Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nail Art Tutorial: Hawaiian Nails

First of all, I want to thank my first PrettyNails customer Nancy for being such a sweetheart for always updating me with what's up in the Nail Art world! I would say she does her nail art so well I am honestly ashame to do mine! Nancy, make your own tutorial ok???

Anyways, she told me about this Korean booth that sells some great Korean Art products and I gave them a visit last weekend and this polish caught my eye! I gotta have the color!!! Right???

I am inspired to create a nail art tutorial because of this lovely color (Again, I am in no way a professional nail artist, so please bear with all the imperfection!)

The polish color is so pretty! I bought this at the Robinson's Place, Ermita
the polish amounts Php80.00 (approx less than $2.00)

Let's get started

Step 1:

Paint your first coat, let it dry totally.

Step 2:

Apply the 2nd coat, while wet, apply dots (this trick will scatter the pink dots creating a different style of flower)

Step 3:

While the pink petals are wet, use a sharp object like Mechanical Pencil or needle to line the petals (making the design livelier)

Here's how it looks like

A closer view

Step 4:

Apply yellow dots to have the "Hawaiian Feel"

Step 5:

Using Alyssa's LA Colors Art Deco Gold Polish, I applied French tip and ....below tip lol I don't know how to call it :)

Lilo and Stitch Says "HI!!!!"

Much Mahalo to everyone for taking the time checking out the nail art tutorial!
Smile and be happy! :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: Grace for her Acquaintance Party

Shobe Grace, my dear sister-in-law, is only in her Freshman year in the Uni. She attended an event for her school called "Acquaintance Party" last weekend<--- funny they just had this party now and they've been studying for months now! LOL My dearest Shobe trusts me so much because she let's me cut her hair (let me tell you, she's so particular with her hair), and she let's me do her make-up as well!

She will be sporting a lovely white and a blue-green dress so I got inspired with the colors! She won an award that night! YAY! I am so proud of her! I think "Best Dressed/Look" Award! I am a proud sister!!!!

Here's Grace BEFORE
(it helps if she smiles...lol I think she had this notion that a BEFORE picture should look devastated! hahaha)

And here's Grace AFTER

She's got a lovely skin to start with. So I've used lesser amount of foundation for her. I've decided to do a strong eye look because it is a night event, I've also used a lovely PINK lipstick for her because it goes well with strong eyes = dainty lips (thanks Aly for the NYX lippies)

Products Used ---

  • Paul & Joe Foundation
  • Paul & Joe Powder No. 30
  • Arezia Blush in Blushing Pink

  • Paul & Joe eyebrow Pencil no. 2
  • MAC Coquette - to fill in brows
  • UDPP
  • 78pcs palette (for blue, green and yellow) - mixed together to create this color
  • MAC Carbon
  • Paul & Joe eyeliner in black
  • Paul & Joe Curly mascara in Black
  • Nivea Caregloss
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Christie
  • Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine

She's got this lovely photo with her dress!!! I will get it from her and will show it to you gals!
Uggghh I am so sleepy today!
Have a great start of the week and BEEEEEEeeeeeEEEE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Weekend Food Tripping at: Tokyo Cafe

Dear Philippine Readers:

To those of you who are interested with the mini-fences I've posted yesterday. A lot of my nice readers commented/texted me telling me that I can buy them cheaper at the Japan Home Store for Php88.00 (approx $1.95) way cheaper than what I originally bought! :) Thanks for being such a sweetheart everyone for letting me know!

Anyways, another post for my weekend food tripping!!! This is a lovely place located at the SM Mall of Asia, we've been wanting to try this out because of the lovely ambience but this restaurant has been jampacked and that made me wanted to try it more!!! :D

Here's how cute the Tokyo Cafe looks like....

First stop, the ALL MEAT Pizza
Php260.00 (approx $5.65)

We requested to pizza to be super crunchy, but it came out to be really thin sliced (we love) but not so crispy at all!

Chicken Cream Pasta
for Php215.00 (approx $4.68)

This taste kinda weird at first because this is the first pasta that has veggies on it, but it taste different and ok. My hubby loved it!

Hamburg Steak
Php175.00 (approx $3.80)

I love this steak, not a lot of extenders (like most restaurants do) What I missed out on this is the RICE, you can order rice but you have to pay separately. I love the sauce, doesn't taste like the usual "instant" gravy. I love this! My favorite!

Tokyo Cafe is owned by Japanese and a Chinese Partner. The Japanese owner is very hands on, he's working at the bar and also help out with the waiters/waitresses in serving and making sure the customers are comfortable!

I will definitely come back and dine again in this restaurant. Up to date, there are only 2 branches of this restaurant, one located at SM Mall of Asia and the other one at SM The Block (Click to enlarge)

Kamiseta was on sale last weekend, and I mean 50% off on everything! (but of course they are the old collections)

Here's how crazy everyone was like and look at how long the line was!!!

And here are what I bought, not too flashy, just simple pieces

Have a great start of the week everyone!
I may hate Monday but not today! LOL
I will work for 2 days and it'll be a nice break for me!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Askmewhats Goes Gaga Over MAC Paintpots

I have been lemming for MAC paint pots for a long time! But I haven't thought of buying full sizes of them because I just don't know where to start on "which color" I would go for. I've been lemming for so long and I have been checking out the MAC store every now and then, but really, I just can't get ONE pot! I want all, but of course, that's not right to spend so much at once right?

I have a great friend in the US who's nice enough to give me the chance to try on these paint pots. She doesn't sell them but because of my request, she's done this for me!!! If you're reading this.....THANK YOU SO MUCH *hugs*

I finally have my own set of MAC PPs and I am using them since I got them! I know what people are raving about! And I've been using this for weeks now!!! I know choosing is really hard, but just in case, you plan to start up with your own MAC PP, here are some swatches. Of course, these are not complete collection, but I hope this would be helpful :)

All swatched once
taken no flash

Isn't it obvious that I heart Pinks?

I have been shopping and spending so much this weekend!
I've been preparing for the Shanghai trip, buying stuffs for my brother,
buying gifts for my colleagues (yup the office I work for now has a rep office in Shanghai)
I am excited to meet them, I've been working in this office for almost 3yrs now and never met the people I work with from our Shanghai Office, so it'll be great! But this is definitely a VACATION! It won't be WORK related! LOL <--- I have to clarify that, I am workaholic but not CRAZY! lol
Take care all! Always maintain that smile! :D

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tip for the Day: Storage Ways

I have to say this again and again, I am a late MMU user, a lot of my blogger friends have gazillions of MMU collections and knew all the names of MMUs available across the globe. As for me, I am just starting to get addicted LOL It's kinda good because I have been reading so much good and bad on those brands so I know where to order or what brands are good with what :)

Moving on, you gals have seen my lovely pink pots to home my mineral e/s right? (if you don't remember, just click here)

I wanted my pink pots to be in a nice dust-free environment and I want to carry them around as well. Since SM Mall of Asia (SM MOA) has a huge weekend sale last weekend, I bought this lovely case for my MMUs!

La Familia
(Yo Hablo Espanyol Un Poquito)
(I speak a little Spanish)

**Php 139.75 less 20% paid Php112.00
(from $3.00 paid $2.50)

You can find a lot of these in stores but I chose this brand because the dividers are not fixed, meaning, you are free to create your own dividers!

And here's how it looks like!
Oh yeah I bought 2 of these!
So.....I need some more pink pots to organize my MMUs!

Project time! Yupeee!

While searching for some cool organizers, I had a hard time looking for office supplies or baskets that would fit my "mini drawer" for my back-ups and products that I don't carry along. And I finally found something cool!

I honestly don't know how to call these, but I call them my
They are actually made as drawer dividers for socks and undies
who cares? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...be creative!

**available at SM malls storage areas for Php199.75 (approx $4.35)

One Pack comes with 3 Mini fences
You can divide them on your own, according to the length you desire

Create your own dividers just like this

And here's what I did!
I find that I need to buy more of these
As one pack is good for 1 drawer only

Happy Saturday everyone!
I have to let you guys know that I'll be busy shopping for stuffs for my brother in Shanghai. I will be on one week hiatus (I will try to schedule some posts) as I will be visiting my brother (who's an architect in Shanghai) for the Chinese Holidays!
The last time I saw Shanghai was hmmm... 3years ago? I am sure there are a lot of changes!!! Can't wait, and of course, I missed my brother!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nana May's Giveaway Winner!

I want to thank everyone who joined the contest !
If only I have a lot of these products to give out, I would!
Anyways, as promised, I will pick the winner randomly using an online generator....

The winner..for the Nana May's Magic Face and Hands is....

I will email you to get your mailing address!
I will try to do as many contests as I can!
Thanks for joining everyone!

A Swap with Aly

When I had my first order at the Cherry Culture, I never thought of ordering the NYX Round Lippies. Until after I ordered, I've seen a lot of bloggers with their hauls of lovely NYX Round Lippies. I am literally kicking myself for not getting myself any.


Well patience has its virtues. And when I say blogging helps you find new friends whom you can open up and talk to about stuffs both of you are passionate about, a very kind hearted friend Alyssa emailed me and asked me if I wanted any NYX Round Lippies. She offered to help me buy some and it turned out to be a swap and a lot more! We chatted over email, I checked on her blog to see what she's into and we decided to do a swap. And may I add, aside from swapping, we talked about anything! We even talked about the differences of our countries and the culture! (I enjoyed it Aly)

I am glad I did!

It didn't take long for me to receive her package, I think less than 2 weeks! Which is unusual for our "turtle" postal office! Anyways, I am starting to love our post office because this is what greeted me early morning! (I took this along with me to the office because I wanted to stare at it while working! LOL)

Here's the package .. Thanks Aly!

And take a peek on what she sent me!

Aside from make-up, me and Alyssa connected because of our love for nail art. And I am so happy to receive the silver and gold polish called Art Deco from LA Colors!!! I also got the Nail art dotting pens in 3 sizes! I have bought one in HK, but it compares NOTHING to what she sent me!

I also got a couple of NYX Round Lippies all in my favorite shade of PINK (as I requested) and a NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige (I am a bit worried on how to reorder as I am halfway my first NYX Concealer in a jar) I've got my first NYX Concealer in a Jar in Medium and I raved about it here

Here's a view of the Small, Medium, Large Nail Art Dotting Tool
(I call it that way but it is really an embossing pen)

A closer view to the tip
More Nail Arts to come!!! Weeeee!

And here are my favorite lippies!

No wonder people are raving about them!

And here are the swatches
For pink lippies lover like me...

A swatch for my NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige

This suits me well, as this is yellow based!

Here's a comparison between the NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium and Beige Medium has pinkish tone to it and the Beige has yellow tone
(PERFECT! Now I have both)

And What are Lippies for with the Lips?

Sorry for the bad dried lips!
I've done all these swatches all at once...
So wipe, apply, wipe , apply

You get the drift? :P

Thank you Alyssa, I know you took time to search for these goodies!
I knew you had to go back and forth to the shop to check for availability on these

I love them!

Thanks so much for such great time and effort!!!