Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Wonder: : "Will You Purchase Sample-sized Products?"

I know, the title of my I Wonder post sounds a bit queer, why would you purchase "samples" right?  Well read on!  I do have something to say! 

Happy Thursday by the way!  It'll be a busy day today and actually, it was a super busy week and I hope I can get a breather on the latter part of the week!

The reason why I have this "I Wonder" question is because I was fixing my stuffs for a make-up gig when I went through a tiny drawer I fondly call..."The Samples".  In those tiny shelves you will find samples after samples of different brands, from skincare, cosmetics and event scents!

It got me thinking, these tiny samples are the real Enablers...the real Igniters!

Here are just few of the products I repurchased (in Full size) when I tried their samples....]

The Clinique 3-Step Skincare System

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler

 Mineral Foundation 
(Ex. Ellana, Everyday Minerals, etc..)

Shu Uemura Sheer Loose Powder

Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer UV

Gucci Envy Me (not on photo)
Carolina Herrera 212 (not on photo)

Saving up for...
La Mer The Eye Balm Intense

And a whole lot more!!! I still have a lot of samples to try!

I understand that not EVERY company would be willing to give out sample sizes of their products to everyone passing by their counter, I am actually proposing companies to sell sample sizes at a fair amount. (repeat: Fair Amount). Imagine those "skincare sachets" sold for Php10.00 (approx $0.20)?   I don't mind as consumers get to test the product (especially skincare) and won't feel bad on wasting a lot of money if the product does not work for them!  The bonus for companies?  Consumers can be more adventurous in trying out different brands and who knows?  May end up liking a specific product and will end up repurchasing in Full size! That's a win-win situation!
That's my opinion, don't shoot me! :P
  I Wonder ---
"Will You Purchase Sample-sized Products just like I will?"

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AMW Reads: For the Month of March

Wow the year 2010 has passed and I wasn't able to update everyone on AMW Reads for the months of January and February!  Well, it's never too late to share what I learn from my Beauty Blogger friends from our neighboring countries!

Reading blogs does not only relieve my stress but I get to learn a lot!  It's like turning into a walking "Beauty Dictionary"!  Cool huh?

Xin of Prettybeautiful, shared to her readers The Checked Beauty - Burberry Beauty Launch in Malaysia, which left me wondering...will we have Burberry Cosmetics down here?  I'd love to own even a single lipstick just for its packaging!  *winks*

Paris B of My Women Stuff, proved to us...YES!   You can do a full face of makeup in 8 minutes!  That'll be fun for busy women like myself!  She even asked her readers what's their quickest time in doing makeup!  I would say 5 minutes!  That'll be loose powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, blush and lipstick!  ZOOM in no time like Li'l Beeper!

Eli of So Loverly, did a Book Review: Chizu Saeki's Japanese Skincare Revolution, which I found quite interesting and found myself watching the video because we all know how great the skin of most of our Japanese friends!  I agree on spending time in removing makeup!  If it takes you 15 minutes to put on makeup, then it must be at least 15 minutes to remove them as well!  Does have a point!

How about you?
What have you learned this week from Blog Hopping?

Click comment and share!
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AMW Reviews: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Flatter Me

Because I've always share to everyone how lazy I am with eyeshadow application!  I finally found a match!  A Cream eyeshadow that blends so easily and at the same time, doesn't need a lot of effort to apply!  One swipe of color, lets me feel "oh so ready" to face the world!

My first Benefit Creaseless Cream 
Shadow/Liner is Flatter Me

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner says ---
  • A versatile cream shadow/liner for eyes.
  • Contains crease-proof, smudge-proof formula.
  • Incredibily outlines, defines, shades and contours eyes.
  • Gives sheer or dramatic makeup effect with build-able color.
  • Easily glides onto skin and long wearing
Weight: 4.5g/0.16oz

AMW says ---
  • Housed in a glass packaging which makes it maintain its freshness longer.
  • Very pigmented and creamy, easy to blend.
  • Makes a good eyeshadow base.
  • Can be work alone or underneath an eyeshadow.
  • Can make eyeshadow crease-free and last longer.
  • Can enhance eyeshadow color.
  • The shimmer looks nice, not over the top glittery.
  • Can be layered on to intensify shade. 
  • Dries up quickly on the lid area and stays the whole day!
  • Does not irritate my eyes and give allergic reactions.
  • Shades available are mostly on the neutral shade with a lot of shimmer.  I hope they can come up with colorful matte and shimmery versions!
  • Not available locally.
  • The pot makes it unhygienic to dip with your fingers.  But for me, its the best way to use the product.
A lot of you would probably want me to compare this to the famous MAC Paint Pots!  I haven't used a lot, but I can definitely comment that the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner are creamier than MAC Paintpots!  The only downside is its lack shade variety, and of course, the fact that Benefit cosmetics aren't found easily on malls!  

Worth the price I pay for and definitely worth the long wait (from P.O.) as I found myself reaching out to this daily!  

  • If you have amazingly oily lids, you can still use your dependable eye primer prior to Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner application.
  • Always close the lid tight to prevent product from drying up.
  • Since applying with finger is the best trick, make sure your fingers are clean prior to usage!
  • If you plan to pack on the shade, make sure each layer is blended well before you add on 2nd, 3rd or 4th layer.
  • You can always share with a friend as this tiny jar can last!  Just make sure to house this in a similar glass packaging to prevent this from drying up.
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I want all the shades Strawberrynet offers!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who wants to wash of color on the lids minus the "blending".  Eyeshadow wearers who wants a budge-proof eyeshadow base!  

Where to purchase and how much?
I bought mine at Strawberrynet for $17.00 (approx $731.00) Free Shipping Worldwide.

A photo to show how
I gently apply it all over my lids

Applied on its own without base or eyeshadow

Flatter Me gives a nice shimmer glow on the eye area!
People just can't seem to understand if you have eyeshadow on or not!

Have you tried Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner?
What's the best shade to try next?
What's your favorite cream shadow brand?

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AMW Version: "Sweets for My Sweet" Look

 "Sweets for my sweet, 
Sugar for my honey....
I'll never ever let you go..."

*sigh* I seriously have this romantic bone in me that I even "demanded" my husband to stay as sweet as he is now no matter how old and wrinkly we get!  "Demand" is such a bad term but he did tell me I don't need to, he'll stay sweet forever.  (All together now... *AAAaaaaaawwwwww*!)

The reason why I am talking about "sweetness" is because of a Graduating Reader who is sweet enough to message me telling me how she finds me to be a sweet person!  *evil laugh* Bwahahahaha Wait till you meet me in person!  :P  Anyways, she'll be graduating soon and she wants to create a "sweet" look on her Graduation Day! 

How could I say no to such sweet request?

The call time for Graduation Day is usually early, I don't want to do heavy make-up as I don't want some make-up meltdown while you wait outside the "hall".  I remember those days when we have to stay outside and line up until the ceremony starts!  Can you imagine how hot and humid it could get?
Here's my version of a Sweets For My Sweet Look that can be done on Graduation Day!

AMW Diagram

Step 1:
Prior to eyeshadow application, prime the lid with your favorite eye primer.  In this tutorial, I prefer to use less eyeshadow for lesser mishaps!  Applied a thin layer of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Flatter me.  An alternative can be NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil or just plain colorless eye primer.

Pat on a similar shade as "Flatter Me".  In this tutorial, I used The Body Shop's Winter Trend 2010 01 Eye Palette Shade in Twilight.  Eyeshadow shade is Lilac Mist.

Step 2:
Using a pencil brush, gently apply all over the crease area a matte black eyeshadow.  Blend with an eyeshadow blending brush with a wiper motion.  Add more and keep on blending until you get a desired result.  Using the same pencil brush, apply a bit of the matte eyeshadow on the lower lash line instead of using an eyeliner.

Do not worry about fall outs, you can gently brush it out with a "fan brush" or "huge powder brush".

Step 3:
To give a more "romantic pink" effect, apply Pret-a-Pink eyeshadow shade from TBS A La Mode Eyeshadow Quad  to lessen the harsh lines.

Step 4:
With the same TBS A La Mode Eyeshadow Quad, apply futuristic silver eyeshadow on the inner thirds of the lower lash line to give that nice "popped out effect" .

Step 5:
I tight-lined with Revlon ColorStay eyeliner pencil in Dark Brown.  Apply a bit on the waterline.

Fill in brows with your favorite eyebrow pencil.  Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of your favorite mascara!  In this tutorial I have used Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, L'Oreal Curl Impact Collagene in Black and Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2.

Your eyes will look like this,
or even better! :)

What's on the rest of my face?

For the Face:
Since I am on Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge, I did not use any Powder Foundation (just powder) in this post just to stick to the rule Sophie has given me!  I dusted a bit of Revlon PhotoReady Powder in 010 Fair.

For the Cheeks:
Colour Collection Duo Blush
in Desert Rose

For the Lips:
Colour Collection Colour Intense Lipstick
in Tea Rose

Don't judge me but I've used a huge pink flower headband from Shannaholic because I was supposed to look like a graduating student = YOUNG! :P

Hope this helps graduating or even non-graduating students out there who wants to create such look!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Something New: Colour Collection and Bianca Valerio

A new make-up brand worth the 2nd, 3rd and unlimited look!  Colour Collection.

Thanks to May Samson, Marketing Support  Manager of Tupperware Brands Philippines for the heads up!  The top direct-selling company's premiere line of cosmetics welcomes top model and professional makeup artist Ms. Bianca Valerio as the new Chief Makeup Artist of Colour Collection.

**photo from PMAP website

I was actually invited to have an intimate lunch with her and the rest of the beauty bloggers, unfortunately, I needed to be at work so I missed the chance to interview her!  Don't worry though, you can always smile and click Sophie and Shen's post to read their first-hand experiences meeting THE IDOL! :)

Just like Bianca, I am impressed with Colour Collection because the products are ideal and suitable to our skin color/tone at the same time, for such quality, they are priced fairly!

Blush On Duo
Php360.00 (approx $8.60)
Contours, colors and highlights the face!

Color Intense Lipstick
Php350.00 (approx $8.30) 
Long-wear lipsticks infused with lip-conditioning moisturizers with SPF15 to prevent lips from drying and chapping.  Comes in 10 new lip-smacking shades to complement Asian Skin Tones.
 The best part?  Each lipstick bought, Php2.00 will be donated to World Vision!

Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner
Php250.00 (approx $5.95)

Provides a smooth and intense line definition, both for dramatic eyes effect that last all day.

Triple Effect Waterproof Mascara
Php499.00 (approx $11.90)
All-in-one mascara that instantly thickens, lengthens and curl lashes

I am currently using the Blush Duo and I appreciate the pigmentation and its long-wearing capability!  
The lipstick shades I got are really matte, I already have a favorite!

For the rest?  I still need more time to review them!  I'll definitely report back!

**Tupperware Brands is the authorized distributor of some of the world's prestigious brands including Tupperware, Colour Collection, Iyana, VS. Versus, Nutrimetrics, Playtex, Hanes, and Zwitsal.  For tyour questions and inquiries on how to be a dealer, call the hotline number (632) 867-2222.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product provided for PR consideration.  The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

AMW Reviews: Etude House Cleansing Dream Light Cleansing Oil

Aside from Eyebrow Pencils, the next "to hoard" product when I had my unforgettable vacation in Korea, are Cleansing Oils!  I am on the hunt for more inexpensive cleansing oils that works just like my favorite Shu Uemura!  I think I drink my cleansing oils because I have finished up 4 huge bottles of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils (not including those different brands I've tried)!  

I can totally imagine my friend Sophie raising her eyebrows saying..."Obsessive-Compulsive!" (OC)

This time, I have to agree, face cleansing is really important in achieving good-looking skin especially for make-up wearers like myself! 

After Nature Republic Forest Garden Balancing Cleansing Oil, it's Etude House's Cleansing Dream's turn to shine!

a photo of Etude House Cleansing Dream Light Cleansing Oil
Etude House Cleansing Dream Light Cleansing Oil says ---

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Di'Mark's Pizza

Di'Mark's Pizza has been around since 1957, well I wasn't around them but I've seen the restaurant at Tomas Morato Branch gazillion times but I have never thought of giving this restaurant a try.  I don't know what's up with me!  

Thanks to Pizza Craving on a quiet weeknight, I was adventurous enough so I gave this pizza place a try!  I liked it so much I went back taking along my friends who came back from the States!

Cute plates greeted us! 

Taco Pizza
8" Php235.00 (approx $5.60)
13" 545.00 (approx $13.00)
17" 765.00 (approx $18.20)
Out of all the pizzas available in this restaurant, the Taco Pizza sounds like the most unique!  We love Tacos!  And eating tacos in a much more poise-ful manner is definitely a huge plus!  Chili beef, chopped onions, tomatoes, cheese and crunchy lettuce, with the right taste of taco sauce!  It's all perfect ingredients that makes a good taco!  What I love about this pizza?  Super crunchy thin crust!  Best eaten freshly made!

Beef Tapa
Php270.00 (approx $6.40)
With onions, tomatoes, fried egg and french fries.  I know!  Why would I eat Tapa at a pizza place?  Well, i was craving for Beef Tapa then so you can't blame the hungry stomach!  I was quite surprised that the Tapa was cooked quite well.  The first time I tried this dish, it was perfect, the second time, the beef was harder than the usual!

Php385.00 (approx $9.10)
Sweet and spicy sauce on pork ribs served with fried rice, fried egg and tomatoes!  The pork ribs served was really meaty, more meat than bones which we like!  The pork is a bit hard to chew though.

Meat Ravioli
Php275.00 (approx $6.50)
A nice appetizer, the cheese used, I can taste is from Magnolia!  It's not too salty nor bland.  Just right!


One huge advise when you dine in this restaurant, cooking time is a bit slow so you have to wait for 10-20 minutes for your food to arrive.  My favorite is their chili sauce!  Be careful not to put a lot of it as it's super spicy!  One to two drops are enough to make your tongue burn!

The restaurant is very quiet and not a lot of customers when we were there!  There were visibly around 2 servers only at that time.  The servers are very helpful and very nice! 

Cash and credit cards are accepted.  Service charge included in the bill!  Parking space is ok!  Perfect to have a quiet Pizza get-together with your friends, family or even your other half!

Di' Mark's 
Tomas Morato QC
Tel nos: (632) 376-2828/ (632) 376-5858

Have you tried Di' Mark's ?
What's the next dish or pizza I should try?

Happy weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!