald" trees at the background #hahaha , I actually felt proud about this photo and immediately uploaded this on my IG account!  YAY!

So this year, I told myself I will be taking more photos of myself and the family even in public without feeling embarrassed.  Because hey, I can only look like this for a couple more years before I get really old!

Keep away bad vibes, welcome ONLY good ones!
As Nikki Tiu in general, I have super long patience.  But if you want to see the bad and monstrous side of me #lol join me inside the car and you'll definitely see the SIDE B of my mostly SIDE A.

I honk, I get angry (I don't curse though!), I mutter and react so negatively whenever I see bad drivers on streets, irresponsible motorist and passer-bys!  I guess it is for the fact that I value my time so much and spending minimum of an hour or more (one way) can really get onto my nerves!

This year,  it is an effort for me to really try my best to chill!  Trust me, it is difficult and ang daming tests outside the road but I managed to turn up the volume and sing my heart out without caring the weird looks I get from nearby motorists!  If that's the way for me to cope traffic stress, I don't care and I actually feel better, lighter and less stressed whenever I get into my destination! (Usually, naiihi lang! TMI :P)

Life is indeed so short to harbor ill feelings!  So I also veer myself away from negative situations and people too, so-called friends who try to pull me down by feeding me negative energy,  so-called friends who are trying to burst my happiness bubble, I realized, I am old enough to know who are the real ones and steer clear from the fake ones!   I don't think my time on earth is worth wasted on people like that!  So choose the people you spend time with wisely!

Now speaking about how imporatant time is, learn to...


I am one energizer-bunny, that's how my friends call me!  I seem to never ran out of energy but as the days go by, I find myself getting more tired than usual.  I realized that my life is so "timed" day by day I don't get to really sit back, relax, breathe and just enjoy the view!

This quote really got stuck on my head and this is my 2018 Mantra.

So thankful with the help I get from my husband and family, I get to relax, sit back and do nothing for a couple of minutes a day. Relax - is key word, after how many years of non-stop moving, thinking and working - is the best gift I can give to myself!

Dress: Krizia Ladies Wear Floral Printed Ruffled Dress available at Zalora
Shades: Fly Shades
Through relaxation, I get the enjoy the simplest things in life, like the beauty of the sky, the breathtaking sunset, the rustling of tree leaves...I get inspired more and get to be more creative.  Thus, when I get back to my usual work and tasks, I have more energy and inspiration to get by each day!

These are just some of the simplest changes I've done so far to jumpstart the year 2018.
How about you?  What changes have you done in your life that really works?
No New Years Resolution guys...just simple changes that matters!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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