Sunday, August 14, 2022



I may not go out as much but I try to look good and made up whenever I do go out!  This is my most favorite weekend chill outfit from Uniqlo.

This romper comes with a deep pocket and it looks like I'm wearing a top and bottom separately no?  I love the extra cloth that gives an illusion of tuck in and the cloth is quite heavy so it hides my flabs and tummy!

As for my look, I just used concealer, set it with powder foundation and filled my brows especially on sparse areas and a pencil dark brown liner to enhance my eyes.  Finishing off with my favorite Highlighter and Blush from my Hourglass Palette.

Lipstick is Teviant and I love the cool-tone rosy pink giving a fresher vibe.  Do you like my cute earrings too?

I love wearing a huge smile as I get to make my dad and mom happy!  Their bunso is finally here!  (Bunso: Youngest child)
What's your favorite OOTD for weekend?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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