Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AMW Version: "Subtle Barbie Pink" Look

Humpy Wednesday!  Finally, my second look for the year!  That sounds pathetic! *laughs* Anyways, I promised a look inspired by My Favorite Frosted Pink Lipstick and many of you cannot sport "Smokey Eye" makeup especially during the daytime!  I wouldn't too!  So I've decided to play around with the lipstick and create a simpler look perfect for girls who loves the safer side...

Subtle Barbie Pink Eyes

I'm getting better with these diagrams right?
(Pat my back please, lol)

Before I go to step 1, I always fill in my brows with my favorite eyebrow pencil.  I am almost done with my Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 4.  I primed my eyes with Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.

Step 1:
Using a flat shader brush, in my case, it's the Leow Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop brush , apply NYX  Dolly Pink with a patting motion on the crease area going a tiny bit above.

Step 2:
To create a depth to my small eyes, I've used Dollface's 88 Pcs. Earth Color Palette (right most part 3rd to the last) or any matte medium brown eyeshadow color with a large blending brush.  Wiper motion is recommended and blend all harsh lines.

Step 3:
With the same palette, use a smaller crease brush with pointed tip or even without, to grab a darker shade of brown (rightmost part second from the bottom), apply the color on the outer V and open your eyes to check once in awhile to make sure the color blends well.

Step 4:
With a liquid liner, or cream liner, apply above and below the lashline.  In this tutorial, I am using Coastal Scents gel liner in True Black (which is drying up by the way as it has been a year with me).

Step 5:
To create a dimension of different shade, I've applied Maybelline's Vivid and Smooth Liner in Purple on the waterline.

Ok, seriously this is a bit brighter in person! hahahaha But you get the drift!  I forgot to include the photo but I've added a white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyes for that bright, awake look!

Curled my lashes with Elizabeth Arden's Lash curler (thanks Gracie for this) and my L'Oreal Mascara in Black.  You can use falsies but since this is a simple day look, I prefer to love my puny lashes!

Subtle Pink perfect for daytime

What's on the rest of my face aside from.... face?  *hahaha*

For the Face:
The New Revlon's Photoready Compact Makeup 
in Natural Beige using compact sponge
Set with Shu Uemura Loose Powder 
with Charm Mini Kabuki Brush

For the Cheeks:
Revlon Matte Blush in Barely Buff

For the Lips:
Making sure my lips were prepped with lip balm prior to eyeshadow application, blot lips with tissue and apply Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain, after dry, apply NYX Acapulco Lipstick.  I did the extra step of Just Bitten Lipstain as my original lip color is quite pigmented, I want the "frosted pink" to show up even more.

And I prefer a non-pink outfit to give a nice contrast on your Subtle Barbie Pink look

And who says you can't be childish as you grow older?  
*looks around*
(this happens just once in this AMW Blog
I can't promise outside the blogosphere though)

Are you ok to sport such a "girly" look?
I definitely can!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Morning, Nikki!
    This is such a cute pink look! You look super fresh!

  2. I was considering getting that Revlon blush & now that I've seen it on you, I think I will, it's lovely :).

    Loving the pink eye shadow too, so pretty ^_^.

    And yay for the happy pictures :D.

  3. nikki you are so cute on the last picture!!!

  4. hehe cute! bagay sayo barbie pink look

  5. Very pretty Nikki! Last picture is super cute! :)


  6. Good Morning Nikki!..

    Wow!! I love the look..Very girly and pretty look..Suitable for day time..I would love to try this look..^_^..

  7. morning nikki! you look so cute in the last pic! :)

  8. wow lovely look! and I like your yellow shirt too. Pretty!

  9. aww you look cute in the last pic! :D
    and yep the diagram is so helpful, thanks for sharing this look. i love that it's so wearable even for daytime.

  10. what a coincidence, Im now sporting a similar EOTD except that I didnt use a purple eyeliner on the bottom lashline LOL

    you look so cute on the last pic! love the yellow shirt btw

  11. Very pretty soft pink look! Looks very nice!

  12. You look cute, young, and glowing! Love the look on you. :P

  13. kawaii!
    you look cute & young sporting that look especially the last pic

  14. goodness sis! u looked so cute! u look only 18 (honestly)

  15. i love this look. so fresh nikki.=)

  16. Hi i really love your blog..
    do you have youtube channel?

  17. I love this look, it's so pretty, fresh and girly!

  18. Oh I love this girly look. Your last pic is too cute!

  19. sooo cute:)) i love how every look you make appears natural on you:) even a smokey look would be wearable in the morning!

  20. Jess, thanks dear for the compliment!

    Cris, I've always been on the lookout for matte blush and the Revlon ones are great! Go get some :)

    Donnarence, awww thanks! I was actually thinking 2x if I should put that up, but what the heck!

    Kim, thanks sisterhood!

  21. Mia, I'm glad you like it, I am actually worried it'll look too childish, but what the heck? Readers have seen enough of my pores etc...!

    "makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun!" thanks dear!

    Angiepink, this is really nice and easy for daytime! if I'm in the mood to put makeup on, I would definitely do this again!

    Starryxuan, thanks!

  22. Charry, same with you, hubby likes it when I wear bright yellow tops!

    Fifi, I'm glad the diagram is helpful but girl, you don't even need it, you have wonderful eye makeup!

    Khymm, oohh the purple liner makes a whole lot of difference :) It looks really nice in person, it won't show up in this darn photos, nahiya siya! hehehe

  23. Anastacia, thanks

    Pammy, aba aba aba! 3 positive adjectives, will you marry me? hahaha

    Thiamere, awww thanks! glad you like it!

  24. Xin, I love you sis You're not a sis for nothing, you always know what to say to make this big sissy of yours happy! hahaha I'm 18 (honestly too) in my heart! :P

    cbng, thanks! I find this look quite light on the feeling too!

    Mimi, sorry, I don't have any youtube channel :)

  25. Gio, thanks! Thanks for always giving me nice compliments on other side of the world!

    Lavender, thanks

    Joice, true, I have this liking for neat and not too loud makeup application! :)

  26. beautiful pink makeup :)
    drey jewelry.


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