Sunday, November 30, 2008

All About Down Under

My blog title probably intrigues you or even confuses you. tee hee

I am passionately talking about anything that would make a person feel pretty both in and out...and that definitely includes HYGIENE!!! And hygiene includes what's "Down Under". So I've been quite open to my readers for quite some time, and I am totally comfortable to share my thoughts on this.

I am a loyal user of Feminine Cleansing Wipes. I know, some may raise their brows about this, but I love using it. And let me share you what I am loving at the moment.

Charmee Feminine Cleansing Wipes in Regular (Pink)
and Charmee Refreshing Menthol (Green).

This is a local brand.
They used to sell it 20 sheets/pack but I can't seem to find them anymore!!!
I alternate the regular one and the green one.
The refreshing menthol is really...uhm....refreshing! LOL

One pack costs Php24.00 (approx $0.50) per pack of 10 cloth

I recently bought another internationally made brand
Playtex Personal Cleansing Cloths
I love this because the scent is GREAT!!! And the sheet is bigger and thicker
It is 2-3 x more expensive than my local brand Charmee
But I wouldn't mind using this once in a while especially on those days
I have the monthly period because this is FLUSHABLE!
Costs Php185.00 (approx $3.75) for a pack of 40 cloth

I have also tried Summer's Eve Sensitive Skin Feminine Powder
I can't compare this to other brands as I haven't used other brands or I haven't seen any local version of this. I find that it is quite messy and I can actually survive without this. I don't sweat that much ya know! *grins*

I am also a daily pantyliner user :( Gosh I am sharing so much information am I? Again, it is my own preference. I sit so much at work and I don't like to have uncomfortable feeling down there. I usually change my liners 2-3 x a day depending on the situation. I hate it when liners go "scratchy" or "too cottony" for me, I've even tried some that sticks to my "undies" and I had a hard time removing the adhesives...YUCK! It took me a lot of "miss" in choosing for the right pantyliner...but it's all worth the experience because I've finally found the perfect one...again, based on my own experience and opinion.

I love it that it's cheap too!
Sister's Pantyliners
Pack of 20 for only Php19.00 (approx $0.40)

And you'll know I love a product so much

I stock up because most of the products that are HG (holy grail) to me are quite difficult to purchase. Most of the times, they are sold out or they are not sold EVERYWHERE. Excuses excuses..yeah yeah yeah..

What are you going to do today?
It's Sunday my side, the only scheduled thing I need to do is to cut my sister-in-laws' hair! And probably just eat like a pig and rest!!!
I have to be recharged for the coming week!

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Rose and Pro-Nail Art

If I commented in your blog telling you I am lemming for something, I MEAN IT!!! I've been lemming for the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil for the LONGEST TIME!!! I've read so many good reviews about the 24/7 pencils.....

Thank you beauty bloggers...all of you triggered my curiosity...I cave in, lose a couple of times at Ebay...and finally WON! They are sold for $29.00 but a lot of our dear beauty blogging friends got it less from the Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale (lucky ladies). I got mine for $32.00 PLUS shipping <--- NOT BAD. I am a good researcher, I found a nice seller :D
I got them... They're mine mine mine!

Urban Decay came out with 2 sets of 24/7 Glide On Liner travel Sets. The more neutral colors called "Velvet Rope" and the more hip colors called "VIP"

A neutral lady that I am chose the "Velvet Rope". They are indeed cute travel size that you can bring anywhere!

Look at their sizes!

Here's from the "Velvet Rose" Kit
They are known to be Smudge-proof,

What more can a girl ask for?

I've tried on ZERO yesterday and it definitely is super creamy, no tugging, and lasts.
I haven't tried the other colors yet, I soon will and definitely will give my 2 cents on these.

They are called waterproof,
Definitely have to test them with WATER!!!

Check on the color Stash (right side), I tried smudging it with my fingers, it did smudge but only if you smudge SUPER HARD (like you would do that to your eyes! lol)

So far, so good, they all look promising,
I'll definitely do looks using them soon!
Before I go, I have to share to you gals what a professional nail art looks like!

Definitely far from what I do :)
I had someone help me out with this!

A lovely nail art with "Swarovski crystals" *winks*

Now I feel rich! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Reader's Corner: Philips JetSet Control ION HP 4883

How's everyone today? Happy THANKSGIVING day to everybody!!!!
I am so thankful it's FRIDAY today!!!! :D
I am also thankful to all my readers, for appreciating my thoughts, ideas and opinions. It really meant the world to me!

So today is dedicated to Reader's Corner. I've got a question from a reader on what Hair Dryer I am using to style my hair. A short history, I have owned a travel size hair dryer for the longest time, I didn't mind that the only button it has is the ON/OFF button. After 4 years, it finally bid me "bu-bye". So worth it huh?

But now that I'm older, and the demand of my hair is bigger... I wanted to buy something different...I want a heavy-duty dryer, that would last me a long time.

I've searched, high and lows...well not really, I've just searched the malls...LOL

One Philips dryer caught my eye. Philips is well known for it's Home Entertainment system, so I guess their hair tools are good too right? I gave in and bought it because it looks sturdy, specifications are great...and best of all, I bought this less than Php 2,000 ($38). I've been using this everyday for more than 2 years now, so definitely worth it!

Sorry, I don't have a photo of it's box as I threw it away. This dryer comes with Volume Diffuser <-- at="" coz="" home="" i="" it="" left="" not="" on="" photo="" span="" style="color: #ffccff; font-style: italic;" too="">(my home when I was still single)

Here's my Philips Jet Set Dryer!

For you to imagine how big it is
By the way, it has it's own
removable air inlet grill
Which I didn't include in this photo

It looks sexy to me because of it's Ion Conditioning Factor What's it for?

Ion Conditioning
The ionizer inside the hairdryer creates negative particles, called ions, that neutralise the positive charge hair usually has. This calms the individual strands, brings them back into balance, and removes any static.

My take? I can't seem to see any drastic change! I've been drying my hair everyday and at times without any heat protecting serum (I know I'm Bad) and so far, my hair isn't FRIED YET! *knocks on wood* lol

Has 2 speed and 3 heat settings

Aside from all those above, I'm not done yet! LOL
It has Cool Shot and Quick-dry Setting (or HOT)

Cool Shot - for fixing the style you created with a shot of cool air for long-lasting results. Quick-dry setting - enables you to dry very wet hair faster, without the heat damage

Overall, I find this dryer to be really good and helps with my everyday styling! It is a bit heavy, but I don't mind because it does help in drying my hair fast with a "safe" temperature and I can always choose to get high heat setting if I wanted to style my hair on special occasions. Definitely a versatile dryer!

Philippine Readers: I bought this at SM Makati :D Not sure if they still have it though.

Am I boring you with all the blow-dryer lecture?
Sorry, I can't help but brag coz my dryer has a lot of cool settings! HAHAHA
I guess that's the reason why I bought this in the first place!
I am a sucker for technology!This is my current Hair dryer
What's yours?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Laitialies Collagen Essence Super H20 Mask

As seen in my previous review on the first ever Laitialies mask, which did not fail me, I've used the 2nd mask called Super H2O Mask....anything with SUPER sounds exciting huh? I actually had these photos ready for some time, but I find it hard to do a post on this...(you'll see why at the ending) lol

Here's how the Mask looks like
Almost the same as the first mask I've used

Laitialies Collagen Essence Super H2O Mask says ---

For all skin type.
Instantly nourish and hydrate with rich protein, and multi-vitamins from main ingredients. Awaken the senses with fresh fragrance from essential oil.

Askmewhats says ---

  • Sheet - Same durable quality
  • Scent - smells super nice, relaxing
  • Instead of the usual face mask that goes on liquid-y, imagine the sheet is covered with "GEL" like substance, a bit yucky at first LOL but it is really good!
  • Moisturizes all dry spot on my face

  • not available locally


This is the first face mask I've tried that felt like GEL all over the face, but I like this out of all the face masks I've used coz it stays put on your face. I find that after 20 minutes, my skin is super soft and smooth and stays on till the next day!

  • RELAX --- I did relaxed (you can see how I relaxed later on lol)
  • a lot of my readers commented when I did the first review to let the sheet stay for only 15-20 minutes max, they are right!
  • Use the excess and rub it all over your knees and elbows.

Will I repurchase?

I'd love to!

Where and How much did I purchase this?

This is a gift from dear Beetrice. <--- my skin thanks you girl!

Visual time!!!!
Here's how the sheet looks like

I know, Halloween is OVER!
I should have wore this for Halloween Party!
I do look scary here! :(

And even scarier here! :(


It was a better day yesterday!
Thanks to my dear friends who made it better!
Advance Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
Stay gorgeous and happy!

Happy Thanksgiving! Cherry Culture 20% Off on All Orders!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: L'oreal Hip Cream Shadow in Secretive

I bought my first and only L'oreal HIP Cream Shadow a couple of months ago and what made me decided to choose this color? Thanks to Nessa for the swatches and I am looking into a natural "skin" color and Secretive is the winner!

I've used more than 1/4 of this product, so I guess it's time for it's own space in this blog :D

** as seen on photo, the L'oreal Hip Cream Shadow,
the free Brush and a small space to put the product

L'oreal Hip Cream Shadow says ---

Custom application well. HiP High Intensity Pigments Cream Shadow Paints can be used for all over luminous crease-resistant shadow or as a wear-extending, color enhancing base.


Isododecane, Talc, Cera Alba/Beeswax, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Lauroyl Lysine, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Paraffin, Propylene Carbonate, Propylparaben, Oryza Sativa Starch/Rice Starch, Tin Oxide. May Contain: Mica, CI 77163/Bismuth Oxychloride, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77491/Iron Oxides, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, CI 75470/Carmine.

Askmewhats Says ---

  • creamy thus easy to blend with brush or fingers
  • dries up quickly after application
  • eye make up stays crease-free
  • packaging is great, the case can be used as a dish but I prefer to use my own hands ;)
  • nice staying power, lasts all day
  • useless brush that comes with the product
  • if you are not into "frosty" finish, Secretive is known to be the dupe of MAC Bare Canvas but on the shimmery side
  • if you have super dry lids, this will make it even drier
  • not available locally

I personally love the L'oreal HIP Cream Shadow for crease-less make-up. If this is available locally, I am sure this product will be a big hit for people who have a hard time looking for primers locally. L'oreal Philippines, if you are reading this, we want HIP line here! :D

  • apply a thin layer of Cream Shadow, you can pack on if needed, never use too much at first application
  • use a brush or finger to spread the product quickly as this dries up pretty fast
  • for dry lids : Moisturize your eye area first before using this product
Will I repurchase?

Not the same color, as one tube lasts a long time

Where did I repurchase and how much?

A friend bought it for me at ULTA for $11.49 that time, and now, I checked ULTA and they're on Buy One Get 2nd one for 50% off! :( :( :(

Dear Philippine Readers:

I do apologize as we don't have this product available locally, but it does help if you have relatives who's coming home and asks you what you like for Christmas <--- Great timing! Well, that's it for the day! :D

I extend my condolences to my dear friend Shen
and her family
be strong....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reader's Corner: Attending a Debut Party Look

A dear reader Nina requested for a "party look" for her friend's debut party. She will be wearing a brown metallic dress and the party will be on November 28th!!!

Nina!!! I made it!!! I hope I"m not too late doing this post for you!

Attending a friend's debut party (18 yrs old) means one thing, you gals are freakin' young and naturally GORGEOUS!!! You gals can even pull off with just a blush and lipstick. But of course, if I teach you to do so, then, it's useless to even ask for my help right? LOL

Before I talk more nonsense stuff, I've finally created a look that's simple, easy to do and doesn't mask the beauty you already have. :)

The Queen of Neutrals
Do the Neutrals again!!!

In my defense, I do have falsies ok?

Nikki's Diagram Time!

Step 1:

Use any blending brush to dab on any eyeshadow color that's closest to your skin tone. In my case, I used Prestige Eyeshadow Quad in Surrey (first one from top) to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 2:

Choose any gold color shadow, I used the same palette from Prestige, but in your case, you can use any Gold Eyeshadow, from ELF, or MAC Amber Lights and apply the color all over your lids except the brow bone area.

Step 3:

Using the same eyeshadow brush, apply any matte dark brown eyeshadow on the lid, blend...

Step 4: (sorry forgot to number the diagram)

Using a pencil brush, apply MAC Carbon or any matte black eyeshadow on the corner V of the eye.

Making sure to blend all rough edges...
and the final look shall look like this :D

Apply falsies (IF DESIRED)

If you have naturally long lashes, just use mascara
In my case, I have invisible lashes so I needed the help of the
Falsies' Fairy

For the blush, I've used my Arezia Blush in Light Pink

Topped with the darker pink to create depth

Other Products Used ---

MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC30
Stila Smudgepots in Black with Charm Liner brush
L'oreal Hip Shadow Paint in Secretive
Paul & Joe Eyeliner in Black
Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry
Natural Falsies + Ardell Lash Glue (not on photo)
tweezers to attach lashes

I hope you like the look Nina :)
And I hope the rest of my readers like the look too! :)
Have a great day everyone!
I do hope today is a better day as Monday was mean to me! :(

Monday, November 24, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: NARS Orgasm

As you all know, I've been lemming for NARS Orgasm for the longest time. I've been checking the NARS Counter every now and then and I am a li'l bit disappointed BUT happy that it's out of stock. LOL

My friend Beatrilicious asked me to help her purchase NARS in Orgasm in HK because it was out of stock here in Manila for months, I mustered the courage to buy JUST ONE (Just for her).

But ohhhhhhh.....the hardship of having a colleague using NARS Orgasm right in front of you almost everday! (love ya still Bei)

Of course, she raves and raves about the beauty of Nars Orgasm, and what a beauty blogger does? Borrow her Orgasm and tried it on my cheeks <--- BAD MOVE! So, after months and months of saying "NO", I gave in!!!! I have my own Orgasm. I've given a long thought choosing between Super Orgasm and Orgasm, I gave in to Orgasm because I am into "all natural" look!
Even a simple black box with a big "4 Letters"
can make my heart flutter!

How it looks like on my hand

Natural Rosy pink/peachy color with hint of gold shimmer

NARS Orgasm Blush Says ---

Made with transparent pigments for a soft and sheer look. Imparts a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone and may be worn alone or layered together for more depth and intensity.
  • Provides a sheer, natural hint of color
  • Made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness
  • Broad selection of shades
Askmewhats says ---

  • very natural looking
  • creates a nice glow
  • lasts more than half a day (which most blush doesn't on me)
  • the effect goes on different on different skin tone
  • if you use a brush too fluffy, color won't show up (I've used different brushes and found my angled brush works best)
  • a lot of excess powder leftover after brushing with a blush brush (wastage!)
  • Case: some people love the rubbery case, I don't, I find that it attracts dirt so easily

NARS Orgasm has won several awards since it's launch and I believe a lot of people are raving about this. In my opinion, it really depends on the brush you use, your skin tone and your skin condition. I do find NARS Orgasm stays longer than my other blushes and I appreciate that as most of my blushes tend to go invisible in midday!

I like this blush but I have a feeling there are other colors from NARS blush collection that I would appreciate more :)

  • test on different brushes to see which one works as the color payoff really depends on what type or kind of brushes you use
Will I repurchase?

No, this pan will last me forever! I'll probably go for other colors.

Where did I purchase and how much?

I purchased mine online for Php 1,400 (approx $28.00) and the bad thing is, I learned that Rustan's already have NARS Orgasm in stock for PHp1,350 (approx $27.00)

Good thing it's just a dollar difference huh?

Visual time!

Here's how Nars Orgasm Look on my cheeks
2 swipes each cheek!
(sorry for the messy hair) lol

Hmm...did I made the right decision purchasing Orgasm?

Or should I try Super Orgasm?

Please say Orgasm is enough...!!!!
Have a great start of the week everyone! :D

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Ying Ying Tea House

I can't believe a lot of my readers are excited for my weekend food tripping! LOL To be honest, I love to see food but I also hate it because I'll get hungry and I get no access to the food I see online! LOL Thanks though for being excited about the food tripping!!!

Most of the countries have China Town, and the Philippines definitely have our own China Town called ONGPIN :) I seldom go there due to traffic, because the roads are quite narrow and there's so many Chinese restaurant and it is too hard to look for a place to park.

But if you crave for ultimate Chinese food, I strongly suggest anyone who's into Chinese Food to give this restaurant a try.

Philippine readers, if you know President's Restaurant, you definitely know that they close down temporarily, due to management issues. One of the chef opened his own restaurant and called it "YING YING Tea House" <--- I love Ying Ying restaurant more because it's President's Restaurant yummy food PLUS Dimsum!!!! Place is smaller, but it's cozier! :) Doesn't look cheap or dirty, doesn't look too high class either :) Do not expect great ambience as it's usually crowded and people are chatting and talking and eating like they don't care! LOL Now, let's go to the juicy part (literally). By the way, there's 4 of us eating plus we had leftovers, so don't ever think I sniffed all the food! lol

Ohhhh..before the juicy part! I have to say, this is the BEST SERVICE ever!!!! We ordered all these and we got them on our table in less than 5 minutes! NO JOKE!!!! Well do not expect it to be this way all the time, but boy! I am impressed!

Cold Cuts

What I like about this is that we were able to tell them
what combination we would like the Cold Cuts to have.
There's Chicken, Duck, Pork Asado,
Seaweed (which I devoured already), and Crispy Pork.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

What I love about their Yang Chow fried rice is you can taste the shrimp, the pork, the vegetables as they put a good amount of it compared to other restaurants!

Crispy Squid

The best crispy squid I've tasted. Very crunchy and fresh!
Dip it with vinegar, and you are in heaven!
Well not you, but the Squid is in heaven! LOL

I can't remember how do you call this but it's
Pork mixed with crunchy noodle and veggie with a lovely sweet sauce on the side
What to do with this?
Well this marries the......


And this is how I do it!
Wrap it in a veggie roll!
Forget your poise and OPEN your mouth wide!!!!

Ying Ying Tea House

233-235 DasmariƱas St. cor. Yuchenco St. Binondo Manila
tel nos: 3872797/7103856/2416323

Would you believe all of these costs less than Php1,500 (approx $30)?
4 hungry hippos are happy and full!
If you are a Philippine Reader who passed by the area, do not miss this!!
If you are not in the Philippines :( :( :(
Drink a full glass of water and imagine you're full? haaayyy
I'm also hungry blogging about this!