Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bangs Prime by Tony and Jackey Mucota Treatment and Haircut

How does having a good hair day feels on a daily basis?
That's why when it comes to haircut, I don't second guess!  I may go on different salons for a "trim" but when I wanted a better hairstyle (a.k.a. good layering in my dictionary)  I'll go for Tony & Jackey anytime of the day.  

Long time readers would know I always go to my favorite hairstylist Misty from Tony and Jackey SM San Lazaro branch!  But who would've thought my favorite salon has something more to offer especially for the coming years?

Bangs Prime is the name you should remember!  

Bangs Prime is a more "premier" version of the Tony & Jackey salon we knew from more than a decade ago.  The salon still offer the Korean way of hair service they've known for!  From Hair Perm, Hair Color, Rebond, Hair Manicure and Haircut.  

And I have to try their service from the branch recently opened at SM Megamall.

That's me and my lifeless hair after all the hair coloring!

After checking out my hair, I was told that Mucota Scena Clinic Treatment (Php3,000) is something I should try.

Mucota Treatment is a series of hair treatment that will help liven up your dry and dull hair at the same time, soften the hair strands and make them smoother and shinier for a month or so.  (depending on how you take care of it post treatment)

Mucota Scena Clinic Treatment is indeed a series of treatment which takes approximately 1 hour (haircut included).

I have to thank Ms. Levi for assisting me that day and for explaining each step.

It starts with a treatment called ETHOS.
Ethos is a PH balance treatment in which I was told my hair will "foam up" if it contain a lot of chemicals!  As you can see, my hair is definitely chemically-loaded!

Next step is ADEL.
Adel is a Moisture Base Treatment.  They section my hair per layer as they massage the moisture base treatment generously.  My hair was also wrapped and heat-treated for approximately 10-15 minutes.

3rd Step is Brava and Calore, it is a protein treatment housed in a spray bottle!  The product was "spritzed" onto my hair leaving it just for a couple of minutes.  I was told this product can't be left for longer period of time as it is oil-base which may weight down my hair.

Lastly, my favorite step of all!  The haircut that I've been longing for!  Dan is a Korean Hairstylist who has been in the Philippines for more than 4 years.  So he can speak and understand English and a little bit of Tagalog!  So it was a pleasure chatting with them!  I also explained to him my cut requirements and thankfully, he understood everything and delivered!

I have completed a haircutting course several years ago so it is always a pleasure for me to see "experts" do their thing with different kinds of scissors!  It is only at Bangs Prime I get to see stylist have more than 5 types of scissors and how they can maneuver them so gracefully!  Though Dan did what I requested, just a bit of trim but more of layering, everything was done flawlessly and my hair felt so light and bouncy at the same time, just perfect for the summer season!

with Mr. Sky Park, President of Bangs Prime Salon, who graciously welcomed each of us.

Check out the Ten Treats of April and I"m sure they have more offers for the month of May!

Overall, Mucota Scena Clinic is a treatment worth investing especially if you have damaged hair.  Several days after the treatment, my hair feels softer, very manageable and frizz-free!  I even got complimented with my hair color although it wasn't even refreshed for months!  The treatment also keeps my hair looking shinier and healthier and I can't stop running my fingers through my hair.

I want to thank Chin for arranging everything.  Mr. Seven Lee, T&J Salon Operations Manager.  Mr. Benjamin Domingo - Execusitve Secretary of the President and Business Development Head/Senior Manager.  Mr. Jackey Shin- Academy Director for the warm welcome!

Bangs Prime Salon is located at 5th Level SM Megamall B.  Please visit for more details or you may call 0925 740 8305. 

Do you invest on hair treatment?

For haircut, which particular salon do you go to?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I feel guilty most neglected part in terms of "beauty" aside from my tiny feet is my hair. I've been taken for granted the natural curls I inherit from my mom. Recently I notice that my hair somewhat lifeless, less bouncy and now I have split ends to boot (which I never had before). I'm now considering keratin treatment.

    1. ahh you have great looking hair, don't worry about it!

  2. Wow your hair now looks silkier and full of life. I don't have a favorite hair stylist. Actually I have a serious phobia when it comes to going to salons to get a haircut. It takes forever for my hair to grow back when other people cut it so before my mom would cut my hair, and now, I do it myself.

    1. wow...that's a nice story! thanks for sharing! Sana you find a good one na...but seems you can do it na on your own :D

  3. Do you have brancb in cebu?

  4. I had the organic smoothing treatment in South America, what's the version of that here in Philippines? Is Mucota Clinic treatment organic?


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