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Happy Skin Zit Zapper Second Skin ZZ Cream Review

And I was joking to my friends about DD, EE, FF creams...look what we have now..the ultimate "double letter" cream --- ZZ!
And this time, I am not joking!  ZZ stands for Zit Zapper which is Happy Skin's version of their ultimate "BB Cream".

I've had this all along since the launch but I recently got the chance to use and test this.  I had to wait for my skin allergies to die down so I can really make sure whatever reactions I get from testing ZZ Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream  stays true.

The moment I learned about ZZ Cream being the Foundation for Acne Prone and Sensitive skin --- I have huge doubts inside my head!  How can a product works for Acne Prone skin and Sensitive skin at the same time?  Well, partners Rissa and Jacqe from Happy Skin are very confident with these so I had to try this out myself!

Happy Skin says ---


AMW says ---
  • Packaging
  • Non-silicone so won't block pores. 
  • Lightweight feel.
  • Does not dry out my skin considering the key ingredient - salicylic acid.
  • Brightens my skin.
  • Covers minimal flaws.
  • Evens out my skin.
  • Build-able coverage.
  • None of the white cast even on direct flash.
    • Only 1 shade available.  Happy Skin proudly announces that the ZZ cream adjusts to individuals' skin tone but if you are extremely fair or extremely dark, do test the product out to be sure!
    • It gives me a "dewy", hydrated look after several hours (a PRO for me) but a con for oily skin users.  
    • The texture, a bit more blending is needed as compared to other foundation/creams.
    A non-silicone lightweight cream foundation that gives radiant glow and even finish. 


    • If you have extremely sensitive skin, do a patch test before you try new product.
    • If you suffer from acne, go see a dermatologist.  
    • If you find this too light or dark on you, you can always adjust by using the lighter or darker shade of powder foundation.
    • If you have extremely dry skin (like me), moisturize properly prior to ZZ cream application.
    • If you have extremely oily skin, use oil-control primer underneath.
    • Do you oil up midday?  Blot with an oil-control blotter, never pile on powder products.
    • This ZZ Cream is best paired with Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation.  Seriously, the best combination!
    • Application tool?  Best to use your fingers for product to "warm up" and blends easily.
    • Your trustee concealer is needed if you need heavier coverage.
    • Since one of the key ingredients is salicylic acid, I try to steer clear on applying close to the eyes (just to be sure!)
    Will I repurchase?
    No. I'm not a fan of using salicylic acid (daily) so SS creme would probably work better for me.

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    Acne-prone skin who are also sensitive to makeup and skin care products. 

    Where to purchase and how much?
    Click the link to know where to purchase Happy Skin Products (
    Priced at Php1,299.00 (approx $29.50)

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    I love to use my fingers in application as the warmth of my fingers help make it easier to blend the ZZ Cream.  I like to apply using "downward strokes" going to the direction of the growth of facial hair to avoid streaks.

    Before and After
    With just a little amount of Happy Skin ZZ Cream, my skin looks more radiant, more even skin tone and it covers some redness on the sides of my nose and lessen undereye darkness.

    Half Face Test
    Left facing you: with a thin layer of Happy Skin ZZ Cream
    Right facing you: bare faced
    I did not apply any makeup at all in this photo just to show you the effect of using Happy Skin ZZ cream alone.  

    I can wear Happy Skin ZZ cream alone as I like the dewy finish (after several hours) as my skin is extremely dry.  I like the fact that I look like I'm not wearing any makeup at all but the redness and undereye darkness lessened big time!

    Have you tried Happy Skin ZZ Cream?
    How do you like the effect on me?

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    (Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


    1. Thanks for sharing I have oily skin I cant use product with a dewy finish :(

      1. actuallyt he finish is "dewy" but NOT oily at all, you may try it on testers and see :D


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