Thursday, December 6, 2018

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Repairing Hair Sleeping Pack Review

I love hair care products,
I love hair care products,
did I say it twice?
Yes, let me repeat it thrice, I really Love hair care products!

My hair was extremely damaged from constant coloring through the years, and this year, I've decided to tone down coloring and actually survived 7 months without going back to a salon for hair coloring! The last color treatment I've done is a box treatment using organic hair coloring product.  And the rest of the time?  I focused on making my hair healthy --- based from the length of my hair at the moment, I'm doing something good because I always cut my hair when I think they're dying!

a photo of Innisfree My Hair Recipe Reparing Hair Sleeping Pack Review

 That said, you can't blame me for going to the Hair section when Innisfree opened the first store in SM Mall of Asia.  Everyone's at the makeup and skincare section while I was at the haircare section picking THIS UP!

Because if your face needs a mask to maintain moisture, your hair have the same needs too!

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Repairing Hair Sleeping Pack

a photo of Innisfree My Hair Recipe Reparing Hair Sleeping Pack Review

  • Natural protein from Jeju soybean complex  - The natural protein provides radiance and elasticity to the hair. 
  • Intensive hair care while you sleep - This sleeping pack is meant to be left in overnight to provide moisture with its oil coating so your hair can rest and rejuvenate at the same time as you. 
  • Intensive nourishing care for rough hair - An oil complex of argan, jojoba and macadamia delivers intense nourishment to rough and lackluster hair. 

Housed in a plastic tub, you get a white mousse-like product that smells so good!
a photo of Innisfree My Hair Recipe Reparing Hair Sleeping Pack Review

This product can be applied on damp or dry hair.  I tend to apply on dry hair because I never sleep with damp hair.  The product is best applied all over hair not including the roots.  According to Innisfree, the concern on scalp and hair are totally different so they actually have a different product intended for the scalp!

What I do is I apply a dallop on dry hair after I finish my skincare regimen, I let it sit and play my mobile phone games and go to sleep approximately 30 minutes to 45 minute after.  I like it that it's non-greasy and does not transfer on my pillow.  The scent is so relaxing I don't mind sleeping with it!

a photo of Innisfree My Hair Recipe Reparing Hair Sleeping Pack Review

On to if it really works or not, I find that my hair is really soft and tangle-free the next day.  I just make sure to wash my hair in the morning before going out because I tried leaving it for the morning and my hair tends to grease-up easily by noon time.

I can also see my hair shinier and healthier by each use, I don't use it every night but I think if you have completely damaged hair, using it regularly would help!  As for me, I use it twice a week because I have other haircare products I'm also testing out :D

Do you use hair care products at night?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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