Tuesday, August 5, 2014

AMW Reports: K-Palette 1 Day Magic event and 1Day Magic Products

How do you feel when you enter in a room with cute pink dresser loaded with cute Japanese products and magazines?

No matter how much make-up I currently own and use, I still shriek deep inside!  But on the exterior, I kept my cool!

That's what happened to me during the K-Palette 1 Day Magic event that happened last week at R Space, Makati.  How could a product like K-palette gets any better?  When they are housed in very cute packaging and obviously, they are still the wonderful K-palette products that deliver!  One of my favorite Asian Cosmetics brand!

K-Palette 1Day Magic Dessert Bar

I have to admit, I got a bit sidetracked with their desserts table and went back to what's new and what's a 1Day Magic!

Here are the 4 products that's causing all the "magic"

Out of the 4 products, 2 of them looks familiar!  The 1Day Magic Eyelid Glue and 1Day Magic Liquid Liner.  (Read my reviews on K-Palette Real Lasting Mega Cute Double Eyelid in Glue and Tape and K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner Waterproof)

The ad on 1Day Magic Fiber Mascara and 1Day Magic 3D Palette  caught my attention!  I am so excited to try both products!

Then I got distracted again at the desserts table!  Aren't they too cute to eat?

We get to understand each product more with a makeup demonstration done by Sayaka Nagashima, Japanese make-up artist from Japan.

Aren't they cute?

Closer look on the make-up done by Ms. Sayaka on model Alyssa.
The Fiber mascara looks AMAZING!  It was like she's wearing falsies and I can totally attest, 
they are her real lashes!

And the make-up demo is not enough!  We were all given a wonderful  magic show by none other than the king of Magic in the Philippines himself, Mr. Erik Mana

 Now before I do the magic trick on you, ahem, I learned a thing or two from attending this event! *Proud*

Here are the 4 wonderful products to look out for under the 1Day Magic Collection ---
  • 1Day Magic Fiber Mascara (Php895.00)
  • 1Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner (Php695.00)
  • 1Day Magic 3D Palette (Php895.00)
  • 1Day Magic Eyelid Glue (Php650.00)

1Day Magic Fiber Mascara

 Comes with mascara + Fiber to help volumized your lashes.

1Day Magic 3D Palette
Help create an illusion of a slimmer face.

 4 shades:
Pink Blush, Orange Blush, Highlighter and Contour

Each shades are very natural in pigmentation to help enhance your features naturally.  

Photos taken from K-Palette Photographer.
Congratulations Cheryl Tan Chua of BeautyBoxCorp for the successful event!

Me and Angela 
Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Promod
Shoes: Franco Sarte
Hair: Ash Brown by Matrix Professional

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What's your favorite product from the 1Day Magic Line?

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  1. I love K-Palette! I want to buy everything in this line!!! <3

  2. The 3D Palette is so worth it! you get blush, highlighter and contour for the price of one!

    1. totoo but you have to use a small brush that comes with it! It is quite small as compared to the usual palette for contouring, highlighting and blushing! :D

  3. Replies
    1. yes it was one of the most fun event I attended this year!

  4. Hi Nikki! It was nice meeting you at the event! See you around! :)


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