Sunday, June 24, 2018

New And Improved Big Guys Pizza and I LOVE It More!

The first time I tried Big Guys Pizza was from a leftover from my Husband's Holiday Party.  I was told so many times no pizza will taste good if they are reheated --- true enough, I love Big Guys Pizza for the size and the "usual" taste but it's not something I would really crave for.

Then it was another "Office Food Party" and I've finally decided to visit Mr. AMW with Kyle and join them for a pizza party!  I knew I had to try the new and improved Big Guys Pizza FRESH!

It was worth the trip!

According to Big Guys Pizza, they made their pizzas better than ever.  New Taste, New Look and Same Big Flavor and Affordable Price.

I am finally agreeing and nodding my head as I bite a piece.  I am tasting the difference with the cheese they used --- definitely better!  I also love how even the pizza isn't the "crunchy" one that I usually enjoy, the soft dough made a whole difference!  All the vegetables tastes really fresh!

So I was told ONE HUGE PIZZA was devoured by just one department (with a lot of absentee), I was even told they wanted MORE!  So I guess, the NEW flavor really made the difference as compared to my last post na may leftover pa (click HERE).

If you don't know what to order, you can start with BIG 5 - Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, All Meat, Super Supreme IN ONE PIZZA.

As for me, I love Super Supreme and CHEESE!  Plain good 'ol cheese!  Now let me stop talking and finish this pizza slice bigger than my face!

Order through their new hotline ☎️ 231-1212 and get 10% off when you give the code "Big Guys Pizza Invasion".  Promo valid until June 30, 2018 only.

To know more about Big Guys! Pizza Philippines, like and follow:

Seriously, how much happier can I get???

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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