Sunday, May 30, 2021

Lido Cocina Tsina Rebiew


Dear AMW Friends!  

I haven’t shared much about my dad’s work.  He has been working in a Chinese restaurant for his whole work life!  He started as a part-timer at 16 or 17 and he retired before he turned 60.  Yes, in that same restaurant with dishes so close to my heart.

We have memories of picking my dad up around 11pm-11:30pm whenever he closes the restaurant and while waiting, the 4 of us siblings were singing Chinese songs in the car and just stare at nearby places, to be exact, I was looking through LIDO restaurant which was just right across the restaurant were my dad works!   Those were the fun days there’s no gadget and we have only each other to “pass time”.

Anyways, that short story seems unrelated to my post but Lido Cocino Tsina (could be the same owner or maybe there are huge changes on their business side) still gave me that loving memory I had when were still young!  I mean, there were only a few good Chinese restaurants back then including LIDO.

So it is obvious when I am craving for childhood dishes, it is also normal to look back and order food from restaurants I was accustomed to!

And because of COVID-19, the restaurant explored online ordering and delivery!  What a relief since I buy everything online nowadays!

Shrimp Balls

My favorite from the restaurant.  A MUST order!

Lumpiang Shanghai
I know most Chinese restaurants do not take Lumpiang Shanghai seriously, they are just rolls of meat that can be made at home but Lido Cocino made theirs differently.  It has a distinct taste that hits home.  Something I cannot replicate in my own kitchen!.  

Lechon Macau & Mushrooms in Plum Sauce
It is a nice change to eat Lechon Macau with sauce!  I mean I like the crunchy skin but this one is unique in so many ways!  I did not even know Mushroom and Plum Sauce goes well with Lechon Macau.  You have to try this!

Beef Broccoli
In every Chinese restaurant and a beef dish is a requirement, I always pick this type of beef dish because it just goes well with crunchy broccoli!  The sauce is perfect, not too salty!  Just right.

Asado with Plum Sauce

I personally like my Asado dry with a separate sauce, the ones from Lido Cocina comes with Plum sauce and loads of white onions!  Though again this is a personal preference, I am glad their asado itself is tasty flavorful and sliced just the right thinness.

I will definitely order again because they deliver on time and all the food were packed well.  

To order, visit

Happy Sunday!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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