Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What's Your #FossilStyle ?

The brand Fossil has been part of an important event in my life!  You know how Chinese have engagement parties and usually, would go for super expensive watches to display?  Mr. AMW went for the opposite route, we're both practical and chose for a watch that we can both use on a daily basis!  And it was Fossil watches we picked!

So when I got an invite to visit the Fossil boutique at Shangri-la Mall, I knew I had to be there and see what's up!

The store amazed me!  I haven't been to this particular store, heck, I haven't been shopping at stores for quite some times so imagine my amazement when I saw this!

Aside from watches that we know, Fossil also has stylish bags for both men and women alike.

For the minimalists

Cute simple bags and card holders for working women.

Backpacks for men

And more work-related bags and laptop bags.

I have always been a "long wallet" type of gal!  I don't like to fold my bills and don't ask me why!  So I got inspired looking for my next "possible" wallet!

More options to choose from.

And they also have alphabet key chains and I can't help but take out the 2 important letters!  No explanations needed!

And if you think men will get bored when you shop inside the Fossil Boutique, the answer is a big "NO"!  I am amazed at the wide variety of wallets for men!  They also have doctors' bag which my good friend Phoebe is "crushin' on" !

I love how the boutique displayed everything that sets my eyes and mind to ease.  Talk about the wonderful color palette they used.

Fossil Picks display --- for the clueless ones.

More Fossil Pick on Men's watches.  Available in stainless steel and leather straps.

Display for Women's watches

More Men's Watches

More Women's Watches

Have you found your pick?  Well, I picked 3!  I am so in love with this year's Pantone color in Rose Quarts.

I feel a decade younger wearing this!

Also tried the 2 others!  What do you think?

Phoebe is also having fun checking out awesome items from the store.  I will miss this girl so much!  She's off someplace FUN and exciting!  Do follow and read her blog for her adventures!  (www.phoebeann.me)

With gorgeous girl Maxine Marcelino

With Phoebe and Rochelle of PixRepublik PR

Seriously, should I?

Now here's the main reason for the event, Fossil Philippines officially launches the #FossilStyle instagram global contest!  You know how Filipinos are good at styling their Instagram photos right?  It's time to use this talent and get the chance to win as much as USD 1,500.00 shopping spree + the Season's Must-Have Bag!  


By sharing your fashion-inspired creations and posting it on Instagram with hashtag #FOSSILSTYLE .  Snap and share as many times as you want for better chances of winning.  For more contest information visit www.fossil.com/fossilstyle .

Just so you know, I've read the contest mechanics and this is a NO PURCHASE NECESSARY contest!  Contest ends July 25, 2016 so make sure to keep posting those lovely and inspiring photos!  Goodluck!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Totally unrelated... Love your nail color! May I know what nail color you're wearing in the photo? :D

    1. aww, I'm wearing a gel polish from Sally Hansen :D

  2. I can't help but grin, I too hate to use folded money (OC me here) and I also have a habit of arranging them in one direction so the heads printed in bill is aligned properly inside my wallet.

    Anyway I want those backpacks for men I don't care I'll buy one for me hahaha.

  3. Love the cobalt blue one. The skinny straps look great too.

  4. Fossil is love. my watch ever since...

  5. I love the bags! Especially the laptop bags and the backpacks!

    1. :) I was surprised how wide their range of bags are!


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