Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: My 34th Birthday!

Today is my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me! :)
I've celebrated 5 birthdays in this blog!  I can still remember the day I turned 30 and it felt like months ago!  
To celebrate my special day, I'm sharing a kiddie birthday nail art as mid-30s or 40s or 50s, we can always be child-at-heart!

My 24th Birthday Nails!
*ahem*  mistyped, I meant 34th!  *laughs*

Step 1:
Though my doctor gave me a go signal on using nail polishes, I am still very careful with the nail polish brands I use.  I make sure they are free from the Big 3 (toxic chemicals).  I skipped nail polish base and went ahead and apply 2 coats of Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Narcissist.
I wanted to create a girly, candy-like vibe so I applied this shade only on my pinky, middle and pointer fingernails.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AMW Bulletin: It's Clinique Bonus Time (March 2013)

Dear AMW Philippine Readers,
It's Clinique Bonus Time once again and I have to admit, the "thrifty me" loves to wait for this moment to repurchase my Clinique's 3-Step System.  Who doesn't love freebies?  Come on, you have to admit it, if a freebie looks THIS good (photo below), we go crazy!

The above bonus is free with a single receipt purchase of Php5,000 (approx $125.00) from March 1-17, 2013.

**photo from Clinique Philippines

The limited Lilac Pouch comes with your bonus, available only for first 500 clients.  A different pouch will be offered once supplies run out so hurry! hurry! HURRY!

Included in the pouch ---
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 15ml
  • Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser 15ml 
  • All About Eyes Rich 5ml
  • Moisture Surge Face Spray 30ml
  • Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum 10ml
  • Chubby Stick Super Strawberry 1.2 g
I am so happy they added the Chubby Stick sample in this month's Clinique Bonus Time and my ultimate "want to try" Moisture Surge Face Spray!!!  

Are you excited for this month's Clinique Bonus Time?
I can't get any more excited than this!

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Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in RD304 Hibiscus Review

I've always been envious of people who can wear any brand of lipsticks!  Whether high end or drugstore brand, the lip color always manages to look great on their oh-so-lovely lips.

As for me, I'm born with lips that has been slathered with dozens of lip balm and lip treatment but at the end of the day, it ends up looking like a crocodile worth selling to Hermes stores, maybe I could earn a bit of money from it!  *laughs*

Now that I'm embracing and loving what God has given me, I've finally came into a conclusion that when it comes to lip products, I need to invest on moisturizing lipsticks whether expensive or not as they are the only ones that work for me!  (Don't mind me if I still review matte textured lipsticks as I use them on clients!)   And well, you can't blame me as I get sidetracked by lovely shades most matte lipsticks have!

Today, I will be reviewing another one of the most moisturizing lipsticks I've tried from Shiseido.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in RD304 Hibiscus
I actually learned this line is quite new.  I called in local Shiseido counter to check if they're available in stores and yes!  They are!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AMW Reviews: BYS Bronzing Powder

Ah, the power of Bronzing, if done right, you'll look like a Sun Goddess!  
But why are we scared to use bronzing powders?  Maybe, it's the dirty, muddy look?  Bronzing powders can turn us into a shade or two darker?  Or maybe it looks too sparkly under the sun we may end up looking oily?

There are so many factors that could stop us from using one of the most loved makeups by actors and actresses.  Why?  Bronzing powders give a healthy look and can hide freckles, the best part?  It can also give you an instant "slim" overall look!

IF, you are using the right bronzing powders meant for your skin tone!

Today, I will be reviewing a bronzing powder that's unique in terms of its "physical" look and of course, the color!  This is one of the lightest bronzing powder I own which I believe would work really well as a natural bronzing powders for medium to fair skin tones and could work as a highlighter for medium dark to dark skin tones!

BYS Bronzing Powder with Sun Design

BYS says ---
This sun design bronzer by BYS gives a sheer, natural finish that can also be built for desired intensity. This is the ultimate solution for a sunless tan that is easily created within seconds giving you a smooth flawless finish.

Size: 8g

AMW says ---
  • Very cute sun design that can brighten up my day each time I pull this out.
  • Build-able intensity.
  • Very natural effect.
  • Doesn't give a dirty or muddy look like other bronzing powders.
  • Can double up as an eye shadow.
  • Price.
  • The product is Made in P.R.C. (People's Republic of China) which could be a con for others. 
A very natural, light bronzing powder with build-able intensity.

  • Can be applied as regular blush for a more natural look.
  • For an overall sun-kissed look, take out a big fluffy powder blush and apply BYS Bronzing Powder all over your face with light hand motion.
  • Fair skinned users must apply with light hand for a more natural finish.
  • Medium to dark skinned users may apply more.
  • Re-application may be needed within the day for people with oily skin.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who wants to create a healthy, just came out under the sun look without going under the sun!

Where to purchase and how much?
BYS cosmetics are available in major SM Department Stores and Watsons Beauty Outlets nationwide.  BYS Bronzing Powder costs Php249.00 (approx $6.23).  Like BYS Philippines on Facebook for more product updates.


A closer look on the sun design that brightens up my day!

BYS Bronzing Powder product details at the backside

Swatch on Hand
The color is almost golden than "brown". 

Since I'm officially on my 8th month pregnancy and my round cheeks are really starting to show, I'm glad to use the BYS Bronzing Powder on a daily basis to give some "life" and "energy" on my "haven't seen the sun for too long face".  It also gives a nice contour and dimension I want!
Have you seen BYS cosmetics on counters?
Would you give the BYS bronzing powder a try?

I am very happy I don't need much hand control when I use this particular bronzing powder due to its lighter nature.  I can imagine myself using this as a blush on a daily basis until I get back the natural contours of my face! *lol*

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Stay happy!

(Product received for PR purpose.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

Monday, February 25, 2013

AMW Reviews: The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside

The week of Valentine's, our dear friends from The Body Shop invited me to be part of their Valentine's Party!  I was a bit too late for the event but I was happy to be able to listen to at least half of the talk of "Love Yourself" by Ms. Ana Santos of Sense and Style and the makeup workshop done by the very talented TBS makeup artists.

After the event, I had a bit of talk with Danica and get to learn what new products to look forward to this year!  Since I got pregnant, I haven't been around cosmetic stores so it's nice to get updated once in awhile!

There's the Deliciously Sweet Strawberry Sweet and Fruity Range

and the Pure Indulgence Chocomania decadently chocolatey range for chocolate lovers out there!

Aside from those 2 new collections perfect for hearts day!  BB cream lovers!  Brace yourself, there's a new type of BB Cream called BB Serum!  A BB product lighter than regular creams?  Who doesn't like that?  After almost 2 weeks of constant usage, I'm ready to share to you my initial thoughts of the Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside that's meant for all skin types!
The Body Shop says ---

Want brighter-looking skin, day after day?  You got it!  Meet new Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside SPF 25 PA+++, our supercharged, skin-caring BB Cream that's infused with serum powered by shiso.  The results are so noticeable that 71% of 100 Asian women who tried it saw instantly fairer skin upon application.

Our entire moisture White Shiso range is inspired by the humble herb shiso which is a member of the mint/basil family and believed to reduce early melanin-making signals for brighter, more luminous skin.

8 Benefits in 1
  • Brightening
  • Instant Hydration
  • Natural Finish
  • Easily Blendable
  • UV Protection (mineral sunscreen SPF25 PA+++)
  • Soothing
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Lightweight

Size: 30ml

AMW says ---
  • Pump bottle making it easy to control the amount of product needed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Has a matte, oil-free finish.
  • Comes with SPF25 and PA+++ (note the 3 pluses).
  • Gives an instant brightening effect.
  • Has a good amount of coverage.  Events out the skin, pores where reduced and under eye circles where brightened even without the use of concealers.
  • Has a good amount of oil control.
  • No skin irritations even on first use.
  • Comes in 1 shade, the shade is a tad bit lighter on my skin.  (Read tips on how to control the color by using liquid/cream/powder foundation)
  • Price.  Some may find this a bit pricey for a 30ml tube.
  • Can't tell about the overall whitening/brightening effect for now as I only use the product for less than a month.

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside is a lighter version of most BB Creams, has added SPF25 PA+++ with skin benefits to help whiten skin after constant use.  The product gives a matte finish yet has a brightening effect leaving the skin looking healthy.  The added bonus is the good coverage this BB Serum making my makeup last longer (note: Author has dry/combination skin.)

from The Body Shop
  • Use Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside as the final step of your morning skincare routine.
  • Apply with your fingers, gently blending over the face with small circular movements.
  • For optimum skin brightening, use with Moisture White skincare products to cleanse, tone, treat, moisture and perfect your complexion.
from AMW

  • Dry skinned individuals need to moisturize skin properly prior to BB serum application as this product (though a serum) has a cream-like texture that needs moisture for product to be applied evenly.
  • If you have sensitive skin, it is best to do a patch test before applying all over your face.
  • Do not forget to apply the neck area.
  • If TBS Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside is a tad bit light on you, control the color by letting the product sit for a couple of minutes and use a darker foundation to even out the color of your face and neck.
  • For people who doesn't have much skin problems, you can use TBS BB Serum and set with a translucent face powder.  No extra foundation or concealer is needed due to the nice coverage the product gives.
  • Oily-skinned individuals may need to retouch or use oil-control films after 4 hours.
  • Please try on testers before you purchase!  The shade may darken on you while some could look too white with this BB serum on.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
All skin types who are fair skinned.  The rest of the medium to dark skin tones can still use this product but may have to control the color by following up with a foundation to even out the shade.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local The Body Shop stores for Php1,395.00 (approx $34.87).  Price may vary according to location. Please LIKE The Body Shop Philippines on Facebook for more products and events update.


Pump packaging that needs to be cleaned once in awhile for hygiene purpose.

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside looks like regular BB cream.

Upon spreading the product, the texture is like that of a BB Cream but has a lighter feel.

The shade looks like "Ivory" on most foundations but with a "brighter" look.

Upon blending and waiting for the product to "settle in", it doesn't look as white as it was originally applied.  

Before and After shot 
(left bare skin, right with TBS Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside)
As seen on photo, redness on my cheeks and even my tiny mole was covered by just the application of BB serum.  The overall effect looks natural on photo but in person, my face around 2 shades lighter than my neck which I can easily correct by using 2 shades darker powder foundation.  

Though I suffer from dry skin, the product didn't magnify the dryness of my skin.

AMW wearing The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside 

Have you tried the old Shiso BB Cream from The Body Shop?
Are you willing to give the BB Serum a try after reading this review?

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(Product received during an event.  Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

AMW Bulletin: Beyond Beautiful + Giveaway (Closed!!!)

Winners picked March 17, 2013
Congratualtions to ---

Today, I will be sharing a New Cream Silk Commercial video that will be shown on television!  Our dear Heart Evangelista is the new Cream Silk Woman as she goes beyond beautiful with the power of smoother, shinier, so full of life hair!

To celebrate this new commercial, Cream Silk Philippines is giving away 2 gift packs for AMW readers!  Please keep in mind though that the gift packs are not with me at the moment and winners have to pick them up at Bridges PR Makati Office.  (Full address details will be sent to the 2 lucky winners!)  Please read mechanics and follow instructions.

  • Like AskMeWhats on Facebook.
  • Follow @AskMeWhats on Twitter.
  • Watch and tweet about the video (video link: with hash tag #BeyondBeautiful  #AskMeWhatsCreamSilk 
  • Click comment in this blog post ONLY ONCE together with your name and email address.
  • Answer this query: "Tell me how you are Beyond Beautiful."  This is a simple activity to remind us to love ourselves!
  • Contest is open to readers in the Philippines who can pick up prize in Makati.
  • Contest starts today ends March 15, 2013.
  • 2 Winners will be picked via fruit machine.

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Weekend Food Trip at: Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Happy Sunday dear AMW friends!  Ahhh, yesterday was another full and busy Saturday for me but it was all worth it!  The last leg of the Benefit Emergency Fine One One Workshop was a success and I'm so happy to have met wonderful makeup enthusiasts like myself.  I used to attend makeup workshops like crazy and I up to this very moment, I still can't believe that I'm doing all the teaching!  I know I still have a lot to learn in this field but I am so happy to have shared some simple tips and knowledge about makeup artistry!  So thanks Benefit Philippines for trusting me.

The gorgeous attendees at Benefit Rustans Makati

AMW with the Benefit Team!

Since today is a Sunday and technically, it's a food trip post!  Let me share to you one of the newest restaurant I've tried the past few weeks with blogger friend Angela.  

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
I heard about Watami Restaurant from our family friend/uncle/godfather and we were told it's worth to visit the restaurant as you get quality Japanese food at an affordable price!  At that time, as we took a glimpse inside the restaurant, it was fully packed so we've decided to revisit weeks after!  

As I had a couple of meetings at SM Mall of Asia, I've decided to meet and catch up with Angela and we've decided to continue our "bonding" at Watami!  

As we entered the restaurant, we were immediately transferred to a modern and chic interiors and I can't help but felt impressed!

The chairs reminded me so much of "bayong" (bag made from woven buri palm leaves). 

Assorted Skewer
Php295.00 (approx $7.38)
Since we weren't that hungry, we've decided to taste something of variety so both Mr. AMW and I have decided to try on their assorted skewer.  You get chicken, pork and beef wrapped with either bacon or have vegetable fillings!  All of them are tasty and it's the best way to try on different types of meat in a platter!

Watami Ramen
Php345.00 (approx $8.66)
Mr. and Ms. Lush Angel ordered this and shared this dish as they were both full from their late snack!  I want to thank them both for coming over for dinner with full stomach as I believe they enjoyed our company so much! *winks*  The Watami Ramen earned thumbs up from the couple and I can't wait to try them when I revisit the restaurant.

Beef Sukiyaki
Php365.00 (approx  $9.13)
   Additional Ramen Set 
Php225.00 (approx $6.00)
Since it is Mr. & Ms Lush Angel's second time to visit Watami Restaurant, we were told the Beef Sukiyaki is a must order so we didn't give it a second thought and ordered it right away!  Just to make sure this pregnant lady won't get too hungry, we've decided to order additional Ramen and it was a great decision (though the extra ramen seems a bit pricey for the amount you get) as the Beef Sukiyaki set was housed in a small stainless pot!  I wish they would use a larger pot as I love to drink soup!  One order that was said to be good for sharing may only be enough for 1 hungry person!  


Overall, don't mind me, I'm complaining about the size because the dish was quite tasty and delicious I want more! :D

Note: Pot looks big on photo but smaller in person

Of course, with my Bistro Card, I was able to get 25% discount plus creme brulee with loads of singing from the wonderful staffs of Watami!  

Mr. and Ms. Lush Angel with Mr. & Mrs. AMW

Overall, service was great, their staffs are very helpful and well-trained.  I will definitely go back to this restaurant, this time, bringing the rest of my family to give this Casual Japanese Restaurant a try!  I can't wait to try their rice dishes!

The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payments.  Separate service charge will be included in the bill.

Read Watami Singapore experience HERE

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
SM Mall Of Asia
Level 2, Entertainment Mall,
North Veranda, SM Mall of Asia
Tel. no: (632)5117572

 G/F, The New Glorietta Mall,
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. no: (632)8080475

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

AMW Reviews: Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte

Last Saturday of the month of February!  I can't believe my 34th birthday is coming up soon!  Well, I've got nothing more to ask for my birthday but for the safety delivery of Baby AMW!  He's definitely God's greatest gift to us!

Remember the Launch of Kerastase Resistance Force Architecte?  (Refresh your mind by clicking HERE).  Gosh, I just realized it was exactly a year ago!  I have been a long time Kerastase user as I vouched myself I'll spend a little bit more for my hair as I've been treating my hair quite badly with all those heating tools!  I use blow dryer, flat irons and curling irons on a regular basis and if my hair can talk, they're probably saying: "#$*@&!@)" to me right now!  *laughs*

Since I like to rotate my shampoo, masque and serum usage, I've finally hit the pan with both the Bain Force Architecte Shampoo and the Masque Force Architecte (Masque).  I'm halfway done with the serum so I'm definitely ready to share my thoughts on my experience using this line which is meant for hair with erosion level 3 and 4.  If the numbering is foreign for you, let's just say, this line is made for hair that are SUPER damaged from chemical treatment and heating tools!

Let's start with...

Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte 
 250ml for Php1,485 (approx $34.50)

  • Smells great!
  • Hair feels lighter and easier to manage.
  • Doesn't leave oily or greasy residue.
  • Hair strands feel stronger after a month usage.
  • No dandruff no scalp irritations occur.
  • Price 
  • Super dry/chemically-treated hair may still need the extra help of a conditioner after shampooing.

  • Massage product only hair and leave it for a couple of minutes before you lather.
  • Follow up with a conditioner of choice and apply from mid-shaft of hair down to the ends.
  • Once signs of irritations occur, stop usage immediately.

Kerastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte
(Hair Masque)
200ml for Php2,227 (approx $51.80)


  • Smells exactly the same as the shampoo.  Smells heavenly.
  • Though it felt nothing after wash, hair feels soft, smooth and easy to comb while blow drying.
  • Dryness and frizzy hair were dramatically lessened.
  • Doesn't feel as rich or thick as that of regular hair masque.  It is very difficult to "feel" that the right amount have been applied on hair!
  • Price
  • Apply a good amount of product on scalp and hair, gently massage and leave it for at least 10-15 minutes.  
  • It is much better to do this treatment at least once a week for sensitized hair.
  • Best applied on damp hair leaving it for a couple of minutes with a shower cap or towel.
Kerastase Resistance Fibre Architecte 
(Hair serum)
30ml for Php1,860 (approx $43.25)

 Unique packaging of Fibre Architect.  2 types of serum come out at the same time.

  • Scent is stronger than that of the shampoo and masque.  Could be a pro to some or con to others.
  • Doesn't weigh down hair.
  • Never feels oily or greasy.
  • Gets absorbed into the hair shaft easily leaving hair soft and easy to manage.
  • Hair condition improves with constant usage.  
  • Protects the hair from constant styling.
  • Price
  • Best applied on damp hair prior to blow drying.
  • Massage a dime size amount of product on your hand and spread product directly on damp hair.  Do not apply product on the roots as it may weigh down your hair.
Overall, I originally thought the Nutri Thermique line is my favorite but this jumps up to my number one spot for Kerastase products!  I haven't used a whole lot but his line is my favorite for now as all the products I used didn't give me the allergies or dandruff that I get on most shampoos.  Aside from that, after finishing up both products (Shampoo and Masque) I can definitely feel the improvement of my hair as I don't get to treat my hair at salon due to pregnancy!  I'm glad I have the right type of hair products to help me ease through ugly hair due to changing hormones!

Have you finally tried any Kerastase products? If yes, what particular line?  Do you think it's worth the price you paid?

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 (Product received for PR purpose.  Reviews 100% mine  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

AMW Reviews: Yves Rocher Pure System SOS Blemish Corrector 6H

Happy Friday AMW Friends!  I realized that I did a review on a whole lot of concealers but I haven't really blogged about concealers that are focused on blemish correcting!  Maybe, it's because I'm born perfect and I don't have zits?  *laughs*  Just joking!  I do have my fair share of zits and acne-related stories but that happened when I was still in high school and I wasn't allowed to wear makeup then!  And to be honest, I don't see much makeup brands back then!  Yes, I know, high school seems like CENTURIES ago!  :P

Today, I'm finally reviewing a concealer that's made for spot correcting! Don't get me wrong, I do have zits and spots every now and then but I am too lazy to use products that specifically target those problems!  I'm an all-in-one product type of girl!  *winks*

Yves Rocher says ---
Hide imperfections and dry in one step.
Targeted dual action:
  • All day long concealed pimples.
  • After 6 hours: dried pimples.
Formulated and tested under medical supervision.  Paraben-free.
Size: 10ml

AMW says ---
  • Easy to carry tiny tube packaging.
  • Easy to control amount of product needed to squeeze out.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Has a cooling effect and does dry out pimple and spots.
  • Gives good amount of coverage if applied correctly.
  • 1 shade only.
  • Could be drying on skin.
  • Product may not be effective on long time zits and spots.
A good spot corrector as the color can counteract redness and other acne marks.  Has a cooling effect and according to my sister, it does dry up "newly sprouted" pimples not in 6 hours, it takes longer but it has a drying effect.

  • Apply a small quantity of the product directly on the blemish.
  • Use patting motion.
  • For zits, I strongly suggest to use a very fine concealer brush to apply the product directly on the area and blend out harsh edges.
  • If the Yves Rocher SOS Blemish Corrector shade is different from your skin, it helps to apply this concealer prior to foundation application!
  • Feel free to re-apply concealer after foundation application (if the shade matches your skin tone).
Will I repurchase?
Not for me but I wouldn't mind recommending!  My sister loves this!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who suffers from pimples, acne marks, spots and blemishes of all sorts.

Where to purchase and how much?
Php450.00 (approx $11.25) at Yves Rocher  TriNoma Mall, SM North Edsa The Block, SM South Mall, SM Fairview and Ayala Center Cebu.


Lipgloss-like packaging

I prefer to apply a tiny amount of product at the back of my hand and warm it up with my fingers before applying directly on to the areas needed for concealing.  The reason for this is the warmth of my fingers can make the product apply smoothly as compared to direct application as I have dry skin!  
If you have oily skin, it is okay to apply product directly on zit using your fingers or brush. 

 Yves Rocher Pure System SOS Blemish Corrector 6H has a salmon shade.  If not for its pimple fighting properties, this shade works so well for my under eye circles.

 Warming up the product at the back of my hand makes it easier to create smoother application.  The product tends to sit in lines around the skin so be careful!

Note: Do not apply this product on the under eye area just like I did, this is only for demonstration purpose.  The product has cooling effect which is meant for spots and blemishes and contains ingredients that can dry up unwanted pimples. 

Do you agree with me how perfect the shade is to counteract the darkness around my eyes?  Unfortunately, this product isn't meant for the under eye area!  According to my sister, this covers her pimples and red marks pretty well and she's okay with the product even if the drying effect doesn't take quick effect.

Do you use separate concealer for under eye area and for spots?
I am quite lazy and straightforward with my makeup application, I may do all sorts of steps for clients but I prefer using one concealer for both under eye circles, redness around the face and some spots!  Call me lazy...yes I am! :)

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