Thursday, October 4, 2018

AMW Wears: Busy Mom's OOTD

I plan my outfit the night before, because I get only less than an hour to prepare in the morning (because sleep is Life!) :P

Most of my days, I wear casual outfit as it just entails me to drive my son to and from school and run errands like Grocery Shopping, Bills Payment, Bank Visits and a lot of those tasks that do not require me to look good.

But at least once or twice a week, I insert meetings and events ON TOP of the tasks mentioned above.  So planning an outfit is actually a talent I've been mastering for years.  I am not the type who would change clothes in between (too hassle for me as I would rather save up on energy!)

Last week, it was a FULL day and I needed an outfit comfortable enough to last me through humidity, sweat and stress.

I came up with this and was able to celebrate Benefit Party with Jared Bailey at a Posh Furniture Store in Makati!

Top: Plains & Prints, Pants: Bought from Korea, Shoes: Zalora, Watch: Philip Stein and Bracelet: Charriol
 A white top you say?  To last you through the day?  Well, thankfully, this white top I bought from Plains & Prints comes with a very nice fabric.  It does not easily wrinkle and it does not easily get dirty too!  (Yes, surprisingly, it looks spic span white even nighttime!)  The added "choker" detail added an oomph to the simple look making the overall outfit look more in trend!

Let's give a moment to celebrate this wide-legged trousers!  This is stretchable, garterized and you can actually wear this even if you're pregnant!  The fabric is extremely soft and stretchable!  I can run with this I swear!  And you know the best part?  I can easily lift the pants up when I'm driving which "shookt" the life of my #yayaTab !  (Walang poise but who cares?  Comfort is life!)

The black shoes I got from Zalora years back is a favorite of mine! With the right height, it added length making my legs look longer than usual.  At the same time, I can walk and run without falling flat on my face because of the "block heels"! 

Now you tell me, after 12 hours wearing this outfit, I still look comfortable and clean right? :D

Photo taken at night during the Benefit event at 7:00pm.

How do you like my version of a Busy Mom's OOTD?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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