Thursday, February 18, 2016

Importance of Sunscreen and Join Watsons #SunWarriorChallenge

Why should I wear sunscreen when I'm not even heading over the beach?"
That sunscreen-related statement is probably the most overused statement of all times! 

I used to be like that, I used to just bring a sunscreen whenever I'm heading for a beach trip or whenever I travel abroad.  

Thankfully, Beauty Blogging changed my life!  From Sunscreen reviews to reading information about fine lines, wrinkles and probable skin cancer caused by the sun, I have already injected sun protection as part of my beauty routine and you should do the same!

If you feel most sunscreens are sticky, greasy and plain "icky-to-touch", well, you must be living under the rock!  There are so many available sunscreen brands out there that are made for our weather!

Some of my favorites are ---

Ocean Potion Sun Products

** All products mentioned above are available at Watsons.

That, maybe the secret to my healthy-looking skin for my age.  I may not go to the beach as often as before, I do stay outdoors for shoots as a makeup artist.

Aside from that, I also love walking my dogs during day time!

The activities I can do under the sun is limitless and I am happy to share my secret to a healthier-looking skin!  On days you get lazy to slather on your favorite sunblock, just a quick reminder in 3 straightforward points!
  •  Sunblock has been proven to decrease the chances of having skin cancer.
  • Sunblock helps prevent skin discoloration and brown spots.
  • Sunblock slows down the development of premature skin aging.
Yes!  The best skincare regimen is early protection!  And shameless plugging coming your way!  Don't forget to join my first AMW Workshop Series!  12 slots are filled and I am extending it to 15 slots max!  The workshop is all about Getting Ready for Summer

And speaking about SUN!  Watsons has a SunWarrior Challenge!  Feel free to register and be part of this 3K, 5K or 10K run!  For only Php950.00 registration fee! 

Now good news to my AMW followers!  You may get the chance to win a Race KIT from me and Watsons!  How?  By reposting the Watsons SunWarrior Challenge poster on my IG account (you have to wait for my upload) with hashtags #WatsonsSunwarrior #SunWarriorChallengewithAMW #SparkItPH

I will pick 2 winners!  So please regram and join if you're ready to do the run!


Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I've been using sunblock since my college days perhaps I've emptied truckload of snoe here comes the sun sunblock:D

  2. I love sunblocks! will never go out without putting some especially on my face! :) Joined in your contest though. Wanted to be part of that fun race. :)

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with sunblock. I like the idea of being protected from the sun but most sunblocks are a PITA to remove while others make my skin too dry. Also, I hate the white cast in photos due to spf.


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