Tuesday, August 25, 2015

AMW Wears: Wood Watch

So recently, I posted on Instagram my new Wood Watch!  I wore it a couple of times during events and meetings and I got compliments!

The brand is from JORD Watch and the model I got is called Sidney- Cherry& Mother Pearl.

I couldn't be any happier as I picked the perfect model that depicts my personality --- VERSATILE.

 JORD Wood Watch photo

A little bit of background about me and my love for watch!  I started probably at a young age when my mom first bought me my small-faced, colorful kiddie watch.  It was inexpensive, yet I wore it almost 24/7.  Then whenever we celebrate special occasions like birthdays or graduation day, my family would gift me with a nice pair of watch, and that "kinda" lives until today.

So yes, most of my watch has a story to tell!  Half of them from Mr. AMW by the way!

I pick the watch I wear depending on my mood and the outfit I wear!  I also take note on the bag and shoes and I want them to go well together --- not match --- but looks cohesive in my eyes.

So when I was contacted by JORD watch, I hesitated a bit because I am prying away from international online shopping (local readers would understand the customs issues.)  But as I was scrolling down their site, I was drawn to this particular piece because of the design, the color and best of all, the Mother of Pearl face!  And if I may have to add, the price isn't bad at all!

Sidney Timepiece - Cherry

Upon payment, you can have your watch adjusted to your wrist size with this simple step.

and the sizing was perfect!

It was housed in a gorgeous wooden box and protected with bubble wrap on shipment!  It was also in a box so the watch was indeed well protected.  Once you slide the cover of the box, the watch itself was resting on a pillow and here you find the extra "strap" when it got adjusted and some screws.  At the same time, they included a small terry cloth to wipe your watch and Limited Warranty Protection Card and instruction card on how to screw the crown.

The watch is battery operated --- I originally opted for automatic but it was unavailable but I'm extremely happy and contented with this.

Now the million dollar question is, how difficult it is to pick up the watch from our local P.O.?  As usual, I got a notice card and Mr. AMW went ahead to help me get this.  The customs officer actually was smart enough to research the watch on internet and showed hubby the price on site.  After calculation (they finally have a proper breakdown with a more formal letter), we were taxed Php1,500.00.

I was expecting less but judging by the look of the watch and Mr. AMW was impressed, he paid the tax and gave me THIS!

The total price of the watch (if purchased in the Philippines depending on your local customs office) is: USD199.00 (approx Php8,756.00) + Php1,500.00 = Php10,256.00.

Not bad considering the quality of the watch and the uniqueness of it.  At least I have a "Wood Watch" in my watch collection!

But another tip I may have to add, if you have relatives or friends who are traveling to the US or maybe, they live there and have plans to visit our country, you may have the watch shipped to their address and they can handcarry this piece back home!

As for me, I'm glad to have this "baby" with me.  The deep Red Sandalwood color and the added Swarovski studs made this watch so versatile!  I can wear this on a super casual day and even wore this during an event.

Which shade would you go for?
The right one is super  nice too right?
Acck, I have to get off the computer, NOW!

Purchase JORD Wood Watch HERE.  There are mother models to choose from for HIS and HERS. 
Instagram: @WoodWatches_com

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm not a watch lover but... this is gorgeous! I hate the hassle of putting your watch everyday, but this one I don't mind the hassle!

    1. naku, ako naman I feel weird without a watch, I always look at my wrist! :D

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  3. Both JORD watches look gorgeous. I saw Genzel of Genzel Kisses has a JORD watch too and my only concern was if it would last at least 3 years and the customer ish. You've said it's battery operated thus my first question was answered. I am planning to get hubby and I a pair of matching watch and I think this is perfect!

    1. ahhh well, most watch naman will last you longer (as long as good quality). I have several watches that are still functional even if they are inexpensive! :D Just store them in one area, wipe them off as necessary and of course, once battery is drained, have them changed immediately

  4. JORD watch looked so nice......BTW..where did you buy your shorts....


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