Saturday, August 17, 2013

Something New: More Flirty Little Secret...

Ah, my title caught your attention right?
Well, the flirty little secret won't be a secret any longer as I'm unboxing this cute box that I received from dear friend Sophie...

Excited to see what's inside?

3S Pre-glued Lashes!  More than a year ago, I reviewed these pre-glued lashes HERE and I highly recommend these lashes to first time lash wearers as it is indeed very difficult to apply false lashes on oneself!  Say "AYE" if you agree!  

These lashes are pricier than regular falsiesbut I highly recommend this for personal use as you can wear them again and again on special occasions!  The lash hairs look quite natural and so far, with care, my 2 pairs are still alive up until this very moment! A good investment indeed!

Back of the packaging and instruction on how to apply.

After a year and a half, I'm happy Beauty & Minerals added more styles to choose from!  I will share to you the different styles and I'll let you know for which particular occasion or event I personally think the lashes will look good at!  Of course, that's just my suggestion!  It's a free country to wear any lash style you want!  Work it baby! *winks*

Adorable has short hairs on both ends while the longer part are concentrated at the center.  I find these pairs to work for girls who would like their eyes to appear larger!  

This pair of lashes have fuller lash hairs, the inner corner are shorter and it goes longer on the outer edge.  This may surprise you but I find this pair to work well not only on night parties but also on weddings!  These are the types of lashes that will register on cameras and videos on your special day!

Keep in mind that it takes a whole lot of practice for bride to wear this type of falsies.

 Lofty is almost similar to Glamour but the lash hairs are longer!  I will definitely recommend this pair to girls who are used to wearing falsies!  Cosplayers can use this pair for those anime-eyes!

 Lovely is indeed a pair lovely to look at!  This works on most eye shapes.  The effect of this pair is more on doll-like!  Very sweet, mysterious and cute.

I have a pair of MAC falsies similar to Sunburst and I find this pair to work for girls with already good amount of lashes!  For me who have non-existent lashes, I find these to look a bit unnatural on me.

Fluffy lashes!  That's what I call this pair!  This works for anyone who's looking for "HEY, Look at me!  I have vavavoom lashes!"  

These are the new styles of 3s Pre-glued lashes!
Again, these are pre-glued so they are way easier to use and there's no messy lash glue on your fingers or worst...eyes!

Which pair is your favorite?
My favorite is Adorable for regular days and Glamour if I want to add some drama in my life!

3s Pre-glued lashes are available at Beauty and Minerals website for Php250.00 (approx $5.95).
You can also purchase them at

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  1. Hahaha. Yeah Nikki your title really caught me haha. I was like "Whoa! FLIRTY SECRET?" I love the Adorable one btw. It's so simple :)

    1. Hi Lhen, hahah I got you there right? Who doesn't want to know the flirty secret ba? hahahah


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