Monday, May 31, 2010

Winners for Vaseline Gift Packs

Road Trip is over!  Thanks so much for joining my daily contest from Days 1-6.  I enjoyed reading your comments and answers!  Here are the winners for the Php1,000 worth of Vaseline Gift Packs!  Thanks everyone for joining, if only I could give more gift packs, you know I'll do it!  But hey, do stay tune for more contests in the future!  I have a couple in line!

Day 1
Question: "Which part of Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel do you think is AMW's Favorite?"
Answer: The Beach

I know that a lot of you thought I love the room, I do love hotel rooms but when I'm on vacation, the room will always be my 2nd favorite part of any travel!  My favorite is the beach because the sound of the wind  relaxes me.

Winner: Crissy Martinez

Day 2
Question: "Aside from sunblock, which beauty product do you think AMW re-applies every now and then on this road trip?"
Answer: Lip Balm!

I have dry lips and on the road, I'm inside an air conditioned vehicle and it dries up my lips even more!

Winner: The Ghetto Gurls

Day 3
Question:  "What was I thinking when I was trekking on the waters from Paraiso ni Anton?"
Answer: b. "This could heal my skin allergies!  I wonder if this works?"

I have skin allergies and I have tried so many steroidal cream hoping it'll heal!  I dipped my hands and splashed a bit of Paraiso ni Anton water on the area with allergies.  It could be psychological but it works!

Winner: Margarette Francisco

Day 4
Question: After taking a photo with the Philippine army, what did the men say after taking the group shot?"
Answer: There's no right or wrong answer but I love how most of you are so sweet thinking that the army guys will say something sweet about how pretty we are or about our skin.  Sad to say, I heard them saying "Ginawa nila tayong wallpaper" (They made us their wallpaper) *laughs* It was funny!!!

Winner: Kessa Thea

Day 5
Question: "If I have half a day left in Baguio, what can you suggest the Road Trippers do to bond before we head back to Manila and go on our separate ways?"
Answer: We actually went for a massage and scrub!  But when I read all your comments, I'd love to go back to Baguio again and do all your suggestions! Thank you all for the wonderful and detailed suggestions!

Winner: Louise Cachuela

I like the idea of putting a time capsule so we can keep in Baguio the fun times we had for the whole Road Trip experience. 

Day 6:
Question: I've included 8 different reactions of AMW.  Pick one photo and tell me my exact emotions.  You can be creative in creating your own storyline.  The sky's the limit!  The closest answer will be announced the winner!
Answer:  There's no right or wrong answer, but the closest and the most creative one will be announced the winner!

Winner: Anya
You are right Anya!  I am inside the Church thanking God for the wonderful experience I have and for all the blessings and new found friends I've encountered!  Great job!

1. Winners, please email me your full names at
2. You may pick up your prizes BEFORE June 4th at:
Media Contacts Philippines
2104 East Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Pasig City
Claiming hours: 9:30am-4:00pm
3. Do not forget to bring your VALID ID!

Congratulations!  And stay tune for Grand Prize contest details soon!
Do hop on to Ada's and Hannah's blog for their announcement of winners!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Nail Art Tutorial: My Vaseline Road Trip Summer Nails

Happy Monday everyone!  It's back to work after a week of Road Trip and fun times with new friends!  I did my nails prior to leaving for the trip, I wanted a fun looking summery nails!  I know summer's almost over, but my nails can still enjoy the colorful shades of summer anytime of the year!

As inspired by the Road Trip, random colors were used to uplift anybody's mood!

Step 1:
Apply 2 coats of ELF Nude polish.  Let dry.  Sorry for the dirty pointer fingernail, the indelible ink is still there! LOL

Step 2:
Using your choice of colored polishes...

Apply them French tipped style

Step 3:
Apply a coat of clear polish.  While wet,  use Prettynails' 2 way nail art pen in white to create 5 dots as flower petals. 

Dots created on wet polish will make it blend in to the clear polish thus making the dots bigger and easier to control.

Step 4:
While the dots are still wet, use a needle to sharpen the edge of the dot to create better looking petals.

You can add additional dots on other areas.
Your choice!

Step 5:
Use L.A Colors Art Deco in silver to create flower bud

Step 6:
Apply your choice of Top Coat to protect your nail art.

Voila!  Cheerful looking nails ready for summer and the rest of the season!

Dearest Flair Candy liked it that's why she took a shot of this! :) Thanks Hannah girl!

This nail art survived a week of adventure.  By the way, the winners for the Php1,000 worth of Vaseline gift packs will be announced tonight!  Thanks again for reading my adventures and joining the contest!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

People Behind the Scene : Vaseline Road Trip of A Lifetime

I am a "people person".  Going on a Road Trip for 6 full days will be tough if I am uncomfortable with the people around me.  It was a great jump start when I learned that I'll be going on a trip with fellow bloggers Hannah and Ada.  Three's a company for sure!

Last Sunday, before I left for the Road Trip, I've readied my brain into thinking of enjoying the road trip with my fellow bloggers and come back home and have a better relationship with them.  Who would've thought I've came back with more than 10 extra friends?  It's true what they say... Expect the Unexpected.

I strongly believe that the people behind the "Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime" Experience are the TRUE heroes in this event.  I've seen their passion in doing the things they love to do.  I will be talking about them in no particular order!  These are my new found friends, as seen through my very own eyes!

Kankan is the first contact I have in this event.  She was the one who sent me an email telling me that I am chosen to be part of this activity.  When I met her for the first time, I feel comfortable with her in an instant because of her great smile.  It wasn't hard saying "yes" to her.  During the trip, she took care of us bloggers and made sure we are comfortable!  She even drove me home to make sure I'm safe and sound. 

Jenny or Jen, looks like a very serious lady at first glance.  After spending time with her, I realized she's one "kikay" (beauty enthusiast) girl!  Who would've thought we're both in love with cute trinkets and kiddie stuff?  I felt bad I haven't gotten the chance to do her nails because of the busy schedule.  Though we're both busy, I'm glad we had the chance to bond prior to leaving Vigan.  I won't forget it when she said: "As long as you bloggers are happy, I am happy".  Isn't that sweet?


Ed, the "big boss", as they fondly call him has a knack of humor!  He took time to get to know us "bloggers" better!  Too bad he left early so we did not have the chance to bond more.  But all I can say is that this guy has the groove!  *winks*


**photo grabbed from Jonat
A quiet guy to look at but this guy definitely lives life to the fullest!  He knows what he wants in life and definitely is game for anything!  He would give anything a try to satisfy his curiosity, eating carrot cake for example! I've also seen him rode a carabao too even though he's wearing red!  He has passion for photography as well and I wish he will be able to purchase his next "camera"! Go Jonat!

**photo grabbed from her FB account
Nel is an easy going girl with a beautiful smile.  She loves adventure and road tripping with her won't be difficult!  I am hoping to get the chance to travel with her the future Nel!!!


When I first met Gretch, she was the Brand Manager for Vaseline and during the trip, we learned that she got promoted!  Congratulations Gretch!  I am not surprised though, this girl obviously has the passion and responsibility to finish tasks beyond expectation.  Me and my fellow bloggers had a great laugh with her before they left Pagudpod!  She also texted us when she left which gave us bloggers a huge smile on our lips!  Thanks Gretch!

Looks could really be deceiving!  Bea may come off as a shy person but given a chance to get to know her, this girl's got the groove!  Would you believe she drove ATV like there's no tomorrow?  She's a future F1 driver as Ed would say! :) 


I told Edsel that the first time I saw him in one of our meetings, I thought he was a "snob".  Well, first impressions definitely aren't true!  He is one nice guy who obviously has a sense of humor and at the same time, has a sense of responsibility.  He made sure we are always on schedule and he always checks on us if we needed anything.  I didn't lay my finger on my heavy luggage during the trip because he made sure that it'll be transported by someone besides us bloggers!  Should I add that this guy loves his fish and meat? 


Our dear photographer Jeck is really friendly.  It isn't difficult to have our photos taken by him as he has this eye for detail.  He knows the right lighting, the right angle and the right moment to click! He was one of the few who went up to us and introduced himself to us!  I like it that I'm comfortable with him right away and don't mind showing the soles of my feet on one of his photos! *laughs* 


Gerald (I actually do not call him by his real name name) is the coolest director I know!  We were with him and his team inside the van most of the road trip.  At first, it was the longest van ride as it was really uncomfortable.  But this guy went out of his way to make us comfortable and I appreciate that!  Time flew by pretty quickly with him around.  And Direk, would go the extra mile to take care of his friends.  I learned so much from him too!  Thanks for the stories and advises!  Can't wait to see your masterpiece!


The "Walking General Information"! He's very quiet at first but when the conversation started to roll about Aliens, Reincarnation, Love, anything and everything under the sun!  You'll definitely hear his thoughts!  He'll probably hate me for saying this but this guy can dance!  :P

Jet, carries huge equipment and you wouldn't see a hint of complaint on his face at all!  The most quiet guy out of the 3 (Direk, Bong and Jet) but this guy definitely is deep.  Once I got the chance to bond with him and I learned so much from him!  He's obviously one friend you would like to keep!  I got an update that he is undergoing surgery at the moment so I am praying for his quick recovery and good health!

I love hugging this girl!  She's a bubbly girl with a wonderful talent on both singing and dancing!  This girl can rock your world when she performs!  I'd love to spend more time with her to share more stories as this girl's in love! :P 

Whenever we need anything, she's there to help us!  I'm glad I was able to bond with her prior to leaving!  Our late night laughs and jokes are definitely worth remembering!  Thanks Myla for taking our food orders too!


Ramby was the guy who helped me with directions to the Unilever office.  He's very helpful and makes sure to have our water ready even if we don't need it!  He lives his life to the fullest and I look up to him on that!  This guy can tell ghost stories!  Trust me, we love scaring ourselves!


It's amazing how spending less than a week with these people can change my life!  The Road Trip itself is amazing but going through the Road Trip with all the above mentioned individuals gave me a better outlook in life.  That there are more out there to seize than your own bubble wrapped world!  

I do miss them all, I really do, but we know that we're going to see each other again and it wont' be our last meeting.  Thanks for the wonderful memories!  I will definitely safe keep them inside my memory bank and my heart! :)

Before I end this post, I would love to thank Vaseline of course for choosing me to be part of this  experience, to those who are asking me about this product, I will definitely review this soon!  I am actually using this even if I'm back in Manila!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(photos without watermark courtesy of Jeck Simbulan for Vaseline)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Contest Time: Last Day of Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime

(Note from Author: Daily exciting contests from Day 1-6 of The Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime will close on May 30, 2010 Sunday 11:59pm.  Hurry up in typing down your answers by clicking Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5)  Don't forget there's Day 6 right below!)

All winners will be announced on April May 31, 2010 Monday!


Hey AMW readers!  I'm back to reality the moment I am writing this final contest piece for YOU who were there with me all throughout my Road Trip Adventure.  Thank you!

On my trip back to Manila, I've looked at trees, water forms, houses, animals and people.  I like staying awake during a trip and look around and imagine how would a thing or person really feels in that instant.  I call it my creative imagination!  And I would like YOU, my readers, to try this creative imagination  game I call my own.  

So many emotions has been shown on this Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime.  The 6 days Road Trip was enough for people to see the real me.  I have 8 Photos of Nikki's different emotions below and scroll down for contest mechanics!

Inside Paoay Church

Walking on the streets of Laoag

After Shopping for Bracelets at Laoag

Inside Paoay Church

Watching Mr. Go doing his Pottery

At Vigan

In BenCab Museum, Baguio

Inside Ukay Ukay shop, Baguio

Contest no. 6:
Pick one photo and tell me my exact emotions.  You can be creative in creating your own storyline.  The sky's the limit!  The closest answer will be announced the winner!
Contest mechanics: (For Local Female Readers Only)
1. Comment with picture number, your creative answer together with your name and email address
3. Only 1 comment per person.
4. The entry with the closest answer will be picked as winner and will be announced on this blog
5. All the winners will be announced on a separate post AFTER my Road Trip! 
6. Read the Full Terms and Conditions by smiling and clicking HERE

I want to thank Jeck Simbulan for taking the "Many Faces of Nikki" in the 6 days Vaseline Experience of a Life Time Roadtrip!  I swear this is one unforgettable experience!  

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

Last Day of RoadTrip!

As I woke up at Bloomfield Hotel, Baguio.  I went out to the balcony to check out the view of Baguio in the morning as I think about my whole Road Trip experience.  I can't believe it's going to be over soon!  

Though the last day will include a nice pampering experience, we went to Cap-John Hay previously called Camp John Hay.  This is a nice place to relax and smell of fresh air is enticing because of the surrounding pine trees.  That's why I was  not surprised to learn that this location was used in the past as a recreational facility for employees of the US Military.  This place was turned over to the government of the Philippines in the year 1991 and it was opened to the public as a tourist spot in Baguio.

I love how this photo was taken by Jeck for Vaseline Philippines.  Pine trees giving us huge hug!

While me and my Road Tripper friends waited for the camera to roll, we took time to bond even more by talking about how much we'll miss each other after this Road Trip of a Lifetime Experience.

We caught Jeck taking shots of us three, and the immediate reaction?  POSE!  Or was it Jeck asking us to pose?  *laughs* I can't keep track, the whole trip has been comfortable enough for us to be who we are even with video and cameras around!

*sigh* How I wish I can be here everyday after work!

Before we ended the trip, our wonderful friends from Vaseline gave us 3 a gift of "relaxation".  And what more could a any girl ask for after days of adventure?  Pampering Time!!!  

Ada, Hannah and Myself
All excited for the "US" Time! 

I chose "Strawberry Massage Treatment" because I'm in Baguio anyways!  If Baguio's specialty is "Bagoong"  (Shrimp Paste), I wouldn't mind having "Bagoong Massage Treatment" too! *laughs hard*  Doesn't this photo looks delish?  I should include this in my food post! *LOL*

(Note from author: Including this in the food post is a joke, never eat spa products no matter how yummy it looks and smell)

 All ready for the 2.5 hours of scrubbing, sauna and massaging!  This is a lovely "cherry-on-top" to the whole "ice cream yummy" experiences!

 Please visit Vaseline Road Trip website to check out my fellow RoadTripPals' experiences.  They also give out daily gift packs from Vaseline from day 1 to day 6!  Winners will be announced very very soon!

Also, stay tune for the final question to win the exact experience we had with you and your friends!  Isn't that awesome?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
(Photos without watermark from Jeck Simbulan for Vaseline Philippines)