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How to Get Good Skin (Shower Edition)

You probably have an idea on what I use on my face, body, hands and feet based on the products I review each day.  But what do I really use when I take a shower?  What do I do to protect my skin keeping it (as much as possible) healthy and smooth?

Okay, I've thought about this post so many times and I get a bit overwhelmed because I just have so many bath products!  Blame the "Beauty Blogger" in me.  To keep this post simple and straightforward, I will divide this post into Hair Care, Body Care and so on so that won't think I'm using too many products!  *laughs* 

No judging okay? 

To start off, it helps to make your "shower room", "bathing area", "comfort room" (depends on how you call it) as comfortable as possible.  Why?  Because it is actually a place where you get the ULTIMATE ME time!  Not unless you always take shower with another person *winks winks*  Okay, back to R-rating!  Shower time is like the ultimate "rest" for me especially now that I'm a mommy!  So make each shower experience worth it and your skin will also thank you for it!

To give you an idea on the products I use for my body, here's an "overview".  By the way, I have a total of 3 racks and this one, I call my "Body Rack" (Body rock!)

To start off, keep in mind that I change products every now and then but the "basics" will always be there.  What are my basics? 

Body Wash  
(Watsons Baby Bath/ Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash/ 
WM Watsons Men Energising Shower Gel for Mr. AMW)  
As much as I like to use soaps (when I'm in a hurry), most of the time, I go for Body Wash because aside from its luxurious-feel, body washes are more hydrating and gentle which is good for dry and sensitive skin.  I also prefer the ones for babies because they use gentle ingredients.

Body Scrub   
(Watsons Deep Moisturizing Body Scrub in Cocoa Butter)
I used to stay away from Body Scrubs because my excuse will always be "I have dry skin, why do I need to make it even drier?"

Well exfoliation is definitely an important element in shower care no matter what your skin type is.  Why?  Exfoliating at least once a week will help remove dead skin cells as well as it can help even out our skin tone and keep our skin soft and hydrated.  Based on research, exfoliating regularly will help prevent body acne (from sweat and dirt) and for you who likes to shave and wax?  Listen up!  Exfoliating will prevent ingrown hairs as dead skin cells tend to block hair follicles from growing.

Just a quick tip based from my own experience, never scrub too hard or too often as you will take off healthy cells leaving your skin sore and extremely dry.  Keep in mind every time you exfoliate that you are only removing dead skin cells, not kill a murderer! :P

Whitening Scrub
(Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub)
 For someone who's not into whitening products, you'd be surprise I have at least 1 whitening item in my bathroom (soaps, scrubs or lotions).  What do I use it for?  I use this to "spot" clean, areas that tend to darken up like my elbows and knees will have a field day!  They are definitely NOT ignored!

And of course, just like makeup, tools are very important to achieve better looking skin.  I'm a queen of bathing tools!

Bath Back Brush with Nylon Puff
This was just a recent purchase and it is the answer to all my "can't reach my back" problems!  I can't believe I just discovered it recently and I love this so much!  I can definitely wear backless clothes anytime of the day!  *winks*

Bath Towel 
Another recent discovery.  Homemakers out there, have you tried using wash cloth instead of the usual sponges in washing your dishes?  SAME CONCEPT!  I find using Bath Towel the perfect way to really clean every part of my body!  I can easily wrap the "towel" on my hand and I find I use lesser bath soap!

Bath Gloves
I slip on my bath gloves when I use my Whitening Products.  Scrub-a-dub-a-dub on my elbows and knees and the extra "rough" texture can easily slough off dead skin!

Bathing Puff
I used to purchase "bathing puffs" like crazy years ago!  I find this my "least favorite" bathing tools because I tend to pour in more body wash and after constant use, they tend to loosen up and go crazy!  And you know how OC I am with the shape of the puff!  :D  But of course, I will still include it here because it is a personal preference, some of you may love them dearly!

On more showering tips for healthy, good skin:
  • Shower with lukewarm water (not hot water) to keep your skin from getting dry.
  • Try to shower not longer than 10 minutes (sorry for those who love to shower for more than 10 minutes) but lingering too long inside the shower will strip off your body's natural oils.  That's a no-no especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. 
  • Pat dry, never rub!  Okay, don't we just love rubbing our body with a huge towel after every shower?  Well, lesson learned, pat is the key if you want to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Moisturize!  Moisturize every single time after shower.  I didn't photograph any lotions, moisturizers or oils because I do that outside my bathroom!  I usually go for non-greasy body oil at night before I go to sleep as it is more hydrating than regular lotion.
So far, that's it!  I hope I didn't miss anything!  Those are my simple (hopefully, non-stressful) tips on how I take care of my body!

But of course, having a healthy skin is not enough, you have to have a good outlook in life and release all the stress when you take a shower!  In my case, music comes in!  I have a playlist for "shower time" and "youngsters" out there?  My playlist is Dinosaur to you! *hahaha*

AMW using Smart Deezer

Any other bathing tips you may want to add?
Do you have a "shower" playlist?

*All products mentioned are available at Watsons stores and leading supermarket nationwide.

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  1. Actually, time after time is included in my shower time playlist ^_^ #90sKid hehe I love watsons products but I have yet to try the body wash since I use a different one. I'm planning to buy one though! ;)

    1. Sis! 80s ang Time after time! hahaha naaalala mo siguro yung movie na Romy and Michelle High School reunion! 90s kid ka nga talaga! But can you imagine dancing to that song?(interpretative dance) inside the shower? hahaha

      Okay, tatawa ka ulit! :) see you soon! Try the Scrub! Super nice!!!!

  2. Oh my god nikki! you are so funny! I enjoyed this post and I use Watsons Bath products too! They are affordable and really good.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this post and yes, I agree about Watsons Products, I'm glad they are available now! I used to buy Watsons label in other countries pa! :D

  3. Love this post :) Noted on the 10 mins max shower. Sometimes, I go over 20mins but that's when I have to put a hair mask on etc, hirap maging girl :)

    1. It is okay when you apply hair mask etc as you turn the shower off naman di ba? :) The 10min max is for "running water" :) hirap nga maging girl sinabi mo pa!

  4. What body oil do you use?


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