Thursday, January 12, 2012

Readers' Corner: On Eyelash Adhesives and False Lashes

Reader's corner day!  I have loads of questions that I need to unload and one of the most number of queries I recently got was about false lashes and adhesives!  Ah hah!  A lot of you are probably braving up wanting to get the thick, luscious-looking lashes that mascaras can't do much anymore?

*high five*

I'm sure some of you were born with thick, long eyelashes so I won't get hurt if you close this site!  To the rest who kept on reading?  Now, let's start fluttering those false lashes!  We have hope! :)

One of the most used Eyelash Adhesive brand is called DUO.  I have finished a tube of DUO which I got from dear friend Gracie a couple of years ago!  I used this brand especially for Brides.  This brand can be purchased at MAC store for approximately Php700.00 (approx $16.00) but the downside is, these are out of stock most of the time!

Thank God for bazaars!  When I visited Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar last December to visit my dearest friends Sophie, Jheng, Shen and to meet Sol of Digital Traincase in person, lo' and behold...--- DUO Eyelash Adhesive right in front of me!  I grabbed one right away!  I do apologize I forgot the exact price but it's definitely less than Php700.00

To those who are on a budget and still want to try some eyelash adhesive that works!  I have 2 which costs less than Php400.00 (approx $9.30).  One is the Ardell Lash Grip Adhesive and the other one is Andrea ModLash.  Both brands came from the same manufacturer  (Past review HERE).  I have finished both tube (in clear and black) and I repurchased Andrea not because I like one better than the other but I can't seem to find Ardell at the Beauty Bar!  Must look for them at Watsons maybe?

If you ask me why I own various brands?  I really can't tell!  It's nice for a makeup artist to have lots of choices!  I usually go for the DUO on brides though as it's tested to stay until removal time!  And so far, none of my clients complained about lashes falling off or allergic reactions! *knocks on wood*

Now let's proceed to false lashes!  When I was just starting up on makeup, I would go to Landmark and purchase various false lashes! (Read the various lashes I've bought from Landmark HERE)  My favorite is the one called Natural and it looks absolutely natural you can even wear them daily (if you're comfortable enough with application.)  I realized after, that these natural falsies may look great in person but I find them not enough on photos.  I tried going for the thicker ones but they felt a bit too plastic-y. 

Off to search for inexpensive yet good quality ones!  I shifted to ES Lashes from KKCENTERHK.

I was initially sent some for review but I love them so much I repurchased and hoarded a lot that the customs officer lifted an eyebrow on me thinking I'm importing some drugs. *laughs*  (ES review HERE)

What about those who are uncomfortable with online shopping?

Thanks to my one tiny trip to Moonlit Bazaar, I learned that Beauty & Minerals are now selling Flutter Eyelashes and I swear, these are somewhat similar to the ES Lashes --- quality wise. Since I got a number of natural lashes ES for Bridal clients, I am glad to own more dramatic ones for future shoots!  Check out the names!

A box of 10 pairs costs Php350.00 - 400.00 (approx $8.00-$9.30), if calculated, each pair costs much cheaper.  You can purchase these at Beauty & Minerals.

Crazy thick for that super dark eye makeup!

Drama Queen
Need i say more? for the Drama girl in you!

These lashes reminded me so much of the Ardell lashes 
which can be bought in singles and these can be purchased by bulk 
and it's more inexpensive that way!

Similar to The Face Shop False Lashes
Use this to create a better "winged eye" look!

I can't wait for them to stock up on "natural" lashes so I don't have to order online and wait for shipping and probably have a police waiting for me outside the post office as they have a police dog sniff on my false lashes!  (too imaginative, I know!)

For personal use, it doesn't hurt to purchase them in bulk as you get to throw some pairs after a couple of use!  False lashes do wear and tear so purchasing a box won't harm  your health :P  To some who really can't go for bulks!  Here are some singles that I've tried that works!

First time users can go for 3s pre-glued lashes

International readers may probably go for Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive lashes.  I have personally tried these too as I was gifted by Beauty Blogging friend Toma but I would say, the 3s Brand have stronger adhesives meant for our weather!

Various Asian cosmetics brand like The Face Shop also makes good-looking lashes for around Php100.00 (approx $2.30) a pair.  My favorite is The Face Shop's XLH lashes which I used HERE on my How to Apply Falsies tutorial.

Other good brands I've used for Brides are Ardell lashes that I ordered from International sites.

A favorite of mine to use for Brides or Pre-nup shoots are the 110 Demi Black

Or if brides are more adventurous and wanted a bit of drama and still looks great and natural on photos, the 101 Demi Black is also a wonderful choice!

Ardell lashes cost approximately Php400.00-500.00 (approx $9.30-11.60) a pair.

If you have the budget and you can apply false lashes on yourself!  There's the GlamBox Mink Lash which costs a lot but worth it as I'm still using these on special occasions and they still work like a charm!

Each pair costs Php1,500 (approx $35.00), looks crazy on packaging but oh-so-worth it when worn!  Photo can be seen HERE.

If false lashes are considered life and death, then...feel free to indulge on MAC and Shu Uemura lashes!  I own a pair of MAC lashes which I'm still saving up for that special moment....definitely not a wedding but could be for my Second Wedding Ceremony at the age of 80?  :P

Important tips to remember ---
  • Wear false lashes that sits comfortably, cut them if necessary to prevent sharp edges.
  • Once the lash glue creates stinging sensation or redness, do not use the lash glue anymore.
  • If you plan to re-use falsies, always remove excess glue and clean with eye makeup remover.
  • Store false lashes in a tiny container free from dust and pollution.
  • For the lash glue, once the scent changed, toss them right away!

Hope this post helps to current and future false lash wearers out there!

Any other tips you may want to add?
Any other lash glue and false lashes brands?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Salamat nalang sa naka imbento ng false eyelashes kasi wala akong eyelashes hahaha
    Ang saya! Pwede ka naka falsies araw araw!


  2. OO nga eh, pero super tamad mag lagay on a daily basis mare hahahha! :)

  3. ooooh i just got me the shu lash glue same price as the duo LOL (eh i got a 10%discount with my classes so i went for that na lang muna) i wanna do well in applying these lashes woot

    1. yay, I'm sure the Shu Lash Glue as as good as DUO :)

  4. Oooh thank you so much for this! Tagal ko nang gusto magtry, I bought one from Etude House. That was two months ago, I think, attempted to use it twice, but I can't get it right :(

  5. Goodluck, keep on trying 2x is not enough, I don't know how many times I've tried, putting false lashes on one self is super difficult so you have to be patient :D

  6. the best eyelash glue i've tried is Aido Eye Putti, available at Fashion21 cosmetics. it's actually double eyelid glue, but it works wonders and it's only 150 PHP! resists sweat and oil ( i sweat a lot. and have notoriously oily skin.) whenever i do my friends' makeup for debuts and weddings they rave about how the falsies stay on.

    1. Nice, I've heard loads of positive feedbacks about the Eye Putti :D I haven't tried it personally but seems good :D

  7. I am currently obsessed with Falsies! :) My HG adhesive as of the moment is lash grip by ardell... :)

    1. aww..good for you! Lash Grip is nice! I've used that :D

  8. Great review!


    "I was initially sent some for review but I love them so much I repurchased and hoarded a lot that the customs officer lifted an eyebrow on me thinking I'm importing some drugs."

    I will pick up a package containing false eyelashes amounting to $119. I don't know if they are taxable and if the customs will ask me to pay. How much did you pay to claim your false eyelashes from the post office? Thank you very much.

    1. Oh no..I hope they don't input the amount kasi I usually buy them in small bulks lang, like max of 5 boxes lang! I hope the seller didn't include the price, coz any similar item more than 2 are subject to taxes, let's pray your P.O. workers are nice :D


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